Monday, July 21, 2014

Delta Bali - Spa Karaoke Hotel - Best Spa Facilities in Bali

Finally I got the chance to try the latest massage parlour in town.. Delta.. It is huge! with more than 75 masseurs.. If you have been to other delta in other cities.. this one here is very similar.. or a little better I would say.. best of all.. they have underground parking! you can park your fancy car there without hassle..

Delta in Bali is located in Jalan Dewi Sri, Legian.. please visit their website for detail location: .. Delta here is a complete entertainment place. it has discotheque, karaoke, spa and hotel in one place. The hotel is not ready at this moment of writing, but karaoke and spa are fully opened..

I went to the karaoke last weekend.. given room delta 07 (cant remember exactly).. the room was really new.. the smell of the plywood, glue, paint, etc were so strong!.. after some times.. getting cooler by the aircon.. smell became lighter.. but.. still too strong for me.. my eyes didn't feel good..

the room was free.. we had 4 bottles of martell for 5m.. 6 girls for 600k each.. room and sound qualities are ok.. for girls.. hard to say.. really differ between 6 of them.. some love to get drunk.. some just kept avoiding the bottle.. we were quiet shocked when we saw the bill.. it ended up total 12m.. the one i noticed was the dancers for 1.2m.. there were few sexy dancers came in to our room.. not long.. they gone.. and this was cost 1.2m!.. please don't take this.. not worth 1.2m..

this weekend i went to their spa..  really love the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.. they were all well maintain and clean.. they even have some light fitness equipment.. the spa lobby at the 2nd floor.. nice cozy ambiance.. massage room in the 3rd floor.. i was asked 2 diff prices.. almost 900k both.. until I requested for cheaper price.. then she told me about the 600k service.. i think the different between the 600k and 900k was the room type and those massage services like ear etc.. you can only ask the girl if you know their number..

massage normal.. please read this for more review.. very similar with this one.. just a little worst..

total massage cost 600k..