Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bangkok Tarawadee Bitch at The Prettiest

Sorry.. got to share about this place in Bangkok.. Bali is quite boring these days :)

Just got back from Bangkok a month ago.. Damn I love Bangkok !! What I love most is the girl (OF COURSE).. I can spend hours in the Malls drinking coffee.. especially the one near the University.. sorry forgot the name! oh man! cant wait for my next trip..

enough said.. let's get to the main part.. I went to this place called Tarawadee..

Look at the size of it.. I stayed in Indra Hotel near Mall of Bangkok.. took about less than 30 mins to get there by cab.. 300 baht to go there at night.. but we only pay 100 baht on our way back.. taxi always shit in Bangkok..

I've been to some whore places.. mostly in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney where I spend most of my time.. BUT Tarawadee had the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS !! They were all Thai girl.. crazy gorgeous.. god damn !! They have some price of girls.. they grouped by their price.. the prettiest and most expensive one is 4000 baht..

The service however was just standard.. started with bathing.. spend some times in bathtub.. went to bed.. well pretty standard.. one drawback.. my girl can't speak English at all! .. I had to use google translate most of the time.. apart from using body language.. or even dicky language haha..

if you guys are going to visit Bangkok.. this place is a MUST!