Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maharani Body Slide Massage

wow.. my last post was 6 month ago! anyone go to the new delta spa?

Let's talk about maharani spa.. They have 2 branches that I know of.. one in jalan ida bagus mantra and other in jalan gatot subroto (gatsu) barat.. I'll update the bali x map for the one in gatsu barat which I went last time..

For those of you that have a "unique" car.. easy to notice by your family especially your wife haha.. this place is quite good.. small quite street.. about 300m from the big main gatsu road.. big parking space..

they have about 4 different services.. I can't remember exactly what they are.. normal massage.. just hand job.. with body slide.. I was recommended to take the 350k one.. photos are shown in the lcd monitor.. less than 10 girls.. quality I would say.. 4-6 haha.. sorry mate.. but yeah that's it.. I took a young one.. ok face.. a bit fat.. cubby.. early 20th..

the room about 3x3 size with bathup, shower, sofa and mattress on the floor (no bed).. took a quick shower then lay on the bed.. started with a real massage on our back.. continued with body slide.. my girl was quite fat and that fat felt good!.. she massaged my sun hole really nice.. (important part!).. turn back.. continued with body slide.. from head to toe I was rubbed by her pussy and boobs.. not like the other places.. here.. or at least this girl.. asked me to touch her.. felt so gooddd.. finally ended with hand job.. we did some chit chat which brought me there again two day after..

second time
earlier.. she told me to bring condom so we can fuck.. and mention to bring more tips.. so here I go.. once entering the room.. we rushed to fuck each other.. ohhh man.. she was a good fucker!!

I would come back again for sure..

Damage cost
350k for massage
100k for tips (no fuck)
300k for tips (w/ fuck)

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