Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Riverview Spa Legian Bali

It has been a boring sex life for months.. no new sex attraction in bali.. a lot of new places.. but same kind of boring services, facilities even worst..

Up until a month ago I heard about this new luxury place called Riverview Spa.. it's on the side of river in Legian area in Jalan Sri Kresna.. I have put the exact location on our Bali X Map

I went on saturday night around 7pm.. the lobby was really nice.. i sat down in sofa and served with some jelly drink.. ayu, the receptionist, explained me with the services they have.. they have 3 types of services..

1. 1.7mio - 2 hrs - 2 girls - the sex starts from the pool to the bed.. full service
2.  950k - 1.5 hrs - 1 girls - the sex starts from jacuzzi.. full service
3. 450k - 1 hrs - 1 girls - massage and finish with hand job

I really wanted to try the 1.7mio one.. look "challenging".. with two girls in the pool? hmmm.. yummy.. but i didn't feel right to spend to much on the first time.. so i took 950k one..

I was taken to the 2nd floor.. and 3 girls introduced to me.. oh man.. they were really really below my expectation.. they were like star bugar type of girl.. the ok one.. look to be the youngest one.. cant do the full service.. only hand job.. OMG.. well WTF..

the room was so nice.. the best room so far.. big bed.. really nice interior design.. so damn cool.. we started bathing at bathtub.. basically cleaning my dick.. then went to bed.. started the back massage.. BAD!.. no sensational massage at all.. turned.. continued massage and hand job.. then faking.. really nothing... nothing at all.. considered BAD! .. all the beautiful facilities were gone.. they didn't match with the services.. i only took 45 minutes.. minus the bathtub, chitcat.. massage and faking only took 30 minutes!

as always.. the girls!.. from the way she cleaned her body and hand.. I got a feeling that this girl still new.. never doing this kind of thing before.. even she looked quite old.. around late 30.. is it really difficult to find the right girl in Bali? then IMPORT from jakarta! aiahh.. I speak like I know this business hahaha..

well my conclusion.. this will be the best place.. if they could find the right girl.. the room, facilities are at BEST.. but for now.. I would rather go somewhere else..

they said they going to have grand opening on the 4th.. let's visit and have a look.. 

DAMAGE COST: 950k + 10% tax + 3% credit card.. this 10% and the 3% should NOT be there.. this is illegal.. why we have to pay tax.. and 3% settlement fee? ahh.. just my stupid opinion..


Erick Nyoto said...

Hi, long time no see.

950k for a girl like on your review. Thats a no to me.
And i feel, lots of spa right now give sensual massage but not give us a quality service.

Uncle G said...

ya dude.. so sad..

Anonymous said...

Uncle G,

I will be in Bali at the end of March....can you recommend a good mid level hotel that is close to some good massage places? I want to sight see in the day and check out the spas in the afternoon. Also should I hire a driver or just get taxis everywhere?

Thank you


doctor d said...

Uncle G,

ive been monitoring ur blog and u went away for a long time haha.

good to see ur post.

i always go to Bali Amon beside Kuta Bugar now...girls are better..not too cheap and not too expensive. dont want to go too low on these sort of service hehehe

shud start a swingger club aye uncle G

thanks for keeping this blog alive.


doctor d said...

good to see you are still alive uncle g

been reading your blog for a while. very informative.

stick with Aman aja de... cewenya ga jelek

kalo buka swingger club...ikutan yaaa

sukses trus uncle g

doctor d

SteelHand said...

Hey Guys,

I am off to Bali next Sunday for 10 days and want to visit a few places to experience a happy ending. I'll probably try the Riverview, Angel Salon & Balinese Oriental Massage. Can anyone give me some updated advice on these places if possible please.



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Jako Martínez said...

Trust me, I cannot understand bad comments about this place.

Beautiful ladies, amazing place, better feeling.

Rafeel Fahrydza said...

Hey ppl,

I ve been following this blog for few days. I m in Bali now. Upon writing this comment I just came back from Riverview Spa no less than 10 minutes ago.

It looks like a mansion with security guards and tall gates. Two guys with arm full of tattoos were standing infront of the mansion. But they were friendly like any other door man u meet infront of a 5 star hotel.I was greeted by the receptionist(pretty, but a lil bit old, I dont mind having her as my 'therapist', lol). Was given a welcome drink and ask me to choose a package, I chose the Luxury Injection (one girl, for 950k++).

3 girls came out. I wasnt expecting any beauties as I was there just to release my load. To my surprise 2 of them actually look gorgeous. 1 of them was just look like a normal therapist u can find in the streets of Kuta. I chose a girl named Tia. Local girl, average height and size. But her butt was perky (maybe becos of the high heels).

It started with a Jacuzzi bath she wash me all over. Den with a 15 mins massage on the bed and then she started to drip oil all over my body and start the body to body sliding on my back and front. She is just plain gorgeous with the little sexy moan as she rubs her pussy on my balls and than a boob job.

the faking started soon after. i just feel like I m in a porn movie. Heavenly!!!

I would recommend this to ppl out there if you dont mind paying IDR 950k++.

Overall rating... (I m just stating my opinion, my standard may be lower than any of u out there)

Therapist attitude 9/10
Room: 10/10
Massage: 6/10
Body 2 Body: 8/10
Faking: 9/10

Anton tan said...

Male in Bali. Looking couple or girl have some fun. Contact me.

Uncle G said...

wow.. it seems a lot better now.. I am coming!

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Anonymous said...

Just a little update as I searched the internet looking for something like this for a while and couldn't find much updated information.
I visited in July 2015, price has gone up to IDR1.2m for the 1.5hr spa room with 1 girl.
I thought it was well worth it, with about 15 girls to choose from at about 3pm.
Details of what happens is mentioned above, so I won't go in them.

Pembawa Cinta said...

very good information, i think riverview spa is overprice for me, more than 1 m for 1 girl is to expensive in another spa spent for 1.5 m i get 2 girls for 2 3 hour. but nice share i am a spa lover, and i like spa di bali

Luke D said...

Whereabouts was that? The link is in Indonesian

but bagus said...
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Pembawa Cinta said...

i think this spa better than royal palace, because the girl more interested for me, the problem is just the price too expensive, but riverview spa bali still the best one

Chapters said...

Thanks for the reviews here. Staying in a hotel close by and decided to check it out. First i went for the 2 girl pack after being told its one climax per girl and i made the mistake of not emptying the tank before leaving the hotel. Despite this i found it well worth the money. I can only compare to what i can get in Australia as tbh i am not confident enough and dont have the time to try the Russian Roulette of normal massage girls in bali trying to get the plus plus. The facilities were amazing. The pool in the 2 girl suit however was too cold for the girls (i loved it) but i am not that cold harted to make them stay in cold water despite them trying. Their english was no where to be found except very basic sex positions. Was given the option of about 10 girls. 8 of them almost identical and i would have been happy with any. I ended up with one who worked out very well to my liking so much so i have rebooked her and the other who seemed very anywhere but here (i am sure most know what i mean). So its a typical 50/50 on finding the right fit for you. So overall i recommend and think its value for money (compared to aus). A side note is i was talking to the owner/manager? After while waiting for a taxi and he mentioned their seems to be a new place with the same name or pretending to be them. So maybe double check the address incase the taxi driver is getting extra tip from any pretenders

Chapters said...

Went in today for my booking, was annoyed i needed to wait another 20 minutes for a room to be ready. 11 rooms and they dont hold one for a booking? Anyway still had a great time. And as a side note found out all girls sign a 4 month contract to work here. Some re sign but most don't. So keep in mind if you have a favorite.