Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Riverview Spa Legian Bali

It has been a boring sex life for months.. no new sex attraction in bali.. a lot of new places.. but same kind of boring services, facilities even worst..

Up until a month ago I heard about this new luxury place called Riverview Spa.. it's on the side of river in Legian area in Jalan Sri Kresna.. I have put the exact location on our Bali X Map

I went on saturday night around 7pm.. the lobby was really nice.. i sat down in sofa and served with some jelly drink.. ayu, the receptionist, explained me with the services they have.. they have 3 types of services..

1. 1.7mio - 2 hrs - 2 girls - the sex starts from the pool to the bed.. full service
2.  950k - 1.5 hrs - 1 girls - the sex starts from jacuzzi.. full service
3. 450k - 1 hrs - 1 girls - massage and finish with hand job

I really wanted to try the 1.7mio one.. look "challenging".. with two girls in the pool? hmmm.. yummy.. but i didn't feel right to spend to much on the first time.. so i took 950k one..

I was taken to the 2nd floor.. and 3 girls introduced to me.. oh man.. they were really really below my expectation.. they were like star bugar type of girl.. the ok one.. look to be the youngest one.. cant do the full service.. only hand job.. OMG.. well WTF..

the room was so nice.. the best room so far.. big bed.. really nice interior design.. so damn cool.. we started bathing at bathtub.. basically cleaning my dick.. then went to bed.. started the back massage.. BAD!.. no sensational massage at all.. turned.. continued massage and hand job.. then faking.. really nothing... nothing at all.. considered BAD! .. all the beautiful facilities were gone.. they didn't match with the services.. i only took 45 minutes.. minus the bathtub, chitcat.. massage and faking only took 30 minutes!

as always.. the girls!.. from the way she cleaned her body and hand.. I got a feeling that this girl still new.. never doing this kind of thing before.. even she looked quite old.. around late 30.. is it really difficult to find the right girl in Bali? then IMPORT from jakarta! aiahh.. I speak like I know this business hahaha..

well my conclusion.. this will be the best place.. if they could find the right girl.. the room, facilities are at BEST.. but for now.. I would rather go somewhere else..

they said they going to have grand opening on the 4th.. let's visit and have a look.. 

DAMAGE COST: 950k + 10% tax + 3% credit card.. this 10% and the 3% should NOT be there.. this is illegal.. why we have to pay tax.. and 3% settlement fee? ahh.. just my stupid opinion..