Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Body Arum Latest Massage TTM

Ahhh.. bali is so boring for sex sensation! Most massages closes on 10pm, and no variety..

The last place I went is Body Arum. They have this new sensational massage called TTM. Tea something Massage.. forget the middle T stands for.. It's been a while since my last visit.. The place has changed a bit .. They now use the other building on the left.. more rooms.. they have 2 type of rooms.. VIP with shower inside and normal which shared outside shower.. differ 25k in price..

the VIP room is a lot worst than reFreeze.. room partition is made from plywood and it's not full to the top.. 1/4 is open.. any noices will be shared to the other rooms.. basically no improvement to the place as before..

the ritual was very similar with others sensational massage in this place.. click this link to read.. there's no paper underware provided.. start from back.. feet to the top.. turn back.. here come the additional part.. i was asked to sit down.. my legs open.. she sat in front of me.. facing me.. she started to massage from knee.. went up.. then stayed in the dick.. massaged really slow and super nice while looking at me.. the massage then repeated.. facing the massasue when she doing the "massage" made this sensation felt different.. of course they have to be lookable!

Price 275k VIP ROOM..


Unknown said...

about 3months ago, i went to Body Arum. And picked the expensive one (300k). The lady said, a special feature about this treatment are
-no paper underwear
-girls would massage when we sit down. The girls would massage from our back.
-Shower inside.

But, really, there are nothing special about this treatment.
Maybe afterward, they upgrade their treament by let the girls massage in front of us.

Nothing new about body slide massage, uncle G?

Unknown said...

i tried the expensive one treatment (300k) at Body arum, last 3months ago.

the good thing is
no paper underwear, shower inside, we sit down, while the girls massage us from back.

Maybe now, they modified the technic, by massage in front of us and knee. will try later.

Nothing new about body slide massage, uncle G?

Dovi said...

I tried the TTM massage on last Thursday, handled by Yuni. There is no any special touch i felt.
Since start until to the peak of the treatment was almost flat. Value for money is 5/10
Still much better re-frezz. Therapist attention and the touch sensation much intimate.

ERIC said...

Is there another Body Arum in Jimbaran? Or has this closed.

ERIC said...

Is there another Body Arum in
Jimbaran I thought I had heard they were opening another there but cannot find out about it? thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Mr G,

I like to Try out Massage plus and also Full Service in Bali.. Do you have any recommendation if I am staying in Kuta Area?

What is the Rates as well?


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Unknown said...

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