Monday, December 10, 2012

Onasis First Body To Body Massage in Bali

OMG.. Finally Bali has this body to body / body slide massage! The legend is called ONASIS. It's located in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai.. near the airport.. I've updated the Bali X Map also..

I've heard about Onasis about 1-2 month ago.. When arrived there for the first time.. I got lost.. I looked at the big onasis signage.. nothing like a sexy massage.. normal tourist spa.. I went inside.. they explained the services.. stone.. scrub.. etc etc.. normal stuff.. then I asked "which one is the 600K service".. then they told me I was in the wrong entrance.. ayaa.. same name.. same location.. but different entrance.. So.. when you see the big onasis signage.. you go around.. you'll see the entrace at the back.. or.. just go in.. ask them about the 600K service like what I did..

There was only 3 girls that day.. they just opened like 1 or 2 weeks.. these all three are the trainer I guess.. kinda old.. big.. sexpert kinda look haha.. receptionist told new girls will arrive next week.. so I leaved.. they all.. ahhh..

So last week was my second time.. I went at night around 9 PM.. more girls.. about 8 girls available.. well.. OK look.. the trainer still there.. there was this one charming girl.. I chose her.. no 7.. balinese.. Kuta Bugar alumni..

The place is really really good.. none similar type of massage can compete with this.. a real double bed size.. outdoor bathup and shower.. it's clean.. just excelent.. it's more like hotel room I suppose..

So what you got for 600K?.. 4 things I was told.. First, normal massage.. Second, body slide or body to body or boob massage.. Third, petik mangga (picking manggo from the tree).. the hand moves like picking manggo from the tree.. the manggo is the dicky.. laying down.. the butt position a little up.. the hand moves between the legs to pick the manggo.. got it?.. Forth, blow job by cold and hot water.. Please complain if you don't have these four services.. (the girl told me)

The service begun with soaking in a hot water round bathup with the girl.. she cleaned me inside the water.. specially in the ass and dicky area.. feel so good.. after we showered.. and started the normal massage with laying down.. the girl was naked.. they used honey + water.. after a short while.. started with body slide.. then begun the petik mangga.. turned over.. continued with body slide + little kiss here and there.. next.. blowed job with cold water.. just a short time.. continued with hot water.. I liked the hot water better..

Then she asked if I wanna fak.. she asked for additional 200K.. sound good isn't it.. took it and it was so so good.. it was her first in that day.. so she said!.. but it looked like it..

The only thing I didn't really like was the honey and water.. it got sticky after the water gone.. why they use honey anyway ?!.. we don't really care about our skin, do we? or.. it might because of the blow job and licking after the massage.. they don't want to lick the oil..

come back? definitely!

Body Arum, ReFreeze and others.. you guys have serious competitor! keep innovativing.. love this competiton.. we just gonna get better and better sexy massage here in Bali..

other article is here..


Jonridejon said...

Uncle, where i can find senior high school girls? Or fak with MiLF? Please email me at thank uncle

Erick Nyoto said...

What a great info Uncle!

600k for naked girls, shower together, body slide massage, i think almost worthed.

200k for FJ is an excellent price.

Tell me, how long is the overall the massage. 2 hours?

And we can choose the girls right? from picture or we directly see the girls?

Thanks !

Uncle G said...

jonridejon: high school around jalan kebo iwa area.. check out my taman asri or freelancer articles..

erick: 1.5 hours bro!.. it's like 15 mins.. hahaha.. you choose the girls not the pictures.. they're in the fish bowl..

Erick Nyoto said...

Great info behemoth! What a very detail info. And also a very different experience if i look at the uncles story.

I also want to try there, but after reading your review, is it worthed we pay for 600k for that attitude?

But 600k included fj? Hm.....

Btw, ML means Making love same as FJ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erick. That's the risk you always have with MP's. Sometimes the girl is great, sometimes not... sometimes you just ask yourself, why on earth was I there?

As said before, I will give it another try but I prefer the touch in Refreeze instead for half the price. Off course they're not completely naked but it gives you some room to fantasize. I've heard from Mr. T. who is one of the managers in Refreeze that they are giving some kind of a body to body massage but with their T-shirts on. ot sure if that means that they don't have their bra on. For sure I will give it a try. Not mainly because of this but they do give a good sensual massage as well.

I would say, if you're more into a FJ then you can save three times the money somewhere in an X spot in Sanur and only fantasize about having a Jacuzzi with the girl later :)

Thanks for the info about the ML and do write your review once you went over there. I start to get tired to be the only one together with Mr. Explorer who are writing detailed reviews :)

Uncle G said...

Behemoth.. thanks for sharing.. I put your comment as article instead if you don't mind of course haha..

I couldn't agree more.. FJ x-area sanur would be the best.. but we look for the sensation!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have info about Nilo Spa at Adora Bali??? i heard they offer good services.... :) :)

blackpid said...

I went there a few months ago, when it recently open, one of my mate told me bout it, i went there with one of my mate from outside of the island who needed some love :), we went there and 4 girls left, 2 are good, 2 arent so good. My friend pick the best one, i think shes number 11, short hair (balinese) i pick Kiki(Number 2 i guess) long hair from jakarta.The pimp explain it to us about the package 600 All in, including ML, we pay the bill and got in, the room is very nice and clean, with jacuzzi inside. she bathed me and dry me up, shes already open her nurse uniform but still using towel. then she started massage me, feel so nice and its a strong massage, then she started with Petik Mangga, then blow Job with how water and cold water, then Body massage, nice one, 34B, then Blow Job again, we talked and SSI" a bit from me, she looks enjoying it, me ? ofcourse. then she took the caps and we started WOT, MOT, Doggy, Spoon, all good, (i like her to scream a little bit but shes a very hush hush girl, then Dunno why its just hard to came out, im very tired too, so i Ask him to BJ me again, it was super nice, then its CIM. FINITO, take a bathed, give her 100K, then goin home. it was nice.Respect to Uncle G and Behemoth, maybe nextime we can gather in refrezz again..:)

cloud said...

I went to onasis today at noon. There were 9 gals bit no one was good. I choosed normal face and slim body gal. Her name was chacha i think.
Service was normal. All normal.

When i arrived madam said that fee is up to 900k.
I was confised but made a deal with 800k.
But she said one time only and never discount.

Does fee really changed?

I will not comback if fee is 900k under that service.

Hendrick Wangsawijaya said...

this is indonesia dude.. they always change the prices and always up i rarely heard they low down the prices.. anyway,anymore new n fresh input for these places?? what about refrezz spa is it good??

Uncle G said...

yeah it's to expensive now! damn..

abdulla almisfer said...


Price is now 130000 for the package, the girl at the reception claimed that the 600K offer has ended.

I was so angry left the place.

they also weren't so friendly and refused to make any discounts

abdulla almisfer said...

The price is now up to 1300000 for the package. the lady at the reception claimed the 600 K offer has needed 3 months ago and refused to give ny kind of discounts or separate services

hadi sukoco said...

haii Paman G. can ask for the info to select the girl in Onasis I want to get there, who should I choose

hadi sukoco said...

haii Uncle G. can ask for the info to select the girl in Onasis I want to get there, who should I choose

Simply Underground said...

May I have the phone no of Onasis? Thanks

Simply Underground said...

May I have the phone no of Onasis being discussed here? Any suggestion for the no of the therapists? Thanks

Steven Shaun said...

Carefull doing Fun Project here..
My friends who had STD (sexual diseases)...have erotic massage and intercourse at that place without using other friend, who doesn't know about this story.. get charged US 150 dollars last night...we laugh really hard..this morning he is busy find a clinic... :))

anoniimous said...

any update? cost
? quality? cleaniness of girls??

Matador said...

Is is really 1,300,000 now guys? still no discounts?
any ideas what exactly are the opening hours?


Matador said...

Is is really 1,300,000 now guys? still no discounts?
any ideas what exactly are the opening hours?


Brian Nick said...

Hi am going to Bali next month and would like to know if Nuru massage is avaiable in any areas like Denpasar[Ngura], Kuta, Ubud or Nusa Dua. Could anyone advise please.

long1foot said...

It is a good news for all,Finally I visited Bally in first week of Mar 2014 and have found good body to body massage with all other extra service but at a high price. had real fun with a young beautiful girl who did not leave any stone unturned in satisfying me fully.

findmassagetherapy said...

Really, this location is very fantastic to take the body massage in Bali. I have liked the place where must make a good and effective body massage.
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Anonymous said...

If you miss Onasis you have missed a gr8 experience...especially you have missed Natalie (Number 47) Indonesian Kim Kardashian...Natalie has an as same like dont miss it the body slide n smoothie n ML from Natalie will make visit Onasis again n again
visited onasis in Nov-2014

Michael Corleone said...

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John said...

Onasis is great place to visit. But to all let you know that they have now PRICES its 1,500,000 Rupiah.So be careful before you go there.

Unknown said...

Hi I am going to Bali this week. Please suggest the best place to erotic massage and sex...


Onasis is one best . But careful in charging.

John Ludwig said...

do the girls have any STD's? thats what i want to know, is it safe? do they get tested regularly?