Sunday, December 23, 2012

ReFreeze Villa Room Sensation by Erick Nyoto

Around at 3PM, i went to onasis. i saw a big banner "Onasis", then parked there. And ask the security where is the 2nd door. Then i went there. The receptionist then showed me the girls in the fish bowls.
Unfortunely for me, there were only 2 girls. one is very thin, face is below standard, the other girls more chubby (but not that chubby), but the boops is standard. Fyi, i prefer chubby girls with big boobs. So, i pass and going to back later in the night. But the receptionist persistent said to me to taked the girl now. She repeats over and over, to took the girls now (hey your girls is below standard). And as behemoth said in his post. The receptionist said ML also in the package.

Then i went to refrezz at 9.30PM, i wanted to try 21fingers. Mr.T welcomed me at the entrance.
Showed me the girls that are available., then i ask the massage. He said, there were 2 new treatment. VILLA ROOM and VIP VILLA ROOM (if i'm not mistaken with the title). 

VILLA ROOM (550K) body slide massage + sensasional massage + sensasional touch at bathhup(jaccuzi) with the girls.
VIP VILLA ROOM (650K) same as above but with 2 girls. First, i wanted to try VIP VILLA ROOM, but Mr.T recommend me to take VILLA Room, because the sensasional massage is more intimate if only 1 girls take care of you. Okay then, i took the VILLA ROOM. There are 3 girls, i forgot the last 2 girls. But i picked "puspa".

When the room is being prepared, i waited for about 15 minutes. Then Mr.T take me to the back. And there were a room again with a receptionist desk. Puspa already waiting at the door of the room. She smiled at me and said good night.

Okay now for the room. A bed with the size about 2 times standard bed at refrezz. An LCD TV with music videos. beside the bed is the shower and the bathub (jacuzzi). Very private room. (This is the most part of refrezz that i loved so much - Real Private room).

The girl named puspa 21yr for kintamani. VERY VERY RECOMMENDED. Attitude : very active, lots of smile, much talking (not basa-basi talking in general) i feel like she was my girlfiriend, hahaha.
Body : MY FAVORITE - white skin, chubby, good boobs.

She weared a swimsuit. But her boobs not covered all, imagine a dress, with a long V neck. And she said i'm lucky, because she not very often wearing that swimsuit. She usually weared a closed swimsuit ( i mean not to sexy).

The ritual : i naked completely. She began to streching (pemanasan) me. She sat at my back, And of course i feel her pussy. Then she massaged me. After that, she used cream as usuall. The massage is the usuall refresh standart, but the different is, she will very often sit at your back , then rubbed her boobs to your back. Feels so good. With the music, Air con, and we done lots of relaxing talking. I love it. Petik mangga is also available here. I sat and then she also sat at my back, then HJ me, with playing my nipple. And she maked sound like we were fak. The point of this massage was, she would be very often used her body to massage you.
After facing the bed, i turn around. And she slept beside me. playing my nipple, and HJ me, kissing my neck, my behind ear. As i said earlier, i felt like we were couple. hahhaa. Just my imagine.

We also have sensational massage in bathub (jacuzzi) - hot-warm water. i love it too. With her attitude like that, 550K is very worthed. She was not rush, yet she was very patient. Maybe some of you think, hey with 600k i can get fak and the girl is naked at onasis. But believe me or at least for me, even without FJ, this is still worth to try.

Will i go back? OF COURSE!, but with Puspa. I Will try the VIP VILLA ROOM. I tried many sensasional massage similar, but refrezz is the best. With a girl like puspa, i'm very sure, refrezz will be the best.

I'm DOne with the good things. The BAD things? of course this new treatment have some weakness at least for me.
1) i prefer bikini than swim suit.
2) the water is not hot, just warm. And it's still make me cold, when i jumped in the bathub.
3) i didn't get the usual food (nasi goreng, mie goreng, etc).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Onasis Body Slide Massage by Behemoth

Ok Uncle G. Once I read your review about this place I could not wait. Took a shower and went straight to the place. Saw the big sign Onasis and the entrance at the main strip which indeed looked like a tourist spa. Asked the security man about the other place I was looking for and brought me over there. For the people who would like to try the place. If you're standing in front of the legit spa then look at the left side. You will see a sign with Belladonna. Go to that sign and you will see a small alley on your right hand side. Go in there, walk about twenty meters further and you will see an entrance which is the Spa that YOU are looking for.

A nice cute girl welcomed me and I asked her about the services. She told me about the 600k massage and what it involves. So far so good... 4 ladies came out and took a seat in the fish bowl. They weren't that great looking if I have to be honest but I chose for nr 4. Name was Komang, didn't asked for her age but I had the feeling that she was 30 and from Karangasem. Went back to reception and paid the damage. The girl at the lobby told me that I can also have ML (Pleas help me Mr. G. I don't know what it means although I have the feeling that she meant sex and that you can tip the lady)

part two follows... look below

Anyway, up to the room which was very nice and clean. She asked me to take a shower which is already different if I compare with Uncle G. here who's lady (nr. 7 name Putri but unfortunately she was working) gave washed him in the bathtub. Went to the bed naked and laid down on my tummy. Komang had still her clothes on at that time. Gave me some massage which wasn't that bad. After a while she got undressed while I was still laying don on my belly but it was a nice feeling to have those tits all over you and having that pussy rubbing against my ass. After that I turned around and the fun kept on going. Then she told me that I prefer to have a HJ or a FJ. I was more than happy to have a HJ which she start giving but o so senseless. Just like a robot. I was thinking about Uncle G and the fruit picking stuff plus the fast blow job so I asked her about the petik mangga but she laughed a bit and waived it away. How about the blow job i asked and she tod me she's not giving BJ's. Only HJ and FJ so I told her that my friend (thank you Uncle :)) was here before and he got the hot and cold thing around his dick so she didn't had the choice to do the same thing to me as well. The thing is, she drank some cold water first and keeps it in her mouth and puts her mouth around your dick with that water. She went one time down and back up and so far the BJ. She went to the shower area spitted it out, came back, had a sip of the hot water and did the thing all over again. I wasn't impressed at all and could keep my dick barely standing up. After that she continued with the HJ like a zombie. Interesting enough is that she told me that the FJ is included in the price and that it was up to me whether or not I would tip her for it. I thought that I heard it wrong but after she finished me off we had a bath together and I asked her again and she told me the same thing over again. Looks like Uncle G got ripped off! Haha! Or maybe it all depends on the girl. Uncle G it's worthwhile asking the question when you're going back.

Based on my experience I would say that I give it a 5 out of ten and for the moment I still prefer Refreeze which is not with naked women (Unfortunately) but the service is great especially with girls like Clara. Also they don't have the same nice tough as what they have in Refreeze as well as the customer service with Mr. T as a very good host. The place would be fantastic if they could give the same sensation as what you get in Refreeze with naked women. I know that Mr. T is working on a new massage which is also some kind of body2body but it looks like they will wear T-shirt according to the information that Mr T has given me.

According to Komang she worked before in Bali Oriental Massage next to Kuta Bugar. Also according to her they have now 15 new therapist. Actually you can't compare refreeze with this place. Onasis is more like a massage/brothel place which I don't think that this will happen in Refreeze.

Finally I gave her 50k tip which my total damage came to 650k. Will I go back... yes... under the condition that Putri is much better than the one I had. 600k is a lot of money especially if you have to pay 200k more for the FJ like in Uncles case but maybe it wasn't necessary to pay her that cash. I just don't know. For me it's not a necessity anyway.

There you go folks. I hope this makes you a bit wiser.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Onasis First Body To Body Massage in Bali

OMG.. Finally Bali has this body to body / body slide massage! The legend is called ONASIS. It's located in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai.. near the airport.. I've updated the Bali X Map also..

I've heard about Onasis about 1-2 month ago.. When arrived there for the first time.. I got lost.. I looked at the big onasis signage.. nothing like a sexy massage.. normal tourist spa.. I went inside.. they explained the services.. stone.. scrub.. etc etc.. normal stuff.. then I asked "which one is the 600K service".. then they told me I was in the wrong entrance.. ayaa.. same name.. same location.. but different entrance.. So.. when you see the big onasis signage.. you go around.. you'll see the entrace at the back.. or.. just go in.. ask them about the 600K service like what I did..

There was only 3 girls that day.. they just opened like 1 or 2 weeks.. these all three are the trainer I guess.. kinda old.. big.. sexpert kinda look haha.. receptionist told new girls will arrive next week.. so I leaved.. they all.. ahhh..

So last week was my second time.. I went at night around 9 PM.. more girls.. about 8 girls available.. well.. OK look.. the trainer still there.. there was this one charming girl.. I chose her.. no 7.. balinese.. Kuta Bugar alumni..

The place is really really good.. none similar type of massage can compete with this.. a real double bed size.. outdoor bathup and shower.. it's clean.. just excelent.. it's more like hotel room I suppose..

So what you got for 600K?.. 4 things I was told.. First, normal massage.. Second, body slide or body to body or boob massage.. Third, petik mangga (picking manggo from the tree).. the hand moves like picking manggo from the tree.. the manggo is the dicky.. laying down.. the butt position a little up.. the hand moves between the legs to pick the manggo.. got it?.. Forth, blow job by cold and hot water.. Please complain if you don't have these four services.. (the girl told me)

The service begun with soaking in a hot water round bathup with the girl.. she cleaned me inside the water.. specially in the ass and dicky area.. feel so good.. after we showered.. and started the normal massage with laying down.. the girl was naked.. they used honey + water.. after a short while.. started with body slide.. then begun the petik mangga.. turned over.. continued with body slide + little kiss here and there.. next.. blowed job with cold water.. just a short time.. continued with hot water.. I liked the hot water better..

Then she asked if I wanna fak.. she asked for additional 200K.. sound good isn't it.. took it and it was so so good.. it was her first in that day.. so she said!.. but it looked like it..

The only thing I didn't really like was the honey and water.. it got sticky after the water gone.. why they use honey anyway ?!.. we don't really care about our skin, do we? or.. it might because of the blow job and licking after the massage.. they don't want to lick the oil..

come back? definitely!

Body Arum, ReFreeze and others.. you guys have serious competitor! keep innovativing.. love this competiton.. we just gonna get better and better sexy massage here in Bali..

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