Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome to The New Domain

Please welcome our new domain Don't get lost. Use the search on the top right corner to find the articles. These are some of the famous pages in case you guys get lost.

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Hummingbear said...

Thanks for all the info. It's very useful.
I went to Danau Poso and have a couple of updates for you.
Sukun Cottages no longer has girls--new business model is straight tourists.
I found a street marked 10X--if there was a Sobek Rafting office in front, it's gone or being remodeled now. No showroom, but when I asked the guy there about a bungalow he let me in and said he'd call for a girl, just as you described. Then he asked for 500k. I got him down to 400. The girl was very nice and I tipped her another 60.
I didn't see any of the other places you described "behind Sobek Rafting." Was I in the same place?
I got the impression that there were plenty more such establishments lurking in the shadows, but did not ask around.