Friday, August 31, 2012

Balinese Oriental Massage Kuta Bali

The place is called Balinese Oriental Massage.. when I first read that.. I thought it was one of their services name.. anyway.. it's in jalan setiabudi, kuta.. Google Map:-8.720034,115.180986.. or you can check my bali x map also..

It was the last day for my friend in Bali.. he'd been busy with the wife and kids.. this short nite was the only chance to get fak.. we went around 10PM++.. and he had to get back around 2 AM.. what a fagot.. so hunting down to sky garden or bounty (my favorite jungles) was not an option.. aarrgghhh...

it was in the second moslem holiday.. not expecting too much.. most girls still away.. far far away.. we went to star bugar @ jalan dewi sri.. there were about 10 girls.. none ring our bell.. then we continued to kuta bugar @ jalan setia budi.. only 2 girls!.. kuta bugar didn't look good nowadays ya.. we walked to Balinese Oriental Massage then.. about 10 girls available also.. I haven't been to this place for so so long.. it's renovated.. 1st floor massage.. 2nd and 3rd floors are hotel rooms..

prices: 130K 1hr, 160K 1.5hr, 220K 1.5hr (in the hotel rooms).. we took the 160K.. we asked to wait for the room.. we enjoyed the jacuzzi while waiting.. it was 10.30PM+ and no staff assisted us.. we searched for the towels, kimonos, pants our self.. but that's ok.. no big deal.. about 11PM the room ready..

The room still the same as last time.. it doesn't use the massage table.. it's more like a bed stage.. for me it's more comfortable.. for everything.. each room has it's own shower.. the massage started.. i took #27.. massage was really nice.. quite strong.. she was quite older than others in the bowl.. aint pretty.. the only reason i took her.. she seemed not having many customers that day.. her eyes was like saying.. i really really need you.. 1/2hr+ later.. laying down.. the negotiation begun.. 500K for FJ.. deal on 300K.. there's a plus to be the last one.. it was her first fak for the day.. she really enjoyed herself and she came twice! the fak was really really nice.. love it!


jack said...

hi Uncle G
I couldnt find the place. I just saw Kuta Bugar there. Can u give me another clue?

jack said...

Hi Uncle G
I couldnt find the place. I just saw kuta bugar there.
Can u give me another clue?

Uncle G said...

you are in the right street.. they took off the sign.. from kuta bugar go towards the traffic lights.. right after the chinese food restaurant on the right side.. it's called ??? hotel.. I'll update next time i passed the street..

rifad diany said...

Hello uncle G..I love to read ur wife and I went to bali yesterday,and read about 'pijat plus' in ur blog. This was our first time want to try something naughty. My wife want to see me having sex with another girl. So We went to some place to find pijat plus but can watch by my wife. Onasis refused, angel refused, finally we find kuta bugar. It's only an usual traditional massage,they allow my wife accompany me. I chose cika,she's very friendly,and very nice. Her face standard,her body just like a catwalk model. I prefer tall,slim,small boops,white skin. She's from karawang. The first 30mins she massage me, we do chit chat and my wife try to tell her if she wants todo something nasty with me is ok,but chika seemed so polite. Then my wife decided to go out from room,ask me to tell her private. After my wife went out,I talked to her about hand job,first she refused bcoz she respected my wife feeling,after negotiating,bla bla bla..she agreed to do hand job infront of my wife. She didn't even mention the extra price for doing it. Then I contacted my wife to come to the room,then chika say sorry many times to my wife,she's kinda funny and friendly girl..then she did the handjob,kissing my nipple,kiss my lips,and making sound like she was on..after finish,she said sorry manytimes to my wife,and never mention/ask for the extra. We gave her 200k for her HJ. After that moment,my wife get horny all the time if she remember the moment. sex life with my wife begins so wonderful. Tks uncle G for the blog

pammy_101 said...

Hi Uncle G, going to Bali this weekend for company trip. Is this Balinese Oriental Massage still as good as describe? Same damage to the wallet and the girls ok?? :)