Monday, July 23, 2012

Sydney - Cant Get Any Sexier Than This

finally got the chance go to back to sydney since my last departure in 2003.. miss a lot of things.. especially the girls !!.. i was amazed how expensive now to live in sydney now..

i used to go to mirage massage at bondi, midas massage at marrickville, tokyo house at surry hills, five star at woollomooloo, tiffany at redfern.. the first chance.. i went to midas.. googling the address.. put it in the gps.. and go.. for details just go to their web address here.. .. they have some photos and explanation about the prices and facilities..

one of the reasons I reporting this is hoping bali soon has one! MR T: please read! :)

arrived there around 11 pm in saturday afternoon.. just really not the best time to get hook.. the place looked busy.. i was asked whether I had a booking.. I didn't.. then I got to a room with chair which normally use for foot massage.. with big lcd tv showing a movie.. some men really enjoying their food massage beside me.. i waited about 10 minutes.. the reception who was also korean.. later called me.. and asked me to get into the other room.. this room was like a small living room.. with big sofa and coffee table.. another 5 minutes the reception introduced me to the girls one by one.. can't remember their names.. there were only 3 girls available.. korean / japanese looked.. 2 of them quite difficult to choose.. they were good.. sexy and pretty.. 1 of them was quite fat.. 

now which services? 45 min or 60 min.. 90 min just too expensive.. you might wondering what's the different.. 15 min extra was the real massage.. i mean a real strong massage.. it also provides some times to get relax.. getting to know the girl.. building the relationship as what the book said.. so.. I took the 60 min..

as I thought.. the place was full.. I got the last room available.. the smallest room at the corner.. it used to be a storage room the girl told.. i was asked to shower.. girl then followed me to shower.. she bath me like a baby.. well not really.. baby doesn't get erected.. haha.. after then we did the massage.. we both were totally naked.. started from back.. this was the time for the real massage.. not bad at all.. after a very long drive.. a little night sleep.. it really helped..

about.. well roughly.. 15 minutes.. she started to soften the pressure.. and started to use her boobs to do the job.. combination of boobs and hands massage really turn me on.. I also enjoyed our action from the big mirror above and beside the bed.. about 15 minutes.. I turned over and continued.. she started the boob massage from the feet up to head and vice versa.. i meant also from head to feet.. this was my favorite style.. I could see both holes super close and clear.. I could even analyse by touching and rubbing them.. she kept doing it for a while.. she then put dicky between her upper legs and started moving back and forward.. it looked like we're faking.. it felt really really great!.. I finished of inside her legs.. what a sensation!

cost: 165AUD
tips: 20AUD

I also went to Tiffany, Five Star and Stiletto some other day.. they were faking service.. I put into a room.. the girls then went inside the room and introduced themself.. Stilletto was the most luxury, most expensive, had more girls.. Tiffany and Stilletto had similar girls.. some blondes, brunette, asian.. but more to blondes and brunette.. not to many asian.. Five Star had more asian.. nothing too exciting..

Tiffanny: 190 AUD
Stilletto: 230 AUD click here for details
Five Star: 150 AUD

all in half hour service.. they will be called in 25 minutes.. full concentration required !

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boshe Bali Karaoke - Dress Code

in boshe karaoke, you can keep your bottles for 1 month.. and mine just about to expire the other day.. so i and a fren went there in a nice saturday night.. like 11 pm..

11 pm is just not the best time to get girl in karaoke.. especially on saturday.. but boshe is the place that still have many choices.. here a tip that work: choose the girl with dress that easily be opened.. you know.. no pants.. dress that is not covering their upper part.. i mean from upper boobs to up.. the simple logic is.. they are ready to be undressed!

so.. i chose as my tip.. i found one with the wildest dress.. not really good looking.. but not so bad either.. we given the room at the first floor.. singing.. drinking.. normal at the first hour.. started getting wilder at the 2nd.. my fren brought his own girl.. he left after the 2nd hour.. it left only me and the girl in the room.. things got even wilder..

she was halfly drunk.. well me too.. started to kiss me all over the place.. i responded as wild as her.. we continued to the next round.. i went to the door.. afraid that the waiter come inside.. since there is no lock.. i stand with the door supporting my back.. and opened our bottom cloths.. the show went on and on..

the room only cost 500K.. the girl 300K.. tips 300K (didnt ask for it)

one more tip.. you have to get the girl drunk.. this could be quite challenging.. this is the art.. haha