Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Night in Bandung - the Stone Cafe - Gravity - Ratu Villa

aahh.. should have spend more time in Bandung.. thanks to my friend in bandung.. I didn't waste any seconds of our little time..

We had business dinner at The Stone Cafe in Dago area.. what a nice night city view.. nice cool weather.. the food was OK only.. the host ordered the food for us.. I thought that's not their specials.. I've uploaded some photos for the stone cafe here.. http://s863.photobucket.com/albums/ab191/indoholiday/Bandung/the%20stone%20cafe/

finished our boring meeting around 11PM.. we went straight to Gravity Karaoke.. our friends already there since 9 PM!.. one friend brought his girl from Turkmenistan.. this was the first time I saw Turkmenistan girl.. ~yummy~.. for us.. the other 3 lonely men.. our bandung friend had chosen for us.. I have uploaded pictures of gravity girls.. sorry for the censorship hehe.. http://s863.photobucket.com/albums/ab191/indoholiday/Bandung/

Gravity is inside a big building.. i wasn't sure what else inside the building.. we went to level 1.. we're given room 1.. the room quite big.. actually too big for 10 of us.. the sound, lcd was pretty standard.. the nicest part.. there's a "hidden" room just beside the toilet.. it's pretty useful.. trust me..

When we came.. the second martel almost gone.. girls looked pretty tipsy already.. we ordered another bottle..  we enjoyed the night.. dancing, kissing, touching, rubbing.. about 1 AM we left with the girls.. we bought some foods on our way to ratu villa dago.. I was informed that not the girls was available for book out.. make sure before you choose the girl..

Karaoke Cost: 7.9M.. 3 martel, 4 girls

we rented a 5 rooms villa at ratu villa dago.. the villa was really nice.. it was in a large area of villa complex.. it's a 2.5 stories villa.. the entrance was in the 2nd level.. there were 1 room, living room, kitchen, toilet in this level.. the other 4 rooms and small living room were down at 1st level.. other 2 toilets were in level 1 as well.. there was no pool.. there was another open bedroom up from the living room facing the entrance.. take a look some photos here http://s863.photobucket.com/albums/ab191/indoholiday/Bandung/ratu%20villa/

after eating.. talking.. we started our engine.. the Turkmenistan couple had gone.. they took the master room.. what a bastard.. I really wanted to taste her haha.. the other 4 of us.. enjoy our night at the living room.. thanks to cialis.. each one of us made it to all the four girls..

Villa Cost: 2M
Girl Cost: 2M each..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fantasi Bintang Spa at Gatot Subroto Denpasar Bali

Sunday afternoon is just not the day to get massage.. especially when you are in denpasar area.. I've like 3 hours away slot.. I really really wanted to get a really strong deep massage after all the last nite alcohols..

First, I went to B Herbal in gatsu barat.. FULL.. second to Myspa in gatsu barat also.. FULL also.. Third to Megumi in gatsu tengah.. they are not there anymore.. it used to be beside Apotik Anugrah II.. gatsu is jalan gatot subroto.. Forth to Amanda in jalan suli.. FULL.. almost 1.5 hours gone.. well.. sex massage should have some spaces.. I was thinking to go to Bidadari at Mahendradata.. but when I passed the Pizza Hut in gatsu tengah.. I saw a new spa.. It's in the same complex of Pizza Hut.. it wasn't really clear what kind of spa from the road.. but I got the idea when I parked in front of them.. it's another beer massage!

Only one girl was available.. I saw other pictures.. they look kinda better than bidadari.. but we never know if they really work there until we see them..  the one i had was one of the worst.. well.. no choice.. I was given the room in 3th floor.. room looked good.. clean.. inside shower.. cool.. overall.. the place is nice.. It's brand new.. about 1 month old..

the massage.. it's depend on which girl really.. but based on the one i had.. i didn't like it.. 20 mins felt like 1 hour.. it's not sensational at all.. no touch to sun hole.. she was doing the normal type of massage.. but she wasn't good at that either.. they used the same freeze cream as the one in refreeze and bidadari..

Cost 200K

For me, Bidadari and Fantasi have the same score.. just a place to get a shaker.. I don't understand.. they invest a lot.. why couldn't they make a better one? We pay for the sensation.. not just ejaculating..