Monday, April 16, 2012

Volcano Sensation by ReFreeze Bali

The manager MR. T is quite active in this blog and the best thing he listen to his customer.. just love him!

As of his comment in one of my articles, he mentioned about the latest sensation called volcano.. my first thought was.. i'm going to have a strong heavy eruption like a volcano.. I was wrong.. but not completely..

I called MR. T about 2 weeks ago in nice sunny afternoon.. .. checked if any rooms available.. this place always full!.. please call before you come.. arrived there about 1 hr later.. we then showed the girls available from the monitor.. it's kinda hard to choose really since I didn't have any references.. I've just have to trust the reception.. He showed me some girls.. I chose 2 of them.. then I let him chose between those two which one better..

I waited about 10 minutes to get the room ready.. my girl was quite big.. balinese from singaraja.. really friendly.. recommended.. sorry forgot the name.. then the show began.. the routine was the same.. started from the feet.. played around with balls and hole for 30+minutes.. waited 10 minutes.. come in with hot drink and fruits.. laid down.. then started another ritual for another 30+minutes.. finished with hj.. showered.. and dinner ready.. for ritual details please check my other articles like

Volcano is actually the hot snow.. the massage oil.. reFreeze so the name called.. normally use really cold massage oil for all their sensational products.. only for volcano.. the oil is warm.. for me.. I like this one more.. the room is nicely cool already.. it's just to cold when putting the snow oil in a cool room..

Tips: dont eat before you come here.. their foods are nice.. specially after a long eruption.. haha..

Damage: 250K + 50K tips


Bali Kedek Travel Consultant said...

fantastic and great massage with new technical, for reservation visit us

Jack M said...

Would love to find a young girl for fun next week!

Please email me details (pic?) at

Behemoth said...

Tarantula massage.

Went yet again to Refreeze and let's say I was lucky. They just invented another massage which is called the Tarantula massage.

I let Mr. T choose my therapist for that day and her name was Clara if I'm not mistaken. I was welcomed by her in a sexy dress (which is I believe not only for the tarantula massage but for all type of massages and not sure that they are always dressed that sexy)

Came into the room with the 'therapist' who had a mask on (!). Not really necessary for me but hey, she took it off when I entered the room. The 23yo lady wasn't a bad looker and was gifted with a nice twin. She stayed in the room while I was undressing myself and asked me that I prefer the undies or rather naked so I went for naked.

First part was lying on the table face down, then both sides which was quite short but nice and sensual. After that she went to go and get me a drink. You can even have a beer if you want and they order Nasi or Mie goreng for you as well.

After finishing my glass of juice I sat down on the table with some kind of triangle shaped pillow in my back so your upper body stands up during the massage and ended up with massaging the one eyed snake. I have to say that Clara had a great attitude and was very sensual and nice body language during the last part and it was hard not to touch her or ripping her clothes off. You can call it a GFE without having sex.

I've heard that they have now about 30 therapist so I believe that there's choice for any of us. Clara had it all, good looks, positive attitude and great customer service. (and I don't mean sex with customer service gentlemen)

Damage: 300'000 plus 50'000 tip
Included: 1.5 hour treatment - welcome drink - drink + fruit in between which can be beer as well - fried rice or noodles after the treatment I'm sure that Mr. T will add the inclusions in case I'm forgetting some.

And a good reason for you to go and check it out Uncle ;)

Uncle G said...

wowww... COOL! great FR bro!.. I'll check them SOON!

mr T said...


Neel said...

How to contact Mr. T?

Neel said...

How to contact Mr T?
My no is 081339601546
PS. Mr. T, if you are moderating this blog pls remove my number before approving the post

iMax said...

does Refreeze provide any transport to their outlet?