Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Day in Grahadi Bali

Went to grahadi bali karaoke the other day.. We arrived around 1.45 PM.. We went to the new rooms.. Grahadi has about 8 new rooms behind the old rooms.. Please cmiiw.. I didn't count them tough..

The girls would arrived at 2pm.. We wanna be the first to choose so we arrived earlier.. We took the cheapest package.. Around 1.6M.. Got a bottle of red label.. With some mixers and snacks.. And 3 ladies..

Just before 2pm.. We were in the fish bowl.. So many men alreadyyy?! Girls out group by group.. I chose about 3 times.. All girls I chose was booked!.. Stand there for some times.. None ring my bell.. So I gave up.. I let the pimp chose 3 for me and back to our room.. Let's get drunk to blur our view haha..

We started the routine.. Sang some songs.. Drank more glasses.. With the companion of ladies.. Nothing special really until 5pm we called the strip.. About 8 ladies stood in front of us.. Only 2 was good.. Tall.. nice bodies.. Pretty faces.. Light skin.. They both from manado north sulawesi.. We took them.. Damage 600K each.. After 20 mins dancing.. They started to pull us one by one to toilet.. Once inside.. They then asked for tips while getting ready to rape me.. Haha.. Yes I got rape! Kinda.. finish of with hj..

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