Monday, February 13, 2012

Platinum Karaoke Bali - Ladies Companion Gone Wild

I have heard about Platinum Karaoke a while ago.. It was called Bahari Karaoke.. then renovated become Platinum.. CMIIW ok.. From what I've heard.. nothing too special.. just like another karaoke.. For those who just arrived in Bali.. there's two types of what we call karaoke here. First, family karaoke. You normally bring your girlfriend and her friends to sing, drunk and get some fun. There are quite numbers of this karaoke nowadays such as Inul Vista, NAV and Happy Puppy. Second, karaoke (only) which provides so call ladies companion (LC) to company the guest for having some fun. This karaoke exist long before the family karaoke arrive. Platinum, grahadi, kuta timur, bintang, akasaka, blue eyes are among the second type.

One saturday night in earlier of January 2012.. felt like to have some more sleep after some heavy nye party.. just until I received bbm from a friend that there's some promotions that night at Platinum. Suddenly I didn't want to sleep anymore haha.. me and a friend met around 11.30 PM at Platinum.. we didn't expect really to have some nice girls.. it was just too late.. the best time normally around 7 or 8 PM.. when the night shift girls just arrive..

The car park is large.. at the time we arrived.. it was quite full.. but there're some free spots.. this place has only rooms.. they don't have like a hall or bar area.. One of my friend who was there earlier, has chosen the girls for us.. everything was ready when we entered the room.. didn't got the chance to look at the fish bowl.. but I didn't think there's any girls around that time anyway..

So me with 2 friends and 3 LCs.. We started singing.. drinking.. as time passed.. chivas started to control us little by little.. not sure the time.. i think around 1 PM.. 2 sexy dancers entered our room and started that sex dancing.. we didn't ask.. it's actually the routine in Platinum.. they would stay if you ask them and of course some tips.. we're really OK with our LC.. really got us turn on.. we didn't need anymore boosters.. so we didn't ask the dancers to stay.. they leaved after 10 minutes dancing..

We're all quite drunk now.. 1 LC.. stood on the speaker.. danced like a bitch.. the other 2 LCs followed her.. We followed them.. we "sex" danced.. we changed girls.. we kissed.. etc etc.. This was what amazed me.. I've been to some karaokes as I mention above.. I never had LCs this wild at the first visit.. not sure if we're just lucky to have them.. or all LCs here would do similar service?.. hmm.. I'll update when I got a chance..

Cost around 2M++ for package with 3 girls, 1 bottle chivas and mixer and some snacks.. Google Map: -8.710892,115.22594

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