Friday, January 13, 2012

Booking Out Star Bugar Beauty

Went to Star Bugar the other day.. only about 10 girls in the fishbowl.. not a good time really.. but this was the only time slot available for me that day.. so lowering my standard to the ground.. still.. hard to pick one of them.. I was about to leave.. heard some sounds.. plok plok plok.. someone was going down.. i stared while keeping my finger cross.. and yes.. finally someone looked better.. young east java girl.. face ok.. normall indo size.. just fakably nice.. haha

I wrote more details about star bugar itself before. Click on the link.

I came in.. ritual was the same.. not so much talk when I was on my back.. it's kinda hard talking when you're facing to the floor, wasn't it!.. we started talking much when I lay down.. till to the negotiation point..

miss: massage finish.. anything you want more.. otherwise please have shower..
me: how much.. *pointing to my d*
miss: what do you want me to do?
me: what's available in what price?
miss: HJ for 300K
me: anything else?
miss: HJ only in here
me: so.. FJ in hotel?
miss: hahaha..
me: how much?
miss: normally 1M.. but only for you 700K..
me: sound good.. but let's do HJ for now.. 200K only!
miss: just for you.. don't tell anyone..
me: deal..

Some days after.. I sms her.. and finally we agreed to meet in Kuta Timur Resort.. one of the legendary short time hotel in Bali.. around 2 PM.. oh man.. she looked much better not in her uniform.. we did our first round.. she played standard.. actually I did more than I should.. she just look fakably nice.. she massaged me after.. felt so goood.. we ordered some foods.. we ate.. watched tv.. joke.. then did the second round.. she was enjoying every moment also.. like her.. about 4PM++ we left..

Sorry guys.. cant tell you the girl number.. her boss or friend or husband might not know this.. But I think.. most of the girls in star bugar will do this.. just depend on the price really..