Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bidadari Biru - Beer Freeze Imitation - Bali Massage

Another sensational type of massage has opened in Bali. It's called Bidadari Biru (Google Maps: -8.677209,115.234222). The sign is HUGE, you wont miss it when you pass Jalan Tukad Yeh Aya. The location is better than Body Arum. It's not in the main road, but has to come in a little bit. Parking space just nice. Only the car wash opposite the front door alert me a little bit. lots of eyesss..

The place looked brand new, clean and smell nice. They use a notebook to show the girl pictures. I noticed that some of them look familiar.. Freeze and Body Arum graduate I guess. The "lobby" was quite small. There's no sofa, just 2 big bamboo seats instead. Water and teh botol were provided. After digging some info.. the most fav one was on the job.. I took the second fav one.. called I*

I went inside, there's 8 rooms. 4 left 4 right separated by plywood. The aircon temperature was just nice (important!). The light was just nice also. Each room has each own shower. Overall the place was good. Somehow this place look better than body arum and freeze (the old place). The new freeze place of course far better than this.

The ritual was the same as beer and freeze massage. I'll be brief here, for more describable view, search for beer and freeze massage on this blog. It started from the back. Focusing on the ass and hole area for quite some times, which was really damn nice, then continue lying down. When I saw her, I really felt that I know her. After some small talks, I found out she was S* in Freeze! She massaged me once or twice in Freeze and she remembered me also. The massage continued with focusing more on dicky and tits.

This was the only different part with other similar massages. The finishing section. She seat behind me and doing hj from behind. hmm.. quite a sensation..

Tips: 50.000 (unasked)
Official Cost: 200.000 (1 drink, no food)

let's wait for the next place! hopefully they are more innovative..

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Haryanto Pedro said...

hy uncle,,
i have try this place,why now not use beer?
but they make cream white?
after im not intrest for it