Friday, December 30, 2011

Bali X Map

So many people asked, what is the nearest spa massage sex etc to my hotel. So.. I've just finished adding some X points on google maps.

View Bali X Map in a larger map

Just search where your hotel location is on google maps, then put your hotel position to my map. that's it! Have fun!


Perot said...

Uncle G, I think u forget adding "BINTANG PESONA REFLEKSI" at jalan drupadi..

UNCLE G said...

thanks my bro! added!

mark D said...

This is a great guide! Been to Thailand before but this will be firsttime in Bali. Anyone know where to get younger??

Foxie said...

add more :

1. SeleXtion Spa - place before Bidadari Biru, @Tukad Yeh Aya 100x

2. Putri Pijat Tradisional - @jalan subur

mark D said...

Foxie, were you responding to my post or was that for general info for the site??

Uncle G said...

mark D: go to sky garden mate! 500K

foxie: thanks! I'll check the places soon!

just me said...

hi all i go to sanur and stay at grian santrian any good places nearby there for good massage/plus

thnks newbee

Bali Beach Bum said...

there is a new place on Jalan padang galak. clean and nice. the street address is padang galak 96b, HAPPY SALON MASSAGE & REFLEKSI. girls very nice and polite.

just me said...

common guys i go to sanur tomorrow were to go for massage plus

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Do this map still exist...? And update..?

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle. I read quite some stuff about Lia Salon in Kebo Iwa but I can't find out where the place is exactly. Can you share more information my friend?

If you can share the place then I will make a full report about the place.

There have been so many other new Spa's and read quite some things about it on Kaskus but it's hard to read from time to time. If you can help me with some abbreviations such as WOT, MOT, DC, BM, ... that would help me a lot bro!

Uncle G said...

i'll update once I know where it is bro..

wot: women on top
mot : man on top
dc : damage cost
bm : bintang mawar? (internet forum)

Anonymous said...

Hi bro G ;)
Actually I found the place by coincidence. Pretty easy to find though. The correct coordinates are
-8.630756, 115.182890
Actually if you come from the big traffic junction where you have pertamina and KFC. Just go on north from that point and about 800 meters on your right side you will see the place Lia Salon. It just looks like an ordinary salon to me. I did not go inside as it was early morning so I leave it up to you my friend. Go go go! :D
Apparently people always talk about the same girl who's name is La*la if I'm not wrong. I'm sure on which forum you can find more info about the girls :)
Good luck Uncle and I hope you will come back with a glowing report!

Unknown said...

hey thanks for ur review all
anyway can u recommend for me
i just want to fak with low price and beautiful cewek
what do you think that the best place to do it all ?