Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blowfish and Fave Hotel Surabaya

Continue my last visit in Surabaya..

I stayed in Fave Hotel Surabaya by the way.. It's a really nice budget hotel in perfect location.. It's just 5 minutes away from the biggest mall in Surabaya.. Tunjungan Plaza.. cost only 355.000 per night.. Blowfish night club just 1-2 floors up.. Thanks to google map.. I found this hotel without any difficulties.. It's inside kind of office or mall.. The lobby itself is in 5 floor (CMIIW) and it's really small one..

Looks funny ey.. I got a room at level 6.. heard some musics from the room.. I was told that they had party at the other club (not blowfish, forgot the name) in the building..

It's around 11.30 PM.. I went up to Blowfish.. they had a balinese party that night.. what a party hahaha.. all staffs wore balinese type of cloth.. complete with the jepun flower.. every table had a canang: an attribute for praying in bali.. the best thing.. the "marketing" and models wore beach type of cloth..

not to crowded at the time.. found a table, ordered some drink.. and a while later.. "Marketing" girl approached me.. we had some small talk about the club.. about me.. about her.. I asked her to come to bali next time and saved her bbm.. an investment!

Around 12++AM.. R2 sms me.. said that she's in the lift.. on the way up.. I met her just outside the entrance.. Hotel guest didn't need to pay for the entrance fee.. But still need to put the flower in my ear.. look so fakn ugly.. hahaha.. back to my table.. had some drinks.. dance.. I actually want to fak the "marketing" tonite.. but I guess saturday wasn't the right day.. she was so busy doing that small talk.. and I DON'T think she was fakable anyway.. let's fak what we had!..

Around 3 AM.. we're back to my room.. with some alcohols in our blood.. we repeated the fak session in Simponi.. Damn I miss R2!!.. Around 9 AM.. R2 woke me up saying that she need to go.. I gave her 1mil.. I was to sick to have a dickly "breakfast".. fakn cocktail!..

Tried to get more sleep.. till I saw a flyer near the phone.. they had room massage open at 9.. some strong massage seems niceee.. I gave a call.. and.. they had therapist available.. 15 minutes later.. a lady.. quite good looking.. she's just look a bit old.. i think early 30 or late 20.. I asked if she wanted me naked or wore my undi.. and she said: please take it off.. good sign!

Her massage was quite a strong one.. it's just what i need.. started prone.. from the feet went up to leg and ass.. she started to touch my balls.. getting more naughty when I raised my ass up.. after a while.. turn around plz.. (now lying down).. continue with the massage a bit.. and started the negotiation.. I told her that I had this headache every time I get up.. so she had to fak me all the way.. agreed! USD $100..