Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simponi Surabaya - The Perfect Foreplay

Just had a really blowing weekend in surabaya last week. Thanks to Wings Air for providing us a lovely cheap ticket from Bali to Surabaya. Although it took longer because it's not a jet plane CMIIW, but it was a comfortable flight. Arrived there about 15.00 and took my bro's car for a ride.

My first lusting destination was Simponi (google maps -7.259882,112.739446). It's really really hard place to find. The blackberry porn block made it even harder. I called 108 (directory service), there's no such name as simponi. Google told me from the article snapshot of one forum website, it's in jalan tunjungan 82. I can't enter the forum because of that blackberry porn block. Another information was from a friend. He told me to go in to a small street beside Hotel Majapahit.

The first turn I missed the number 82, so I made another turn and concentrated on the right side where the even number was.. found number 82.. I actually stopped for a minute.. But it was like a warehouse, totally didn't look like a place where you can fak a girl.. so I made my third turn.. I concentrated to the left.. until I saw Hotel Majapahit.. there's no street beside it.. I felt like giving up.. but WTF I made my last turn.. this time I concentrated to find the small street.. not beside Hotel Majapahit but further.. And I finally found it!.. it's about 50 - 100 meters from before Hotel Majapahit.. It's not really a small street, it's small complex of shops.. the street more likely as the entrance of the complex.. AND it's actually the opposite side of the number 82 !

Simponi is right on the rear corner.. You won't miss it.. that's the only shop alive in the area.. a big parking space at the rear complex..

I got in.. about 30 girls seat on the sofa.. some men seat on the 2 tables near the entrance.. I approached to a man on the bar.. seemed like he's the pimp.. I asked for the price (answered: Rp.600.000 per hour) and whether this place called simponi.. there's no any sign boards or anything.. just to make sure.. and the last but not the least of course.. which one had the most regular customer.. He pointed me R*.. body tall slim.. just nice.. face ok..

We're in the room 5 minutes later. Started with talking.. (nice person to talk).. bathing.. (nothing special).. licking.. (perfect !!.. she won't miss anything !!.. sunhole? dont worry..).. faking.. (nothing special, a bit loose.. or mine to small? aihh).. The fun part really the licking.. she's not in a hurry.. and she's not a fastidious type of girl either.. she ate everything.. it's like she tried to blow me before faking.. she put her best effort to get the job done.. highly recommended for foreplay lover..

I still had about 20 minutes time left.. I used it to get closer to her.. i asked her if she was ok to go with me tonite.. and bingo.. we'll meet at 12 am.. Simponi close at 12am..

to be continue..