Friday, July 15, 2011

Night in Singapore - Orchard Road

Last week was Galungan holiday in Bali. It's a full 3 days of party for everyone like me but this time I spent the holiday in Singapore. It's kinda bored but.. I experienced something new..

Browsing in some famous singapore x forums, I got lots information about geylang and some freelances. FYI: Geylang is one of the best red district in Singapore. I didn't go to geylang this time, but I managed to get a freelance. For the last three trips, I kept getting east european girls and they all wasn't that good. Their look and services were just.. 5/10. Never trust photos!

This time I looked for Singaporean. But they all so expensive. There's one in my budget, but she didn't work at night. So.. tried to look for Korean.. But again.. none available.. oh man.. Well Thailand seemed promising.. I went to this website which I've got it from Sammyboy Forum. I only had like 4 hours free to fak around. I sms Frank the guy from thai beautiful.

U: any available? .. like now?
F: yes we have selena in 30 minutes
U: you have any pictures of her?
F: (he gave the web address above), she is really cute, good service.. I really recommend her..
U: ok.. where about?
F: you go to tanjong pagar MRT.. snip snip.. sms me when you get there..
U: ok

I arrived there in time but what the fak.. my blackberry hang! just after the third reboot, I could use it for sms.. and it took like 20 minutes! next time I'll bring my very old basic nokia phone! anyway..

U: I'm here..
F: press (some numbers) at the door..

It's an apartment.. or singaporean like to call it condo.. it's a nice one.. a cute girl opened the door for me.. well she certainly look better than her photos.. she spoke english a little but she could understood me with little body languages.. What I like was we were so relax.. I didn't have feeling of rushing like what I felt when having those european girls.. I seat around her condo.. had some drinks..

Her service was good.. slow but sure.. and the good thing.. you have two shoots for sgd150.. Well as Mr Frank said.. she is recommended!

ok enough of FL.. this was my new adventure.. in Orchard Road, Singapore..

Orchard road is known as singapore main shopping hub. Lot's of hotels, malls as well as sluts. Yes, they are! I didn't know about these orchard sluts until last week. I dunno why I never read about this in the forum above. I think locals don't come here.

When I wanted to get a taxi from grand hyatt, I saw two girls walk out from Brix and queued taxi just behind me. Brix is a night club in Grand Hyatt Hotel. They have bright skin, full make up and of course young and pretty. They were Vietnamese. I love Vietnamese! After some chit chat shit, I asked if they wanted to go to Clarke quay. And here we go. We have some foods and beers until they said they had to go. What !?

I began to wonder. What was these girls really want. I wanted to ask about price, but I'm afraid they were not hooker which then I'll miss the opportunity to fak them haha. So I spent the rest of the night fakless.

Next day (wednesday) I asked if I can meet her. Then she told me to go to Orchard Tower at late night. Good sign! I went to orchard tower around 11 PM wednesday night. Wednesday night is an important night in Singapore. Clubs in orchard rd area and mostly in Singapore have their ladies night on Wednesday..

Arrived at Orchard Tower, then I began getting the idea that she was a hooker. How stupid! Orchard Tower is such an amazing place. Full of hookers! If you met any girls in Orchard Tower at night, I bet 99% she is a hooker. BTW, around 11:30pm she texted me if I can go to brix instead. Then I went there. It's a 25sgd entrance fee that night. I met her, she was alone near the toilet. oh man.. so sexy.. and well she was a hooker.. We danced and kissed as what lusting couple do..

Brix is packed with foreigners mostly not from asian countries.. I didn't see any singaporean there.. it's a nice little club.. very exclusive.. people came with suits, nice cloths..

I saw so many girls (of course hookers) similar quality with the one with me.. tall, bright skin, young and pretty. They were mostly Vietnamese. Some were Mongolian. Rate was 1000sgd over night. So expensive mate! However I managed to get my girl for 300sgd for short time.

On my way to hotel.. I had a really informative taxi driver.. here's some clue from him

Go on wednesday for ladies night. This is the best time for hunting. The idea is more girls than boys while on weekend there will be more boys than girls. Other days are quite.

If you have big budget, then go to brix. You'll get nice lady on a really high price (1000 sgd). Brix close at 3 am. So for those girls who are not booked, they will go to living room night club at Marriott Hotel.. just like 25m from Brix.. Living room close at 5am.. After living room, girls will go to Orchard Tower.. So for a really bargain pussy.. you can go to orchard tower at 5+..

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