Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bounty Bali - Night to Remember

When you had friends from out of Bali, you must bring them to Sky Garden. I can make sure that they will loveee it. I look like Sky Garden PR, don’t I? haha.. Well I love this club.. the crowds.. the performances.. the cheap drinks.. it’s just excelent mixtures..

About a month ago.. i showed some friends Bali night life.. we had dinner at Surya Cafe in Jimbaran beach.. the foods were really nice.. grill fish and prawn with traditional balinese sambal.. uh hot!.. and their staffs were just so friendly.. the best thing.. they allowed if we brought our own bottles of Johnny Walker

We went to Sky Garden after.. I think it was on wednesday night.. their vodka was on special.. 800.000 a bottle.. and we can use the entrace fee to add to our payment.. so we took that.. When you open bottle at Sky Garden.. the security will find you some seats at the spot you like.. we seat at the outdoor performance where the trance music was.. as usual.. it was really fun!

About 3am, we finished the bottles and moved to Bounty.. this was all the fun start.. Bounty is also famous with their oz crowd and cheap drinks.. We ordered some of their famous drinks.. I think the name is Rumba.. it’s a cocktail with (I THINK) balinese vodka or people here call it arak bali.. it’s cheap.. get us tipsy fast.. but it’s so painful the day after..

We found a table in the edge of the dance floor.. and not sure how.. i cant remember.. so drunk that time.. mixing a fully loaded “real” vodka body with “fake” vodka it’s really not a good idea.. 2 girls approached us.. we talked, danced and kissed.. i mean a real lusting kiss!.. she pushed her hands into my dick while we danced.. oh man.. I didn’t care a shit.. it felt like we own the dance floor..

She then asked if I wanted to go to her “apartment” and asked me to tip 500.000.. Of course I said BIG YES.. she then ride me on her motor bike.. we were then at her room.. I always like faking a girl in her room.. it’s just feel more comfortable, relax, intimate.. more like girl friend boy friend things.. we’re just like a crazy lusting porn star.. Me and her were 75% of our concious logic state..

My friend had his fun night at the hotel near by..

I really really enjoy our night.. it’s really really a night to remember..

Some tips:
Come to Bounty around 3am.. I think they are closed at 4am.. less competiton.. But if you have western look.. don’t worry.. girls love you..

Entrance fee: Rp. 50.000 for a beer


TRIXIE said...

umm i go to bounty ioften.. but why we didnt meet?

UNCLE G said...

really?.. I was at the front doin body check.. hahahaha..

Lisa Karen said...

Really nice sex. I am not familiar with Bali, so would really like to have your opinions!

UNCLE G said...

please ask :)

Net said...

Hi uncle G. Where do I find good HJ in seminjak?

Dennis Hanani said...

hey can u give me ur a chinesse liv in bali,i want to get laid with western i have a chance?i mean,r they interest with chinesse boy?

Uncle G said...

denis: no chance! hahaha.. joking broo.. I'd love to have your story broo!..

Unknown said...

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