Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bali Sensational Escort

NOTE: guys.. i think the pimp is no longer following this post.. please have a look at the comments from this post.. http://www.balisexguide.com/2009/02/bali-complete-sex-destination-guide_4744.html

Sensation! That's what it's all about.

Pussies.. they are all similar. I feel a little bored recently paying girls for some quick fak. I look for different so called sensation. Escort girls!

Last sat nite, I was free after 11pm. I called the pimp on fri, if anyone available on sat nite. And yes 1 available.

So.. I picked the girl up around 12am on sat.. Normally they come to your hotel.. But since I stay here and I won't let them come to my place.. This is the only choice left for me..

She was a very nice girl from west java area. She's tall, light skin, body quite big but not fat, look like chinese but she's not.. A very typical west java girl..

We wanted to go to akasaka.. One of disco club in Denpasar.. It was full.. Can't find any parking spaces.. So we moved to Blue Eyes.. Another disco club in sanur area.. The crowd was ok.. They're having live soccer match for the final champion league..

We had some drinks and dances as a lovely couple.. kissing.. light touching.. fingering.. It was quite dark.. And our place was right in the black spot.. This is why we have to pay more..

After she had 2 glasses of hmm fak I can't remember the name.. Those girls drink.. She started getting a little wilder.. But I can't find any darker spott!.. So we left..

We continued our "journey" in the car for a little while.. And finally got a room around sanur.. And let the journey finish..
The night was complete if MU won the game.. But anyway.. We went to mc d after the game and "game" of course.. And headed home..

you can leave your email address at the comment.. If you want this kind of service.. Hopefully.. Some pimps will contact you..

The cost:
For indonesian: 1.5 mil rupiah
Foreigner: 2.5 mil rupiah

It's not a 24hr escort.. It's more likely half day service.. Morning to afternoon.. Night to morning.. I took the night to morning service..