Thursday, April 7, 2011

3some Travel Hotel Jakarta

Oh mannn.. Just finished my 3some night at travel hotel jakarta 5 minutes ago.. I even forgot to ask their name.. Wtf.. But this was what I did.. I approached the pimp.. and asked for 2 girls.. And making sure they really damn wild.. Then I gave some tips to the pimp..

It was nothing like having 3some in sanur before.. Both were actively finding some sex to do..

Some years back, I had my first 3some in sanur, bali. It wasn't really exciting. The fun part was I had someone watching me while faking. The worst part, one of them doin notin while we fak other. On the other hand, in here (travel hotel), they both were busy!

While one doin d bottom part, other doin the upper. While one get fak, other lickin all other reachable part. Sunhole is no exception! BUT they WON'T DO any lesbian act!

Damage cost: 450.000 + tips

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Daniel said...

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Alden said...

Hi bro, loves your info on bali. Been long time traveller here and had to find out things the hard way.solo loves your info. Great experiences.biggest plus for bali. Its relatively safe.(ps not sure now)
Anyway read your post here 3some at travel. may I suggest hotel classic inl jkt. 400k for 2. they must be from same mamie.just ask the mamie and gal what are your wishes and if they agree you are set. Why classic? It has literally 5 floors of fun.1st floor is where you find the imports from europe china. Higher entry price. 2nd floor is the regular club with the local talent.30k entrancefee unless you buy a drink or take a lady.ladies are 270k person hour or 400k for 2. There are a spa and 2 floors of karaoke. Compared with travel you have so much more choices.

UNCLE G said...

cool! thanks for your info bro. Which area is Classic Hotel?

Alden said...

is inthekota area.dont know the exact street name.but very sure that every Taxi driver knows this place. Is near sate babi krekot. I can recommend yuyun.she belongs to a group who wear tiger stripe clothing.tall thin and very good servoce.if a little tight.
they also have sexy dancers here. real nice.

This place is actually pretty far. Imo the place/street to be is jalan pangeran jayakarta. So many choices.

UNCLE G said...

cool!.. will go next time I m in JKT.. cheers :)

rickykurniadi11 said...

the best part is classic spa..

Erick Nyoto said...

hi uncle, i'm bringing old post:)

just want to ask, where you can have 3some in sanur like you mention on above comment?
And how much is the damage?

Thanks a lot.

Uncle G said...

basically anywhere.. go to any fish bowl.. and ask the pimp which of them can do 3some.. a lot of them will do.. but don't expect they will do any lesbians act..