Thursday, April 21, 2011

21 Finger Sensation - Bali

Another sensational "manifest" by Mr. T

Called Mr. T and check if any rooms available. Please always do this if you don't want to waste your time. It always FULLLLL !!

So I arrived in the old Freeze. One of the girl took me to 21 Finger Sensation. It's about 5 minutes away from the old Freeze. The place is a lot better than the old Freeze. It consists about 6 rooms (CMIIW). Yes it's a room with private toilet and own air cond. The room is really nice.

21 means 20 fingers of 2 girls of 1 "finger" of our own. Well I was told by the girls. Not sure if this is right? 2 girls greeted me when I came inside. Gave me the black paper underwear. So the massage begun. As it is in Freeze, they more focused on my sensitive area. They spent 75% of time there. The massage style was exactly the same as Freeze. It was really nice feeling of 4 hands doing of my 2 super sensitive parts.

It cost 350.000 include food and drink, which I think a little expensive for the kind of service. I prefer enjoying Freeze.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

3some Travel Hotel Jakarta

Oh mannn.. Just finished my 3some night at travel hotel jakarta 5 minutes ago.. I even forgot to ask their name.. Wtf.. But this was what I did.. I approached the pimp.. and asked for 2 girls.. And making sure they really damn wild.. Then I gave some tips to the pimp..

It was nothing like having 3some in sanur before.. Both were actively finding some sex to do..

Some years back, I had my first 3some in sanur, bali. It wasn't really exciting. The fun part was I had someone watching me while faking. The worst part, one of them doin notin while we fak other. On the other hand, in here (travel hotel), they both were busy!

While one doin d bottom part, other doin the upper. While one get fak, other lickin all other reachable part. Sunhole is no exception! BUT they WON'T DO any lesbian act!

Damage cost: 450.000 + tips

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