Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kuta Budget Massage Adventure - Rosalinda

Posted by Explorer

Went to a massage parlor to have a “massage”. The place is called Rosalinda and is situated in a small road next to Jl. Legian. If you have Double D in front of you then go left where you will see a building next to it. Next to that building there’s a small road with a sign of Rosalinda in the front. 30 meters further in that small road you will find Rosalinda on your left hand side.

Walked inside at about 1.30pm and there was only one girl but very cute looking, not bad at all. Name is Putu, 25 yo from Tanah Lot. Inside there are two massage tables separated with curtains with both a small fan. One hour massage with hand job cost 100k which I believe is not bad at all. Start doing the massage and want to finish me off. Asked her to go topless but she asked 100k xtra. After ten minutes of nego but still wanking my little brother she did it for 50k. Tit’s looked great with nice nipples. Touching, squeezing, kissing and licking, all was allowed.

You can have a shower after the finishing tough but don’t expect too much but it’s sufficient for me. Will I return, definitely although they have two more Rosalinda’s as I’ve heard. One on Nakula which is even possible to have a massage with BJ for 150k and there’s one on Bemo’s corner which is called Rosalinda Angel Spa or beauty salon that I will try out first if the girls look fine.

Looking forward to the reviews of other people that were there before or will be going. Maybe it’s a good address for Uncle G! :) Let me know Uncle that I payed too much or not after you went ok? Hahaha

Continued by Me in Rosalinda Nakula

Finally I've got a chance to give my shot..

Thanks to bro explorer to give this new adventure.. but mine wasn't good enough.. I live just 5 minutes away from jalan nakula, legian.. so I decided to go to this one instead.. I often pass this street but never notice there's a massage place called rosalinda..

So I went slowly.. I didn't find it for the first one.. I went again even more slowly.. then I found it.. it is just behind the big damn tree.. it should be around this google map coordinate -8.696681,115.16736.. Please use motor bike.. it's hardly any car spaces around..

I went inside.. it's a small dark place.. maybe 4 x 10?.. with 4 massage tables.. 1 small toilet.. no aircon.. there's about 6 girls at the front area.. which NONE OK.. one of them asked 100.000 for massage in an hour.. it's really expensive compare to other places around with the similar facilities.. but considering other bonus.. it might be cheap..

One of them stand up.. which I wished it's not going to be her doing the massage.. but it's just not my day.. it's her.. she was quite big.. from banyuangi.. massage was standard.. and hand job was too standard.. she asked for another 50.000..

I won't coming back to this place.. it's quite dirty place.. service was standard.. we can get a lot better service for 150.000..

I will try the one Explorer enjoyed next time.. will update later..


gary_xx said...

went to this Rosalinda last week, her name is Wendy from Jakarta. pay 200K for 1hr of massage + hj + bj. not sure whether i'm over paying or not....

UNCLE G said...

which rosalinda bro?

gary_xx said...

Uncle G...the Rosalinda at Jalan legian, Kuta...just before the Double D....the time I went Putu was doing massage for another guy so i picked this gal (wendy). so 200K is consider cheap? but the place is so so only...not really clean.

J said...

200k for a massage and a BJ!? You don't even want to know how much that costs where I live...

I'm off to Bali soon, and I am looking for a massage + BJ (penetration not necessary). The cheaper the better, as I would like to indulge daily :P

Can you recommend any cheap place with BJ other than Rosalinda? Looks aren't terribly important, I just love getting head!

I do, however, have one question... I am an absolutely big tit fetishist. Where can I find the biggest set of boobs in Bali? Again, I'm a purist, so size is more important than face/body (although I would prefer she wasn't obese). Cheers for the great blog.

darma said...

mr gary, can u spesific where is the place? its very difficult without clue, tks

dave said...

mamged to find thge double d eventually, for those of u lookin for it still it is a bar on the way out of Kuta heading towrds legian, on your right hand side.
wentinto the spa, and was meeted bby a girl offering massage for 100k i asked wat it was for and she said for massage and handjob.ok i went into booth curtains closed and i began strtippin off. three more girls appear and im offered choice. so choose slimmest and cutest lookin sorry cant remmeber name will get it next time. so lying on table another girl comes offers me two girls for 300k, not a good deal in my eyes.i negotiated and got two girls naked and blow job for 300k.
got they were in a rush to get the job done but i told them to wait as i wanted to make sure it wasnt wam bam and on my way. got them to take tops off, one nice perk tits, nipples responded to some gentle playin, othe girls a bit fuller but equally nice
eventually let them start and got them to take jeans off, they just pushed down to below knees, i was allowed to finger pussy and fondle tits but not lick
they took turns to suck i used a condom just personla preference, wen we finish they carry on massage but wasnt that good so i siad i would leave. i managed to arrange price for a fak next tine, 500k
so i will be goin back

UNCLE G said...

thanks for sharing bro.. really good info!

Steve said...

Dear Rama,It was a pleasure to have massage from your soft hands on my whole body and special massage on some parts of my body. I am now back in Australia but cannot forget your massage. Wish to come back again for the same massage. Do you want anything from Australia? Let me know, I shall bring it for you.... Steve

maincourse said...

Hi uncle-I will be in bali next week staying in Kuta-need a good place for massage plus plus-any names for me please?

Pooh said...

Dear Uncle G and all,
I still can't find where is Rosalinda (legian), and what is double D,..
would you help me,... to give cordinate at google maps?

UNCLE G said...

maincourse: kuta bugar..

pooh: easy bro.. i moderate the comment.. to many spam..
i'm not sure double d still exist now.. I'm not sure which road in google map either.. look at this map


I think is in one of the gang mangga..

10m from the main street on your left.. don't go to far..

Lembusora said...

Hi Uncle G,
I'm newcomers in Denpasar, work at one of company in bypass ngurah rau stay at Puri Gading.
Just fresh from the oven. Come from java without friends at all.
Googling and find your blog on the first page. Clicked and found so many wonderful experience.
Nice blogs actually..

UNCLE G said...

enjoy bali broo!

max said...

i will stay in Bali (Poppies Lane I), which massage center around the area offer good massage + extra service. most probably i will go for HJ.

max said...

UNCLE G, i will stay 2 days at kuta bali (Poppies Lane I)and i would like to know which massage center around the area and offer good massage + extra service. mostly probably i will go for HJ.

Uncle G said...

max: rosalinda should be too far from you.. i'm not sure with others massage around there.. they normally have xxx look.. but when we're in.. they totally different..

moza mess said...

went to rosalinda yesterday, i pay 300k only for massage + hj, maybe i will never back to rosalinda again. more better putri bali in extra service with only 250k

moza mess said...

went to rosalinda yesterday, i pay 300k for massage and hj. more better putri bali or cyntia massage in denpasar ( jl. p biak ) you get full service only for 250k

bhatt said...

will be staying at best western beach hotel from the 27 of dec to 3rd jan any recommendations for massage plus plus., uncle g.

bhatt said...

any recommendations near best western beach hotel fr massage plus plus

Unknown said...

I just discover your blog Uncle G, very interesting !

I've been today at 2pm to rosalinda :
- only 2 girls were there, one young 25yr i think but not very nice, the older one was quite cute 35yr.

- I asked for a massage, and after 10s she told me "with extra ?"
The place is little bit dark and small. the younger asked me to take off all my clothes and start the massage. after 2minutes the older one came also and they gave me massage, but not very nice one and too fast.

they were not very friendly, they didn't talk or smile.

after 20 minutes of massage, they asked me for HJ,and asked me how much I want pay.
So the massage was already 100k so I said 50k more. But after negotiation, I paid 200k for massage + HJ with 2 girls (topless and boobs touch).
The HJ was quite good, they know how to do it.

Finally I don't know if I can recommend this place, it was cheap, good HJ, but not enough friendly to be good...

Uncle G said...

thanks for sharing bro!

Unknown said...

is rosalinda on Jl.Legian still there?

Unknown said...

was there earlier this year, jump in any taxi and ask for happy ending they all know what it means, if that doesnt work ask to go royal palace in kuta i think it was 1.2 million for sex, that was the first place i went but didnt get any in it and went to another place called bali angel also in kuta about 15min down road looks dodgy when you go in to the carpark but was legit enough, they have a bar and a guy will come upto you and ask if you want massage or fuck for 1 million and he will call out about 20 girls and you pick then wait around for about ten mins then youll get taken up stairs to root you can have shower first and after with girl

terry said...

Hey everyone,

Heading back to Bali in a few months, will be based in Legian

Are the Rosilindas still there? the one on Nakula and the other one nearer to Kuta?

Just looking for happy ending stuff no full on sex.

look forward to your replies