Friday, January 7, 2011

Pelangi Bali - the x coffee shop in Tuban

Pelangi definitely one and the only "coffee shop" type of hooker place in Bali that I know of. I wrote an article about it last time when the club name was Up Heaven. The place, interior, location are still the exactly the same. Please refer to that my last article. Use the search field on the right, keyword up heaven.

This time I went on a saturday night. We got in from the small door at the back. A friend of mine is a regular, I'm not sure if others are allowed get in from the back. We then went up to the cafe area.

I saw some sexy dancers, 2 at the bar table, 2 in front of dj. We took the stand table just in front of the bar. A guy then approach us and asked if we needed anything.

Price list:

Private striptease: 400.000

Get fak: 480.000 short time

Ok then.. Let's get fak. But before that, we spent some times drinking, dancing, kissing at the cafe. Just till I felt good, then I went down to the execution room.

They closed at 2am now.

Blue Star Bali - Fun can be cheaper

If you like ladies companion type of fun, you might want to try this club called Blue Star. This club can be considered as a lower class type of entertainments. So many of them grow in urban area in Bali. Blue star is a better one among them.

Most of them play dangdut music. Blue Star however, play dance and some dangdut house type of music. Blue star has a hall like discotique, and some karaoke rooms. I thing about 4 or 5 rooms. I kept getting the same room when I was there. Their room were not too busy I guess. The room was good, complete with lcd tv, sound, lighting and more importantly toilet.

We got there about 11++ pm. So many girls (the ladies companion) at the front door. I took a scan look, none ring my bell. One girl approached us, and we asked for the karaoke room. She asked if we want to choose the girl. Of course we were! She then lead us inside passed the hall to the rooms. The hall is about 10 x 10 m size with some sofas and dance floor.

We're in the room for some time until girls joined us. I was suprised that they didn't sell whizky etc. They only served beer, black and white. What the hack, we ordered some big bottles of them. After some bottles, thing turned a little more fun and wild. A friend of us was lucky enough to have a really drunk girl. He got a nice come in mouth blow job at the toilet! I got nothing serious that night. What a pity!

I never saw foreigner and domestic tourist in this place. If you are one, be sure to bring local people, so you won't get robbed.

Things that I like about this place is cheap. 4 of us, 4 girls, many bottles of beers, some snacks, karaoke room for about 3 hours cost us 1.2 million only. Girls were lower profile, their mobile phone mostly between 1-2 million. They don't expect us to tips much.

Things that I DON'T like most was the people / guess. They all seem so criminal haha. Just had this unsecure feeling especially when I was at the hall.

Girls were mostly from east java. Don't compare to bosche, grahadi and other higher class club. You will get what you pay.

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