Friday, December 30, 2011

Bali X Map

So many people asked, what is the nearest spa massage sex etc to my hotel. So.. I've just finished adding some X points on google maps.

View Bali X Map in a larger map

Just search where your hotel location is on google maps, then put your hotel position to my map. that's it! Have fun!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow Angel by ReFreeze Mr T - Bali Massage

Another innovation by MR T, snow angel massage.. well.. the name doesn't tell us anything..

It's been a while since my last visit to reFreeze.. I noticed there were more people.. i meant the admin staffs.. last time only Mr T and another man.. I came around 11.30 AM weekdays.. FIY: they open 11 AM.. so many guess already!.. what a business!

The massage offered were 21 finger sensations for rp 350.000 and snow angel for rp. 300.000. I took the snow angel. I asked for the master: Cika or Suci, they all booked! The guy told me the second master: Sri and Yayak. Sri also booked, I've been with Yayak, didn't like it. So, I took the regular one.. K* seemed cute.

Massage started sideways. I slept with the whole body facing right hugging a pillow. So one leg, the top one, hugging the pillow which made my balls clearly visible. She started from the feet went up. The fun part when she massaged the ass leg dick area. The movement.. indescribable.. Finished one side.. continue to another side.. the ritual was the same..

The best part.. she asked me to stay on my hands and knees (doggy style).. I kinda surprised.. WTF.. she lowered my paper undies to my knee.. still in this position.. she started rubbing on the hole.. balls.. dick.. this was so damn nicee..

She then left me for about 10 minutes just to take a beer and told my chosen food. Why so long?.. anyway..  she came back with some pieces of watermelon, an orange juice and a beer.. big one.. I was laying on the bed.. she stood between my feet, shook the beer and boom.. sprayed all over my body.. After making fun of me.. haha.. continued the massage.. feet to tits end up with dick..

MR T.. can't wait for another senovation!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bidadari Biru - Beer Freeze Imitation - Bali Massage

Another sensational type of massage has opened in Bali. It's called Bidadari Biru (Google Maps: -8.677209,115.234222). The sign is HUGE, you wont miss it when you pass Jalan Tukad Yeh Aya. The location is better than Body Arum. It's not in the main road, but has to come in a little bit. Parking space just nice. Only the car wash opposite the front door alert me a little bit. lots of eyesss..

The place looked brand new, clean and smell nice. They use a notebook to show the girl pictures. I noticed that some of them look familiar.. Freeze and Body Arum graduate I guess. The "lobby" was quite small. There's no sofa, just 2 big bamboo seats instead. Water and teh botol were provided. After digging some info.. the most fav one was on the job.. I took the second fav one.. called I*

I went inside, there's 8 rooms. 4 left 4 right separated by plywood. The aircon temperature was just nice (important!). The light was just nice also. Each room has each own shower. Overall the place was good. Somehow this place look better than body arum and freeze (the old place). The new freeze place of course far better than this.

The ritual was the same as beer and freeze massage. I'll be brief here, for more describable view, search for beer and freeze massage on this blog. It started from the back. Focusing on the ass and hole area for quite some times, which was really damn nice, then continue lying down. When I saw her, I really felt that I know her. After some small talks, I found out she was S* in Freeze! She massaged me once or twice in Freeze and she remembered me also. The massage continued with focusing more on dicky and tits.

This was the only different part with other similar massages. The finishing section. She seat behind me and doing hj from behind. hmm.. quite a sensation..

Tips: 50.000 (unasked)
Official Cost: 200.000 (1 drink, no food)

let's wait for the next place! hopefully they are more innovative..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blowfish and Fave Hotel Surabaya

Continue my last visit in Surabaya..

I stayed in Fave Hotel Surabaya by the way.. It's a really nice budget hotel in perfect location.. It's just 5 minutes away from the biggest mall in Surabaya.. Tunjungan Plaza.. cost only 355.000 per night.. Blowfish night club just 1-2 floors up.. Thanks to google map.. I found this hotel without any difficulties.. It's inside kind of office or mall.. The lobby itself is in 5 floor (CMIIW) and it's really small one..

Looks funny ey.. I got a room at level 6.. heard some musics from the room.. I was told that they had party at the other club (not blowfish, forgot the name) in the building..

It's around 11.30 PM.. I went up to Blowfish.. they had a balinese party that night.. what a party hahaha.. all staffs wore balinese type of cloth.. complete with the jepun flower.. every table had a canang: an attribute for praying in bali.. the best thing.. the "marketing" and models wore beach type of cloth..

not to crowded at the time.. found a table, ordered some drink.. and a while later.. "Marketing" girl approached me.. we had some small talk about the club.. about me.. about her.. I asked her to come to bali next time and saved her bbm.. an investment!

Around 12++AM.. R2 sms me.. said that she's in the lift.. on the way up.. I met her just outside the entrance.. Hotel guest didn't need to pay for the entrance fee.. But still need to put the flower in my ear.. look so fakn ugly.. hahaha.. back to my table.. had some drinks.. dance.. I actually want to fak the "marketing" tonite.. but I guess saturday wasn't the right day.. she was so busy doing that small talk.. and I DON'T think she was fakable anyway.. let's fak what we had!..

Around 3 AM.. we're back to my room.. with some alcohols in our blood.. we repeated the fak session in Simponi.. Damn I miss R2!!.. Around 9 AM.. R2 woke me up saying that she need to go.. I gave her 1mil.. I was to sick to have a dickly "breakfast".. fakn cocktail!..

Tried to get more sleep.. till I saw a flyer near the phone.. they had room massage open at 9.. some strong massage seems niceee.. I gave a call.. and.. they had therapist available.. 15 minutes later.. a lady.. quite good looking.. she's just look a bit old.. i think early 30 or late 20.. I asked if she wanted me naked or wore my undi.. and she said: please take it off.. good sign!

Her massage was quite a strong one.. it's just what i need.. started prone.. from the feet went up to leg and ass.. she started to touch my balls.. getting more naughty when I raised my ass up.. after a while.. turn around plz.. (now lying down).. continue with the massage a bit.. and started the negotiation.. I told her that I had this headache every time I get up.. so she had to fak me all the way.. agreed! USD $100..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simponi Surabaya - The Perfect Foreplay

Just had a really blowing weekend in surabaya last week. Thanks to Wings Air for providing us a lovely cheap ticket from Bali to Surabaya. Although it took longer because it's not a jet plane CMIIW, but it was a comfortable flight. Arrived there about 15.00 and took my bro's car for a ride.

My first lusting destination was Simponi (google maps -7.259882,112.739446). It's really really hard place to find. The blackberry porn block made it even harder. I called 108 (directory service), there's no such name as simponi. Google told me from the article snapshot of one forum website, it's in jalan tunjungan 82. I can't enter the forum because of that blackberry porn block. Another information was from a friend. He told me to go in to a small street beside Hotel Majapahit.

The first turn I missed the number 82, so I made another turn and concentrated on the right side where the even number was.. found number 82.. I actually stopped for a minute.. But it was like a warehouse, totally didn't look like a place where you can fak a girl.. so I made my third turn.. I concentrated to the left.. until I saw Hotel Majapahit.. there's no street beside it.. I felt like giving up.. but WTF I made my last turn.. this time I concentrated to find the small street.. not beside Hotel Majapahit but further.. And I finally found it!.. it's about 50 - 100 meters from before Hotel Majapahit.. It's not really a small street, it's small complex of shops.. the street more likely as the entrance of the complex.. AND it's actually the opposite side of the number 82 !

Simponi is right on the rear corner.. You won't miss it.. that's the only shop alive in the area.. a big parking space at the rear complex..

I got in.. about 30 girls seat on the sofa.. some men seat on the 2 tables near the entrance.. I approached to a man on the bar.. seemed like he's the pimp.. I asked for the price (answered: Rp.600.000 per hour) and whether this place called simponi.. there's no any sign boards or anything.. just to make sure.. and the last but not the least of course.. which one had the most regular customer.. He pointed me R*.. body tall slim.. just nice.. face ok..

We're in the room 5 minutes later. Started with talking.. (nice person to talk).. bathing.. (nothing special).. licking.. (perfect !!.. she won't miss anything !!.. sunhole? dont worry..).. faking.. (nothing special, a bit loose.. or mine to small? aihh).. The fun part really the licking.. she's not in a hurry.. and she's not a fastidious type of girl either.. she ate everything.. it's like she tried to blow me before faking.. she put her best effort to get the job done.. highly recommended for foreplay lover..

I still had about 20 minutes time left.. I used it to get closer to her.. i asked her if she was ok to go with me tonite.. and bingo.. we'll meet at 12 am.. Simponi close at 12am..

to be continue..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bounty Bali - Night to Remember

When you had friends from out of Bali, you must bring them to Sky Garden. I can make sure that they will loveee it. I look like Sky Garden PR, don’t I? haha.. Well I love this club.. the crowds.. the performances.. the cheap drinks.. it’s just excelent mixtures..

About a month ago.. i showed some friends Bali night life.. we had dinner at Surya Cafe in Jimbaran beach.. the foods were really nice.. grill fish and prawn with traditional balinese sambal.. uh hot!.. and their staffs were just so friendly.. the best thing.. they allowed if we brought our own bottles of Johnny Walker

We went to Sky Garden after.. I think it was on wednesday night.. their vodka was on special.. 800.000 a bottle.. and we can use the entrace fee to add to our payment.. so we took that.. When you open bottle at Sky Garden.. the security will find you some seats at the spot you like.. we seat at the outdoor performance where the trance music was.. as usual.. it was really fun!

About 3am, we finished the bottles and moved to Bounty.. this was all the fun start.. Bounty is also famous with their oz crowd and cheap drinks.. We ordered some of their famous drinks.. I think the name is Rumba.. it’s a cocktail with (I THINK) balinese vodka or people here call it arak bali.. it’s cheap.. get us tipsy fast.. but it’s so painful the day after..

We found a table in the edge of the dance floor.. and not sure how.. i cant remember.. so drunk that time.. mixing a fully loaded “real” vodka body with “fake” vodka it’s really not a good idea.. 2 girls approached us.. we talked, danced and kissed.. i mean a real lusting kiss!.. she pushed her hands into my dick while we danced.. oh man.. I didn’t care a shit.. it felt like we own the dance floor..

She then asked if I wanted to go to her “apartment” and asked me to tip 500.000.. Of course I said BIG YES.. she then ride me on her motor bike.. we were then at her room.. I always like faking a girl in her room.. it’s just feel more comfortable, relax, intimate.. more like girl friend boy friend things.. we’re just like a crazy lusting porn star.. Me and her were 75% of our concious logic state..

My friend had his fun night at the hotel near by..

I really really enjoy our night.. it’s really really a night to remember..

Some tips:
Come to Bounty around 3am.. I think they are closed at 4am.. less competiton.. But if you have western look.. don’t worry.. girls love you..

Entrance fee: Rp. 50.000 for a beer

Friday, July 15, 2011

Night in Singapore - Orchard Road

Last week was Galungan holiday in Bali. It's a full 3 days of party for everyone like me but this time I spent the holiday in Singapore. It's kinda bored but.. I experienced something new..

Browsing in some famous singapore x forums, I got lots information about geylang and some freelances. FYI: Geylang is one of the best red district in Singapore. I didn't go to geylang this time, but I managed to get a freelance. For the last three trips, I kept getting east european girls and they all wasn't that good. Their look and services were just.. 5/10. Never trust photos!

This time I looked for Singaporean. But they all so expensive. There's one in my budget, but she didn't work at night. So.. tried to look for Korean.. But again.. none available.. oh man.. Well Thailand seemed promising.. I went to this website which I've got it from Sammyboy Forum. I only had like 4 hours free to fak around. I sms Frank the guy from thai beautiful.

U: any available? .. like now?
F: yes we have selena in 30 minutes
U: you have any pictures of her?
F: (he gave the web address above), she is really cute, good service.. I really recommend her..
U: ok.. where about?
F: you go to tanjong pagar MRT.. snip snip.. sms me when you get there..
U: ok

I arrived there in time but what the fak.. my blackberry hang! just after the third reboot, I could use it for sms.. and it took like 20 minutes! next time I'll bring my very old basic nokia phone! anyway..

U: I'm here..
F: press (some numbers) at the door..

It's an apartment.. or singaporean like to call it condo.. it's a nice one.. a cute girl opened the door for me.. well she certainly look better than her photos.. she spoke english a little but she could understood me with little body languages.. What I like was we were so relax.. I didn't have feeling of rushing like what I felt when having those european girls.. I seat around her condo.. had some drinks..

Her service was good.. slow but sure.. and the good thing.. you have two shoots for sgd150.. Well as Mr Frank said.. she is recommended!

ok enough of FL.. this was my new adventure.. in Orchard Road, Singapore..

Orchard road is known as singapore main shopping hub. Lot's of hotels, malls as well as sluts. Yes, they are! I didn't know about these orchard sluts until last week. I dunno why I never read about this in the forum above. I think locals don't come here.

When I wanted to get a taxi from grand hyatt, I saw two girls walk out from Brix and queued taxi just behind me. Brix is a night club in Grand Hyatt Hotel. They have bright skin, full make up and of course young and pretty. They were Vietnamese. I love Vietnamese! After some chit chat shit, I asked if they wanted to go to Clarke quay. And here we go. We have some foods and beers until they said they had to go. What !?

I began to wonder. What was these girls really want. I wanted to ask about price, but I'm afraid they were not hooker which then I'll miss the opportunity to fak them haha. So I spent the rest of the night fakless.

Next day (wednesday) I asked if I can meet her. Then she told me to go to Orchard Tower at late night. Good sign! I went to orchard tower around 11 PM wednesday night. Wednesday night is an important night in Singapore. Clubs in orchard rd area and mostly in Singapore have their ladies night on Wednesday..

Arrived at Orchard Tower, then I began getting the idea that she was a hooker. How stupid! Orchard Tower is such an amazing place. Full of hookers! If you met any girls in Orchard Tower at night, I bet 99% she is a hooker. BTW, around 11:30pm she texted me if I can go to brix instead. Then I went there. It's a 25sgd entrance fee that night. I met her, she was alone near the toilet. oh man.. so sexy.. and well she was a hooker.. We danced and kissed as what lusting couple do..

Brix is packed with foreigners mostly not from asian countries.. I didn't see any singaporean there.. it's a nice little club.. very exclusive.. people came with suits, nice cloths..

I saw so many girls (of course hookers) similar quality with the one with me.. tall, bright skin, young and pretty. They were mostly Vietnamese. Some were Mongolian. Rate was 1000sgd over night. So expensive mate! However I managed to get my girl for 300sgd for short time.

On my way to hotel.. I had a really informative taxi driver.. here's some clue from him

Go on wednesday for ladies night. This is the best time for hunting. The idea is more girls than boys while on weekend there will be more boys than girls. Other days are quite.

If you have big budget, then go to brix. You'll get nice lady on a really high price (1000 sgd). Brix close at 3 am. So for those girls who are not booked, they will go to living room night club at Marriott Hotel.. just like 25m from Brix.. Living room close at 5am.. After living room, girls will go to Orchard Tower.. So for a really bargain pussy.. you can go to orchard tower at 5+..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bali Sensational Escort

NOTE: guys.. i think the pimp is no longer following this post.. please have a look at the comments from this post..

Sensation! That's what it's all about.

Pussies.. they are all similar. I feel a little bored recently paying girls for some quick fak. I look for different so called sensation. Escort girls!

Last sat nite, I was free after 11pm. I called the pimp on fri, if anyone available on sat nite. And yes 1 available.

So.. I picked the girl up around 12am on sat.. Normally they come to your hotel.. But since I stay here and I won't let them come to my place.. This is the only choice left for me..

She was a very nice girl from west java area. She's tall, light skin, body quite big but not fat, look like chinese but she's not.. A very typical west java girl..

We wanted to go to akasaka.. One of disco club in Denpasar.. It was full.. Can't find any parking spaces.. So we moved to Blue Eyes.. Another disco club in sanur area.. The crowd was ok.. They're having live soccer match for the final champion league..

We had some drinks and dances as a lovely couple.. kissing.. light touching.. fingering.. It was quite dark.. And our place was right in the black spot.. This is why we have to pay more..

After she had 2 glasses of hmm fak I can't remember the name.. Those girls drink.. She started getting a little wilder.. But I can't find any darker spott!.. So we left..

We continued our "journey" in the car for a little while.. And finally got a room around sanur.. And let the journey finish..
The night was complete if MU won the game.. But anyway.. We went to mc d after the game and "game" of course.. And headed home..

you can leave your email address at the comment.. If you want this kind of service.. Hopefully.. Some pimps will contact you..

The cost:
For indonesian: 1.5 mil rupiah
Foreigner: 2.5 mil rupiah

It's not a 24hr escort.. It's more likely half day service.. Morning to afternoon.. Night to morning.. I took the night to morning service..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

21 Finger Sensation - Bali

Another sensational "manifest" by Mr. T

Called Mr. T and check if any rooms available. Please always do this if you don't want to waste your time. It always FULLLLL !!

So I arrived in the old Freeze. One of the girl took me to 21 Finger Sensation. It's about 5 minutes away from the old Freeze. The place is a lot better than the old Freeze. It consists about 6 rooms (CMIIW). Yes it's a room with private toilet and own air cond. The room is really nice.

21 means 20 fingers of 2 girls of 1 "finger" of our own. Well I was told by the girls. Not sure if this is right? 2 girls greeted me when I came inside. Gave me the black paper underwear. So the massage begun. As it is in Freeze, they more focused on my sensitive area. They spent 75% of time there. The massage style was exactly the same as Freeze. It was really nice feeling of 4 hands doing of my 2 super sensitive parts.

It cost 350.000 include food and drink, which I think a little expensive for the kind of service. I prefer enjoying Freeze.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

3some Travel Hotel Jakarta

Oh mannn.. Just finished my 3some night at travel hotel jakarta 5 minutes ago.. I even forgot to ask their name.. Wtf.. But this was what I did.. I approached the pimp.. and asked for 2 girls.. And making sure they really damn wild.. Then I gave some tips to the pimp..

It was nothing like having 3some in sanur before.. Both were actively finding some sex to do..

Some years back, I had my first 3some in sanur, bali. It wasn't really exciting. The fun part was I had someone watching me while faking. The worst part, one of them doin notin while we fak other. On the other hand, in here (travel hotel), they both were busy!

While one doin d bottom part, other doin the upper. While one get fak, other lickin all other reachable part. Sunhole is no exception! BUT they WON'T DO any lesbian act!

Damage cost: 450.000 + tips

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kuta Budget Massage Adventure - Rosalinda

Posted by Explorer

Went to a massage parlor to have a “massage”. The place is called Rosalinda and is situated in a small road next to Jl. Legian. If you have Double D in front of you then go left where you will see a building next to it. Next to that building there’s a small road with a sign of Rosalinda in the front. 30 meters further in that small road you will find Rosalinda on your left hand side.

Walked inside at about 1.30pm and there was only one girl but very cute looking, not bad at all. Name is Putu, 25 yo from Tanah Lot. Inside there are two massage tables separated with curtains with both a small fan. One hour massage with hand job cost 100k which I believe is not bad at all. Start doing the massage and want to finish me off. Asked her to go topless but she asked 100k xtra. After ten minutes of nego but still wanking my little brother she did it for 50k. Tit’s looked great with nice nipples. Touching, squeezing, kissing and licking, all was allowed.

You can have a shower after the finishing tough but don’t expect too much but it’s sufficient for me. Will I return, definitely although they have two more Rosalinda’s as I’ve heard. One on Nakula which is even possible to have a massage with BJ for 150k and there’s one on Bemo’s corner which is called Rosalinda Angel Spa or beauty salon that I will try out first if the girls look fine.

Looking forward to the reviews of other people that were there before or will be going. Maybe it’s a good address for Uncle G! :) Let me know Uncle that I payed too much or not after you went ok? Hahaha

Continued by Me in Rosalinda Nakula

Finally I've got a chance to give my shot..

Thanks to bro explorer to give this new adventure.. but mine wasn't good enough.. I live just 5 minutes away from jalan nakula, legian.. so I decided to go to this one instead.. I often pass this street but never notice there's a massage place called rosalinda..

So I went slowly.. I didn't find it for the first one.. I went again even more slowly.. then I found it.. it is just behind the big damn tree.. it should be around this google map coordinate -8.696681,115.16736.. Please use motor bike.. it's hardly any car spaces around..

I went inside.. it's a small dark place.. maybe 4 x 10?.. with 4 massage tables.. 1 small toilet.. no aircon.. there's about 6 girls at the front area.. which NONE OK.. one of them asked 100.000 for massage in an hour.. it's really expensive compare to other places around with the similar facilities.. but considering other bonus.. it might be cheap..

One of them stand up.. which I wished it's not going to be her doing the massage.. but it's just not my day.. it's her.. she was quite big.. from banyuangi.. massage was standard.. and hand job was too standard.. she asked for another 50.000..

I won't coming back to this place.. it's quite dirty place.. service was standard.. we can get a lot better service for 150.000..

I will try the one Explorer enjoyed next time.. will update later..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bali x Numbers

Some numbers I spot in Bali Post Newspaper recently. Pics of the ads are uploaded in photobucket.

Enjoy Massage with Young Girls: 081.337.016608
On Call Thai Body Massage by Merry: 081.999.396368
Delivery Massage to everywhere: 081.999.450204 / 0852.4818.6288
Body Massage by Sansan: 081.999.343089
Shella Massage 24 hr Rp.50.000 / hr: 081.214.552.9019 / 081.933.100469

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pelangi Bali - the x coffee shop in Tuban

Pelangi definitely one and the only "coffee shop" type of hooker place in Bali that I know of. I wrote an article about it last time when the club name was Up Heaven. The place, interior, location are still the exactly the same. Please refer to that my last article. Use the search field on the right, keyword up heaven.

This time I went on a saturday night. We got in from the small door at the back. A friend of mine is a regular, I'm not sure if others are allowed get in from the back. We then went up to the cafe area.

I saw some sexy dancers, 2 at the bar table, 2 in front of dj. We took the stand table just in front of the bar. A guy then approach us and asked if we needed anything.

Price list:

Private striptease: 400.000

Get fak: 480.000 short time

Ok then.. Let's get fak. But before that, we spent some times drinking, dancing, kissing at the cafe. Just till I felt good, then I went down to the execution room.

They closed at 2am now.

Blue Star Bali - Fun can be cheaper

If you like ladies companion type of fun, you might want to try this club called Blue Star. This club can be considered as a lower class type of entertainments. So many of them grow in urban area in Bali. Blue star is a better one among them.

Most of them play dangdut music. Blue Star however, play dance and some dangdut house type of music. Blue star has a hall like discotique, and some karaoke rooms. I thing about 4 or 5 rooms. I kept getting the same room when I was there. Their room were not too busy I guess. The room was good, complete with lcd tv, sound, lighting and more importantly toilet.

We got there about 11++ pm. So many girls (the ladies companion) at the front door. I took a scan look, none ring my bell. One girl approached us, and we asked for the karaoke room. She asked if we want to choose the girl. Of course we were! She then lead us inside passed the hall to the rooms. The hall is about 10 x 10 m size with some sofas and dance floor.

We're in the room for some time until girls joined us. I was suprised that they didn't sell whizky etc. They only served beer, black and white. What the hack, we ordered some big bottles of them. After some bottles, thing turned a little more fun and wild. A friend of us was lucky enough to have a really drunk girl. He got a nice come in mouth blow job at the toilet! I got nothing serious that night. What a pity!

I never saw foreigner and domestic tourist in this place. If you are one, be sure to bring local people, so you won't get robbed.

Things that I like about this place is cheap. 4 of us, 4 girls, many bottles of beers, some snacks, karaoke room for about 3 hours cost us 1.2 million only. Girls were lower profile, their mobile phone mostly between 1-2 million. They don't expect us to tips much.

Things that I DON'T like most was the people / guess. They all seem so criminal haha. Just had this unsecure feeling especially when I was at the hall.

Girls were mostly from east java. Don't compare to bosche, grahadi and other higher class club. You will get what you pay.

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