Friday, September 17, 2010

Freeze Massage - Pijat Salju

Another sensational massage has just arrived in Denpasar. It opened about 3 months ago. Location is in Jalan Tukad Batanghari. Google Maps:-8.681451,115.229802. Please look for the sign Massage Salju on the west side.

I heard this massage a while ago from a friend who live nearby. From his info, I know the massage will be very similar with The Legendary Beer Massage. So I went there and a bit surprise when I saw the same person as the manager. I asked if this is the branch, but it isn't. It's different owner. This place has the same concept with Body Arum. Ground floor is salon complete with some foot massage chairs. First floor is for the body massage. Because he knew my purpose of coming, he shown me the freeze massage "menu" only. He didn't mention if they have other kind of massage.

The massage place is relatively small. There's only 1 vip room. The rest about 3 massage rooms, sharing 1 aircon. The vip room was occupied, so I don't what's inside. There's only 1 bathroom for the 3 rooms. The bathroom was kind of dirty. It's not like a 100rb+ massage kind of place. They should do something about that. And their generator was kind of loud. This is everyones' problem. Hopefully they get their electricity soon.

A girl, look nice, good body was introduced being my massasue. From the way she talk, even though she tried her best to drop it out, I think she is from eastern Indonesia. But she looked nice ok (6/10). The routine was the same. The freeze oil is so cold, but it gave a different sensation. Good enough for me. The massage is very similar with beer massage. Please read that if you haven't. But I feel better sensation in beer massage. The touch and rhythm was just right in beer, here it's a bit less. I think because they just opened and learned doing it? This is more to the girl than the place, isn't it?.

This place was a lot more straight forward when doing the hand job. She was ok when I opened my sexy paper underwear. She didn't allow me to touch, but viewing and kissing ok. But again, it depends on the girl. I heard from some friends, Suci didn't want to do hand job. Others is wild enough to be topless.