Friday, August 13, 2010

Surabaya Playmates

Begin my journey to SITOS. A really nice place for night gigs in Surabaya, a lot of choices of bar, resto, cafe and disco. I went on thursday night around 11 PM. Went inside to some places there. Just 1 or 2 tables was filled. None good!

Then we moved to Tunjungan area. First we went to top ten. I remembered about 20 years ago I went to this place. I remembered I watched a really pretty chinese singer with my dad. I was like a really nice show. But WOW, now it transformed to a xtc kind a place: dark, really loud, dangdut house kind of music, dirty. And people there didn't look friendly. I drank a glass of beer then walked out. It's a low class club now.

Then we went up to coyote. It's a lot lot better. RnB music, clean and sexy dancer always on the stage. They kept changing the dancers every 15 minutes. I think the dancers were mixed, thai and indonesian. Some of them were pretty but booked! After some times we felt enough and about to go back home when the waiter told us that there was one more club similar except no outside girls allow to enter the club. Seems challenging!

The waiter took us there. Soon we saw Playmates. Cool name! The club was right beside coyote, one entrance with coyote. This club was for man only. I should have taken the picture. When you see pretty girls, you'll start to forget if you have some loans and camera. All the girls inside were working there as dancers or lc (ladies companion) and waiter of course. So basically you can nego with all girls you see in this club. LCs were sit right beside the entrance door.

We opened a bottle of chivas. We were given a table inside the cubical. Others can hardly saw what we were doing inside. The dancers followed us inside. We were out of number with the dancer. So I took 2! We started to drink drank kiss touch etc.. you know the routine but no fak. It was a lot of fun. I definitely will come back.

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