Monday, July 26, 2010

Gang Dolly Surabaya - The Largest Number of Whores in South East Asia

Gang Dolly is named after a lady from Holland opened a house of xxx in this small street. Gang means small street in Indonesia. Dolly is the name of the Gang. In this small street, there is no other things than pussy seller. They're like aquariums with lot lot of girls. Some of them arrange their place as bar so you can seat with the girls.

I went there about a week ago at night time, around 11 PM. Parking was easy. Parking is another profitable business here than pussy. Walking down the street, there are a lot of girls, but NONE ring my dick. fak. I entered some places and actually seat there to see more details.

The price ranged from 70.000 - 200.000. 200.000 was called primadona which means the idol. oh man.. I can tell you, even the primadona looked shit. The body was ok, but the face, oh man.. Most places offered 70.000 - 100.000. The girls were quite old, fat and ugly. Maybe I'm just unlucky? hmm

In conclusion, I won't waste my time to dolly again. Tretes is a lot better! It's just about 1+ hour driving at night. Yeah of course you pay more. Dont go during the day time, the traffic is crazy in the mud (porong) area. Read this also.

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