Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Body Arum .. You can't get better than this!

Finally finally!

Delta kinda place has finally arrive in Bali.. Body Arum.. It's even better!

I've been to this place about 3-4 times before. Please read my other articles about this place. The first time I came, I loved the sensational feeling from the sensational massage.

The second time, I loved the touch by beer massage. But both had no ending! So I started to forget about this place. The touch was really good, but no ending ?! It didn't feel good.

Thanks for sam who has made a comment in my last article. I began to wonder. So yesterday I came, wow! BIG WOW! The same kinda beer touch, and the ending was great. Yes, there was a HJ ending. The HJ was really great, soft and gentle. It's feel good! The management really listen to their customers' demand.

I really recommend this place!

Just one small thing, they should invest a bit more on the toilet and air con. Putting a nice shower and more air con would makes us more comfortable. Hope the management will read this blog. Keep it up!

Added 4/5:

Just found out from a friend, his girl didn't do this. Fakn strange?! I might just get lucky? Hmmm..

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smk said...

Hello Bali expert
Your blog is a Outstanding it encourage me to visit Bali , I chick out the villas and they look fantastic
But I have a few question if you don’t mind
1- I like to stay in privet with inclusive swimming pool …etc
2- So the erotic vacation become more interesting
3- How I could find a good villa and pamper myself with in villa erotic massage
4- And how I could fill the villa with girls to party 24\7
5- I hope I don’t bother you but maybe you right a post like a "guide to stay in villa and have party "
6- Best regard to you all

UNCLE G said...

Hi bro..

For villa, you could browse around some websites such as www.indo.com, www.balivillas.com. They are two biggest companies here for villa reservations.

For girls.. when you have the date to come here.. let me know.. I'll contact my pimpy friends..

thanks for the idea (sex party guide) bro.. that's a really good idea..

Bryan said...

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Bilel said...

Hi, your blog is very inteesting. I just arrived in Bali for 2 days, I am doing an internship in Seminyak (Kuta) and I am going to stay 6 months. The place looks great and this is only the begining !
Would you have some tips to find girls in Seminyak or do I have to go to Kuta ?
Thank you

UNCLE G said...

please bit more specific.. which girls?

BBR said...

I am looking for Massage Plus / Sex Massage; I have seen near to my place between Kerobokan and Seminyak in Raya Kerobokan road but How to know if they are used to offer tips ?
Thank you
Best regards

UNCLE G said...

just ask her bro.. she won't harm you in anyway.. hihihi

BBR said...

lol ok let's try ;-)

bad3dabone said...

does body arum have "human aquarium" style to choose the girls like star bugar jaya?

bad3dabone said...

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Nuruma said...

visited B.A. Renon two weeks ago.

massaged by ana. Small girl, really friendly, and has a very gentle touch if not a bit tickling. Really hard for me to not to be 'hard' all the times. :)

I've read some comments about Superman Style. You can ask Ana, she knows how to do it. At first she didn't know what I meant, and after I explained - everything was perfect. If she didn't recall the 'Superman' keyword, just tell her how. :)

Bob said...

Great site.
I am staying in Kuta in Poppies Lane 2 in early June. Any suggestions where I could go to get nice girl discretly.

k101 said...

Hi Uncle,
I am going to be staying at the Palm Hotel and want to know where the nearest massage or girls are.

kuks said...

Hey bro<
I am going to bali for 4 nts and looking for a very beautiful escort to make my stay comfortable, kindly suggest the best place or site to catch up with. Best Rgds

UNCLE G said...

have a look at this bro..


petej1957 said...

went to body arum yesterday and had a great time .. its been a year since last visit and girls have changed but still very nice girls with great smiles and great beer massage..very clean and lovely experience..sooo sensual and erotic.. and all in a happy enviroment..will go again in 2 days

Rikardus said...

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nel said...

They got a fb page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-Arum-Spa/119984558015950

And pics of the girls!

Explorer S said...

Hi Uncle G and fellow bloggers
have read all your interesting advice n postings. Very comprehensive indeed.
I will b flying in to Bali on 25th Nov n will b staying at Kuta beach. Am interested to try exotic massage with full extra service. Any latest joints to irecommend to have a good n memorable time.
Can u let me have the number to contact when i am in Bali.
Explorer S

dizzy said...

uncle G

shot me an email. would like to chat about my next visit to bai


and if you could delete this post as you read it that would be good cheers

adam said...

Uncle G.. Staying at grand mirage in Nusa Dua.. Are the any happy ending massage parlours in nusa dua ? Also any human aquarium sex +massage places in nusa dua? Thanks in advance Uncle

Euch said...

hey I'm coming next week to bali. Can you send me nice girl big boobs?

email me on euch.hunt@gmail.com


sahil said...

Planning to visit Bali this June Jus b'coz of the temptations these blogs showered.
Please guide me where i can get young freelancers and a nice place to stay.

edogawa2000 said...

Damn, i still can't found this place.
can somebody tell me where?
is it near sahara cafe or hardys supermarket or nirwana apartment ?


Neel said...

Hi Uncle, I am visiting bali (Kuta) next month...
would u mind refering some of the champ girls to me? may be u can ask ur pimpy friends....lol
inbox me on pavp.79@gmail.com

Bunjamin Noor said...

Uncle G,

Any place in Bali that can give an erotic couple massage for my girlfriend and I?


Unknown said...

In Bali right now.
Looking for female message services that is willing to come to the hotel.

Any recommendations?