Friday, April 30, 2010

Putri Massage at Jalan Cargo Denpasar

I don't like having massage in Denpasar area. One because of the facilities such as dirty room, air cond not cool enough, etc. Two because of their girl collections. But sometime, you just don't have enough time to go to Kuta area. (FYI: I work in Denpasar area)

So I decided to try this place. Google Map: -8.626678,115.195684. Right behind the petrol station. The location is just nice. The access is from the small street beside the petrol station. About 50m inside.

Girls' pictures were on the table. There were about 8 - 10 girls. I saw some of them when I parked the car. They were mostly huge *iiih* and didn't look good. From my experience, pictures always lie! Usually small talk will give me better idea.

Me: which one is the favourite?
Pimp: All are the same, this one is good, this one is good (pointing to most pictures)
Me: which one has the most customer?
Pimp: All are the same, this one, this one (again fakn pointing to most pictures)

I was thinking, sht this guy really cant help!

Me: hmm.. which one is the youngest and second youngest?
Pimp: pointing to 2 pictures
Me: hmm.. which one is slim?
Pimp: pointing to 1 picture
Me: how about these 2 (I pointed to the two youngest above)
Pimp: quite big
Me: how old is this? (I pointed to the slim one)
Pimp: 20s
Me: Ok, I take her. (sorry I can't remember her name)

So.. she came in to the room. Oh lucky!.. she was OK! Body was good. Face was OK. Massage began and finished with fakn. The pussy.. WOW.. (9/10) I think she doesn't get fak very often.

Cost 50 (massage) + 150 (tips)


bali said...

hello Sir,

Please give me better directions for this place I am interested in trying!! I have been going to ANGEL Saloon in kuta alot you have to go back there again it is good stuff there now.
Here are my Blow Points!
Ayu - age 30, experience nice small framed body, Tight pussy but good service

Dita -ade 19, small java girl

Wati - age 25, let you do what ever you want the best service

few more good one but forgot there names!

Dont try Merry she is crap!

UNCLE G said...

cool! thanks for your info.

If you go from Kuta, take Jalan Imambonjol heading north. Then turn left (west) to Jalan Gunung Soputan. Then turn right (north) to Jalan Mahendradata (big road). Just follow the road heading north.

After you'll see Jalan Buluh Indah still heading north. Then you'll see Jalan Cargo still heading north. Look for petrol station on the right (east). Follow the small road beside the petrol station. You'll see the sign.

Theo said...

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petej1957 said...

hey there bali ...going to bali may 28 for a month..can you tell me where angel salon in kuta is please..

UNCLE G said...

hi bro.. please read here..

edika said...

Uncle G i have call Puri Bunga relaxation as your post before from local news paper,the receiption just say the girl 18-19 yr old.did you have any exp with them ?,i have trip to bali next week.

UNCLE G said...

dunno bro.. never come to puri bunga.. let's us know if you finally go there :)

jack said...

Hello UNCLE G, is putri bali massage at cargo street still exist?
i live around cargo street, and i wanna try to go there,
please reply UNCLE,

GionaB said...

Hi HUNCLE G, me too l want know if PUTRI MASSAGE still exist now and if l can sure have a extra massage whit every girl, GFE?? and if in "Behind Sobek Rafting , number 10X. varied east and west java. Price 160.000,- [added 01.06.11]" GFE?? l can get a room or just pik up girl, or if u know a place l can choise l girl and get a room..... let me know please
P.S. ur blog its fantastic, userful, THANKS 4 all the sextips

UNCLE G said...

gionab: sorry bro.. im not quite sure what you mean.. 10x is girls house.. you've got to find a room in hotel nearby.. ask the guy there to pick you up to 10x to get the girls..