Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another European Night in Singapore

Just had another eastern europe experience in singapore. This time the
"victim" was a girl from Ukraine named Cathrine.

I was amaze by her pictures in the sammyboy forum. She looked really
gorgiourus like a barbie doll. Actually I looked for her in my earlier
visit but she wasn't in Singapore. But I felt really lucky, she is
here now.

After finishing all my regular jobs, I texted the pimp on saturday
nite around 9, if she was availble anytime soon. And she was and we're
going to meet in 1 hour. I started to wonder, it's saturday night and
she didn't have any guests? Maybe it's my lucky day.

The hotel was Orchard Parade hotel. Quite a nice hotel around Hard
Cafe area. So I was here and ready to fak.

First thing, the face is a lot lot lot better in the picture. But
still ok, say 6/10. Big and hard boobs. Pink nipples (can their
nipples become black ?).

Second thing, I wanted to smoke just to relax before the execution
since I saw a lot cigarretes on the table. But I couldn't find my
lighter. I asked her for a lighter, she wasn't even try to look and
said: I don't have. Then how she smoke, I was thinking. Rushing?

Third, I tried to open some conversations, but she seems that she
can't understand english.

The fak was normal. In conclusion: pictures lie, attitude no good, fak ok.

Cost 150 all.

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