Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore - Awesome Service Alina

Just had three incredible nights in Singapore. What a country! I can hardly recognise the area I used to work in 2001. The development is just so fast and huge.

I didn't have plenty time to browse around Geylang area that night, so I decided to get a freelance girl. Browsing around in my old favourite Sammyboy Forum, I found a perfect choice. I always love eastern europe type of girl. My choice was Cathrina from ukraine. The photo was just amaze me. But what a hell, she was not in Singapore! A friend of mine already recommended me with Angel a while ago, a russian who had a super blow job. But again, she was not in Singapore too! what the FAK! So I started browse around using my blackberry which was really not fun.

There was only one euro girl I saw in the FL section, Alina, the face was just not acceptable to me, but what the fak. In the forum I saw the mobile number that I could sms. I sms to the pimp and arranged the faking time at 11 PM. I was told that the place would be in Holiday Inn Hotel, Somerset Area. Room number would be sms to me when I got there.

I got there about 10.45 and got the sms around 10.50. The room was on the 4th floor.

Next, I came inside the room. She looked like she was going to seduce me. She pushed me to the bed and started kissing me around. After nothing on, she pulled me to the shower and she bathed me and did some blow job as well. The rest continued as what it had to be..

After the show ended.. she drag me to her computer (sht I just noticed that her computer was on and facing bed, I might be a victim in internet live faking? haha).. then she asked me to do something which I couldn't really understand. She spoke english very bad. Later on I knew she asked me to write a field report in the forum. ahhh..

The service was good. Interface was so so. Cost 150 all included.

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