Monday, January 25, 2010

Akasaka One Stop Entertainment @ Denpasar Bali

Just went to Akasaka last 2 weeks. It's a new wording: One Stop Entertainment. I think last time is only Bar and Karaoke (CMIIW). Well it's a while ago. I haven't to this place years. It has karaoke, restaurant and discotheque. The karaoke is famous with the quality of its girls.

I went there at about 11.30 PM on Saturday. I remember watched soccer game between MU and Birmingham. I went inside the parking space and it's full. But fortunately, they have vallet parking service. Then I went to the discotheque, paid Rp. 60.000,- entrance fee (I don't really remember how much). I then changed the ticket with a glass of beer. The place was empty. Only about 2-3 tables were filled. Live band on the stage, but not quite performing. A bit boring, so I just sat down watching my fav soccer team.

About 12.00 AM, girls started to come. Group by group. I watched them closely if there was any good. They sat in corner back left. Just on my left side. Then not for long after that, the lady pimp approached me and asked whether I wanted to accompany by a girl or two. I said ok. The price was Rp. 250.000,- per 5 hours. That's the minimum cost. After window shopping from my table and some advices from the pimp, I chose one of them.

She was so bitchy! Sorry I forgot her name, fak! Important tip: Always listen to what the pimp say. We ordered some drinks, dancing, lap dancing also. The place was dark enough to do some rubbing and touching. That's about it in Akasaka Discotheque. More x stuffs you have to do it outside.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Graha Spa - Semarang

Just got back from Yogyakarta last nite. Went from Bali on 21 Jan 10 07:00 GMT+8 by Mandala Airlines. Ticket was only 319.000. Good deal, isn't it? Landed in Yogya at 07:00 GMT+7. Yogya time is 1 hour delay than Bali time. I rented a car with the driver from Malsa Transportindo before the day. The driver: Mr Rendy was really a good driver. I didn't get road sickness (CMIIW) at all. I took the Avanza. Total cost for 2 days (36 hr) is Rp. 650.000. Fuel Rp. 250.000 (yogya - solo - kudus - semarang - yogya - purworejo - yogya). And some tips.

After doing some works at Kudus, I decided to go to Semarang. It was nothing in Kudus. I mean there's no sign of pleasure. It took about 1 hour to get to Semarang from Kudus. I was luckly, there was no traffic which normally happen. It's been like 20 years since the last time I came here. Reading some reports in forums, seems like Graha Spa was one of the best there. Some of them says it's like Delta Spa. Uhuu.. really miss Delta Touch! Why isn't someone open Delta Spa in Bali?

Ok finally I arrived in Graha Spa. From the main entrace it looked good, elite. I was asked to select the room. Three types of room: no toilet (forgot around 2xx.000), with toilet small bathup (Rp. 365.000), with toilet big bathup (Rp. 390.000). I can't remember the name. It's very similar, like vip, sweet, sweet deluxe, things like that. So I took the most expensive one.

I was given locker number 12. Put my stuffs in, then I enjoyed the whirpool, steam and sauna. Then I went upstair. No pictures of girls, only numbers. So I asked for the most famous one. The one who has the most customers. Then I was taken to a room with sofa and tv. They provided some foods. Yes you can take them for free. These were really foods, big one, not snack.

Then I went to the room. It's very simiar with Delta, except the bathroom. I layed on the floor instead of massage table. A girl came in. First look, she was ok, she really knew how to do a make up. She wore a short skirt. I suddently felt I came to the right place. The girl was very friendly, talk much but nice. Her name was Ida / Inem. When I asked her name, she kept saying her name was Inem, but when she talked about herself, she kept mention Ida. Not a good lyer I guess. She was number 02. I took all my cloths off and the massage begun. During the massage, some times I touch her leg, and she was OK. Good sign!

I was waiting for the superman kind of massage which I described in the Delta article. But there was none. She asked me to turn over. Ohh man.. bit disappointed. Then massage continued as usual and ended with a hand job. She bathed me in the bathup. Rubbing all parts of my body. Felt like a baby boy or a KING. If you took the cheapest room, you won't get this bath service. Be alert! She didn't ask any tips. The girl was very very nice.

Tips: Rp. 200.000,-
Massage Cost: Rp. 450.000,-

Google Maps: -6.974437,110.414228

Jl. Imambonjol 122 - 124, Semarang. 024.3566586 / 87.