Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Batam Another Indonesian Sex Paradise

When I lived in Singapore, I liked to travel around. Singapore is the richest country in SE Asia. When you receive Singapore Dollar, and spend it outside Singapore such as Malaysia and Indonesia, you will have double pleasure. Almost all pleasures were cost half of them in Singapore.

One place I like to travel is Batam. In my first visit, since I dunno anything about Batam, I took a city tour from the ferry terminal. I was taken to some tourist area which was quite boring. The tour guide seemed to understand me. He soon became my best friend there. After finished the city tour, we dropped all the passenger to their hotel, we continued exploring some red areas. We went around from one place to others. According to him each place had 200 - 500 girls. And that time, I was late, girls were booked out!. After round and round found 2 girls but they seem so tired and not feeling well. But what the hack, I won't spend my night alone here. It cost me like 50 SGD (in 2000) for one whole night. I had the other girl also for the guide.

Then the guide took me to a hotel which was within my budget. We got fak, dinner, disco and fak. Well the girl wasn't nice, she's just too tired. I didn't think she had a sleep last night. In the morning we have another session.

It was more fun the second time I went there. Some days before I went there, I called the guide to prepare me with the girls. When I got there, everything was ready. And the girls of course were so much better. I'm sorry I lost his contact, but you'll find a lot of them in Batam.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Freeze Massage - Pijat Salju

Another sensational massage has just arrived in Denpasar. It opened about 3 months ago. Location is in Jalan Tukad Batanghari. Google Maps:-8.681451,115.229802. Please look for the sign Massage Salju on the west side.

I heard this massage a while ago from a friend who live nearby. From his info, I know the massage will be very similar with The Legendary Beer Massage. So I went there and a bit surprise when I saw the same person as the manager. I asked if this is the branch, but it isn't. It's different owner. This place has the same concept with Body Arum. Ground floor is salon complete with some foot massage chairs. First floor is for the body massage. Because he knew my purpose of coming, he shown me the freeze massage "menu" only. He didn't mention if they have other kind of massage.

The massage place is relatively small. There's only 1 vip room. The rest about 3 massage rooms, sharing 1 aircon. The vip room was occupied, so I don't what's inside. There's only 1 bathroom for the 3 rooms. The bathroom was kind of dirty. It's not like a 100rb+ massage kind of place. They should do something about that. And their generator was kind of loud. This is everyones' problem. Hopefully they get their electricity soon.

A girl, look nice, good body was introduced being my massasue. From the way she talk, even though she tried her best to drop it out, I think she is from eastern Indonesia. But she looked nice ok (6/10). The routine was the same. The freeze oil is so cold, but it gave a different sensation. Good enough for me. The massage is very similar with beer massage. Please read that if you haven't. But I feel better sensation in beer massage. The touch and rhythm was just right in beer, here it's a bit less. I think because they just opened and learned doing it? This is more to the girl than the place, isn't it?.

This place was a lot more straight forward when doing the hand job. She was ok when I opened my sexy paper underwear. She didn't allow me to touch, but viewing and kissing ok. But again, it depends on the girl. I heard from some friends, Suci didn't want to do hand job. Others is wild enough to be topless.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Surabaya Playmates

Begin my journey to SITOS. A really nice place for night gigs in Surabaya, a lot of choices of bar, resto, cafe and disco. I went on thursday night around 11 PM. Went inside to some places there. Just 1 or 2 tables was filled. None good!

Then we moved to Tunjungan area. First we went to top ten. I remembered about 20 years ago I went to this place. I remembered I watched a really pretty chinese singer with my dad. I was like a really nice show. But WOW, now it transformed to a xtc kind a place: dark, really loud, dangdut house kind of music, dirty. And people there didn't look friendly. I drank a glass of beer then walked out. It's a low class club now.

Then we went up to coyote. It's a lot lot better. RnB music, clean and sexy dancer always on the stage. They kept changing the dancers every 15 minutes. I think the dancers were mixed, thai and indonesian. Some of them were pretty but booked! After some times we felt enough and about to go back home when the waiter told us that there was one more club similar except no outside girls allow to enter the club. Seems challenging!

The waiter took us there. Soon we saw Playmates. Cool name! The club was right beside coyote, one entrance with coyote. This club was for man only. I should have taken the picture. When you see pretty girls, you'll start to forget if you have some loans and camera. All the girls inside were working there as dancers or lc (ladies companion) and waiter of course. So basically you can nego with all girls you see in this club. LCs were sit right beside the entrance door.

We opened a bottle of chivas. We were given a table inside the cubical. Others can hardly saw what we were doing inside. The dancers followed us inside. We were out of number with the dancer. So I took 2! We started to drink drank kiss touch etc.. you know the routine but no fak. It was a lot of fun. I definitely will come back.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gang Dolly Surabaya - The Largest Number of Whores in South East Asia

Gang Dolly is named after a lady from Holland opened a house of xxx in this small street. Gang means small street in Indonesia. Dolly is the name of the Gang. In this small street, there is no other things than pussy seller. They're like aquariums with lot lot of girls. Some of them arrange their place as bar so you can seat with the girls.

I went there about a week ago at night time, around 11 PM. Parking was easy. Parking is another profitable business here than pussy. Walking down the street, there are a lot of girls, but NONE ring my dick. fak. I entered some places and actually seat there to see more details.

The price ranged from 70.000 - 200.000. 200.000 was called primadona which means the idol. oh man.. I can tell you, even the primadona looked shit. The body was ok, but the face, oh man.. Most places offered 70.000 - 100.000. The girls were quite old, fat and ugly. Maybe I'm just unlucky? hmm

In conclusion, I won't waste my time to dolly again. Tretes is a lot better! It's just about 1+ hour driving at night. Yeah of course you pay more. Dont go during the day time, the traffic is crazy in the mud (porong) area. Read this http://www.indoholiday.com/2010/02/bitches-heaven-tretes-east-java.html also.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jakarta Spa Phone Lists

It might be useful (code area 021):

* Comfort, Latumenten – 5696 0198/5696-0598

* Grand Comfort, Mangga Besar – 659-4228/659-4828

* Galaxy Spa, Fatmawati – 7591-4687

* Gama Sehat, Gajah Mada – 634-4978

1. Aromatique Spa, Sunter – 651-6137

2. Beverly Hills, Kota – 691-5609

3. Bio Massage, Soekarno-Hatta airport, 550-0850

4. Cempaka Spa, 4290-0100

5. Classic, Pasar Baru – 385-2115

6. Comfort, Latumenten – 5696-0198/5696-0598

7. Copacabana Spa, Ancol – 645-5555

8. Delta, Gunung Sahari – 640-4255

9. Diva Spa, Pangeran Jayakarta – 624-4882

10. Fortune Spa, Sudirman – 572-2151/52

11. Galaxy Spa, Fatmawati – 7591-4687

12. Gama Sehat, Gajah Mada – 634-4978

13. Grand Comfort, Mangga Besar – 659-4228/659-4828

14. Grand Odiseus Aryaduta Hotel – 2351-8672

15. Grand Odiseus Gran Melia Hotel – 526-8080

16. Grand Odiseus Nikko Hotel – 390-6453

17. Griya Pijat Mayang Sari – 910-5984

18. Griya Sehat, Bandengan – 661-0910/661-1301

19. Griya Kemayoran R 19, Gunung Sahari – 0813-15523733

20. Joker Spa, Daan Mogot – 566-3100

21. Kartika, Hayam Wuruk – 639-7211

22. Klub 7, Kunir, Kota – 690-0334

23. Lokasari Spa, Lokasari – 625-2365

24. Lucia Massage, Lokasari – 649-4470

25. Mawar Spa – 750-7868

26. Monalisa, Apartemen Rajawali – 9289-3593

27. Oase Spa, Carpark BRI 2, Sudirman – 5795-0206

28. Oasis Spa, Mangga Besar – 628-3608

29. Olympic Spa, Mangga Besar – 625-3238

30. One Club, Gunung Sahari – 641-1888

31. Paradise Spa, Sunter – 6583-4425

32. Patra, Mangga Besar – 600-0037/38

33. Pegasus Spa, Pinangsia, Kota – 628-2905

34. Puri Handayani, Pangeran Jayakarta - 628-5964/65

35. Puri Spa, Puri Indah – 5835-3754/55/56

36. Rasa Sayang, Mangga Besar – 639-8635

37. Relax Spa, Mangga Dua – 659-3940 or 659-3974

38. Royal Mas Spa, Sunter – 650-8551

39. Sands Spa, Mangga Dua – 6231-3322

40. Sinar Matahari – 750-3569

41. Sari Mustika 2 – 750-7503

42. Spamas, Mangga Dua – 6230-9092

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Body Arum .. You can't get better than this!

Finally finally!

Delta kinda place has finally arrive in Bali.. Body Arum.. It's even better!

I've been to this place about 3-4 times before. Please read my other articles about this place. The first time I came, I loved the sensational feeling from the sensational massage.

The second time, I loved the touch by beer massage. But both had no ending! So I started to forget about this place. The touch was really good, but no ending ?! It didn't feel good.

Thanks for sam who has made a comment in my last article. I began to wonder. So yesterday I came, wow! BIG WOW! The same kinda beer touch, and the ending was great. Yes, there was a HJ ending. The HJ was really great, soft and gentle. It's feel good! The management really listen to their customers' demand.

I really recommend this place!

Just one small thing, they should invest a bit more on the toilet and air con. Putting a nice shower and more air con would makes us more comfortable. Hope the management will read this blog. Keep it up!

Added 4/5:

Just found out from a friend, his girl didn't do this. Fakn strange?! I might just get lucky? Hmmm..

Use the search at the top left to view all the body arum articles.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Putri Massage at Jalan Cargo Denpasar

I don't like having massage in Denpasar area. One because of the facilities such as dirty room, air cond not cool enough, etc. Two because of their girl collections. But sometime, you just don't have enough time to go to Kuta area. (FYI: I work in Denpasar area)

So I decided to try this place. Google Map: -8.626678,115.195684. Right behind the petrol station. The location is just nice. The access is from the small street beside the petrol station. About 50m inside.

Girls' pictures were on the table. There were about 8 - 10 girls. I saw some of them when I parked the car. They were mostly huge *iiih* and didn't look good. From my experience, pictures always lie! Usually small talk will give me better idea.

Me: which one is the favourite?
Pimp: All are the same, this one is good, this one is good (pointing to most pictures)
Me: which one has the most customer?
Pimp: All are the same, this one, this one (again fakn pointing to most pictures)

I was thinking, sht this guy really cant help!

Me: hmm.. which one is the youngest and second youngest?
Pimp: pointing to 2 pictures
Me: hmm.. which one is slim?
Pimp: pointing to 1 picture
Me: how about these 2 (I pointed to the two youngest above)
Pimp: quite big
Me: how old is this? (I pointed to the slim one)
Pimp: 20s
Me: Ok, I take her. (sorry I can't remember her name)

So.. she came in to the room. Oh lucky!.. she was OK! Body was good. Face was OK. Massage began and finished with fakn. The pussy.. WOW.. (9/10) I think she doesn't get fak very often.

Cost 50 (massage) + 150 (tips)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another European Night in Singapore

Just had another eastern europe experience in singapore. This time the
"victim" was a girl from Ukraine named Cathrine.

I was amaze by her pictures in the sammyboy forum. She looked really
gorgiourus like a barbie doll. Actually I looked for her in my earlier
visit but she wasn't in Singapore. But I felt really lucky, she is
here now.

After finishing all my regular jobs, I texted the pimp on saturday
nite around 9, if she was availble anytime soon. And she was and we're
going to meet in 1 hour. I started to wonder, it's saturday night and
she didn't have any guests? Maybe it's my lucky day.

The hotel was Orchard Parade hotel. Quite a nice hotel around Hard
Cafe area. So I was here and ready to fak.

First thing, the face is a lot lot lot better in the picture. But
still ok, say 6/10. Big and hard boobs. Pink nipples (can their
nipples become black ?).

Second thing, I wanted to smoke just to relax before the execution
since I saw a lot cigarretes on the table. But I couldn't find my
lighter. I asked her for a lighter, she wasn't even try to look and
said: I don't have. Then how she smoke, I was thinking. Rushing?

Third, I tried to open some conversations, but she seems that she
can't understand english.

The fak was normal. In conclusion: pictures lie, attitude no good, fak ok.

Cost 150 all.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore - Awesome Service Alina

Just had three incredible nights in Singapore. What a country! I can hardly recognise the area I used to work in 2001. The development is just so fast and huge.

I didn't have plenty time to browse around Geylang area that night, so I decided to get a freelance girl. Browsing around in my old favourite Sammyboy Forum, I found a perfect choice. I always love eastern europe type of girl. My choice was Cathrina from ukraine. The photo was just amaze me. But what a hell, she was not in Singapore! A friend of mine already recommended me with Angel a while ago, a russian who had a super blow job. But again, she was not in Singapore too! what the FAK! So I started browse around using my blackberry which was really not fun.

There was only one euro girl I saw in the FL section, Alina, the face was just not acceptable to me, but what the fak. In the forum I saw the mobile number that I could sms. I sms to the pimp and arranged the faking time at 11 PM. I was told that the place would be in Holiday Inn Hotel, Somerset Area. Room number would be sms to me when I got there.

I got there about 10.45 and got the sms around 10.50. The room was on the 4th floor.

Next, I came inside the room. She looked like she was going to seduce me. She pushed me to the bed and started kissing me around. After nothing on, she pulled me to the shower and she bathed me and did some blow job as well. The rest continued as what it had to be..

After the show ended.. she drag me to her computer (sht I just noticed that her computer was on and facing bed, I might be a victim in internet live faking? haha).. then she asked me to do something which I couldn't really understand. She spoke english very bad. Later on I knew she asked me to write a field report in the forum. ahhh..

The service was good. Interface was so so. Cost 150 all included.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bitches Heaven @ Tretes East Java

Just had a really kick an rush trip yesterday to East Java. At noon time around 14:00 I arrived to this nice cool little village. I went from Pandaan, heading south. Then in the next intersection, there was a sign to go to Tretes heading west. Unfortunately, this road was not on google map. But the sign was clear and there was only one street.

I went up the hill, about 10 - 15 minutes driving, I noticed some people asking me if I was looking for villa. I kept driving til surya hotel. I parked opposite the hotel. Someone then approached me, "villa bos?" Then he joined me in the car to go the villa.

The villa was just nearby. 5 min driving. After looked at the villa, doing a bit of nego, finally the cost was 100.000 for 3 hour. No aircon, since it already cool. No tv, what for?.

Then we went to shopping. He took me to some places. We drove a few minutes away. Then we continued walking. We entered house by house in these very little and steep street. Big WOW.. So many places.. So many girls.. Some of them very pretty.. But they booked out.. Damn.. Indo-chinese was among the favorite..

And finally, I chose Nova. Light skin, big boops, ok face. I've uploaded the pic here => Indoholiday Photobucket. Price was 300.000 short time. We took her to the villa.

After finished some hard sports, we went around the area. Sex was ok, nothing new, nothing special. And we stopped in KFC to eat. Another junk food lunch. Yeah she insisted to go there.

Then we were back to villa. Continued with the sports and massage.

Overall it's been a really nice experience.

Google map: -7.69185,112.62892
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Akasaka One Stop Entertainment @ Denpasar Bali

Just went to Akasaka last 2 weeks. It's a new wording: One Stop Entertainment. I think last time is only Bar and Karaoke (CMIIW). Well it's a while ago. I haven't to this place years. It has karaoke, restaurant and discotheque. The karaoke is famous with the quality of its girls.

I went there at about 11.30 PM on Saturday. I remember watched soccer game between MU and Birmingham. I went inside the parking space and it's full. But fortunately, they have vallet parking service. Then I went to the discotheque, paid Rp. 60.000,- entrance fee (I don't really remember how much). I then changed the ticket with a glass of beer. The place was empty. Only about 2-3 tables were filled. Live band on the stage, but not quite performing. A bit boring, so I just sat down watching my fav soccer team.

About 12.00 AM, girls started to come. Group by group. I watched them closely if there was any good. They sat in corner back left. Just on my left side. Then not for long after that, the lady pimp approached me and asked whether I wanted to accompany by a girl or two. I said ok. The price was Rp. 250.000,- per 5 hours. That's the minimum cost. After window shopping from my table and some advices from the pimp, I chose one of them.

She was so bitchy! Sorry I forgot her name, fak! Important tip: Always listen to what the pimp say. We ordered some drinks, dancing, lap dancing also. The place was dark enough to do some rubbing and touching. That's about it in Akasaka Discotheque. More x stuffs you have to do it outside.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Graha Spa - Semarang

Just got back from Yogyakarta last nite. Went from Bali on 21 Jan 10 07:00 GMT+8 by Mandala Airlines. Ticket was only 319.000. Good deal, isn't it? Landed in Yogya at 07:00 GMT+7. Yogya time is 1 hour delay than Bali time. I rented a car with the driver from Malsa Transportindo before the day. The driver: Mr Rendy was really a good driver. I didn't get road sickness (CMIIW) at all. I took the Avanza. Total cost for 2 days (36 hr) is Rp. 650.000. Fuel Rp. 250.000 (yogya - solo - kudus - semarang - yogya - purworejo - yogya). And some tips.

After doing some works at Kudus, I decided to go to Semarang. It was nothing in Kudus. I mean there's no sign of pleasure. It took about 1 hour to get to Semarang from Kudus. I was luckly, there was no traffic which normally happen. It's been like 20 years since the last time I came here. Reading some reports in forums, seems like Graha Spa was one of the best there. Some of them says it's like Delta Spa. Uhuu.. really miss Delta Touch! Why isn't someone open Delta Spa in Bali?

Ok finally I arrived in Graha Spa. From the main entrace it looked good, elite. I was asked to select the room. Three types of room: no toilet (forgot around 2xx.000), with toilet small bathup (Rp. 365.000), with toilet big bathup (Rp. 390.000). I can't remember the name. It's very similar, like vip, sweet, sweet deluxe, things like that. So I took the most expensive one.

I was given locker number 12. Put my stuffs in, then I enjoyed the whirpool, steam and sauna. Then I went upstair. No pictures of girls, only numbers. So I asked for the most famous one. The one who has the most customers. Then I was taken to a room with sofa and tv. They provided some foods. Yes you can take them for free. These were really foods, big one, not snack.

Then I went to the room. It's very simiar with Delta, except the bathroom. I layed on the floor instead of massage table. A girl came in. First look, she was ok, she really knew how to do a make up. She wore a short skirt. I suddently felt I came to the right place. The girl was very friendly, talk much but nice. Her name was Ida / Inem. When I asked her name, she kept saying her name was Inem, but when she talked about herself, she kept mention Ida. Not a good lyer I guess. She was number 02. I took all my cloths off and the massage begun. During the massage, some times I touch her leg, and she was OK. Good sign!

I was waiting for the superman kind of massage which I described in the Delta article. But there was none. She asked me to turn over. Ohh man.. bit disappointed. Then massage continued as usual and ended with a hand job. She bathed me in the bathup. Rubbing all parts of my body. Felt like a baby boy or a KING. If you took the cheapest room, you won't get this bath service. Be alert! She didn't ask any tips. The girl was very very nice.

Tips: Rp. 200.000,-
Massage Cost: Rp. 450.000,-

Google Maps: -6.974437,110.414228

Jl. Imambonjol 122 - 124, Semarang. 024.3566586 / 87.