Thursday, December 3, 2009

Penginapan Taman Asri Denpasar - Freelancer Execution

Ohh.. At last.. Just had a girl in Taman Asri.. I was about to go to Sanur to release my dirt oil.. But my guy in sanur told me that there's some sweeping going on.. very few girls or almost none around.. Be carefull guys.. I heard from the taman asri as well.. Sweeping until 14 dec.. Just last nite a girl taken by the police..

A bit confuse after heard the news.. going round and round.. And I went to penginapan cargo.. I never went to this place before.. So I was pretending that I was there before.. I asked whether she had new girls.. And she said.. No girls around.. Ok I thought she scared coz she didn't know me.. So I leave..

So.. I went to taman asri.. And the admin still remembered me.. So I don't have to pretend.. She told me no girls around this time.. Because they scare to get caught.. And told me about last night etc.. Ok same story with my guy in sanur.. I was a little scare too actually.. BUT I can't hold it any longer! So what d fak!

There was 1 girl in the admin area.. She asked the girl inside the admin area who was happened to be a guest there.. if she want to sell herself. Not too good really.. Very tiny.. A lot of pimple.. But THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICES.. It's just faking a sales girl.. Very minimal makeup.. She didn't look like a whore or anything like that..

Cost 300.000 all

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