Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Sexational Night in Alexis Hotel Jakarta

Alexis will always be my favorite destination in Jakarta ..

This time I went straight to level 7 which is called "spa". When the lift opened, I was facing a small lobby. I was asked for a real massage or a complete massage. The reception gave me a number as my alexis identify.

I went inside where the girls were.. WOW.. yuhuuu.. I think it was about mmm.. so many.. 100? mm not sure.. but so so many girls.. if I use clock direction.. on 3 is thai, on 1 is russian, 12 is latin, 10 is korean, 9 is indonesian, 8 is chinese. There are about 20 thais (1.6 - 1.9 mil), 7 russians (1.6 mil), 1 latins (1.6 mil), 3 koreans (2.1 mil), 20 indonesian (didnt asked), 35 chineses (1.6 - 1.9 mil). This number are approximate only. I didn't have the gut to count them there hihihi :)

I went around and round for like 3 times. It's so damn hard to choose. But finally finally I chose Russian. I always like their look and this girl seemed so bitchy. And she can speak good english. I told the pimp.

We did bit of talking to be more comfortable. She asked me if I want to go swimming before faking. Well.. I said no.. then she took my hand and we went to find the room. The room was really nice. It's like modern studio with Ancol view. It's really nice room with a really nice russian girl. Later that night (may be morning) we party together in Stadium.

It's an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to be in Alexis Hotel Jakarta !!


mafia said...


For that price, how many times do you get to fuck her? Does she give great service? Do you pay again when you ask her to party out?

Sorry for so many questions hahaha
Thanks mate

UNCLE G said...

Just one good quality fak. Basically you have 1 hour. Service is ok standard. Party out was just like treating a girl friend. Cheers.

mafia said...

thanks for the reply.
i heard that there are also russian working girls in Bali. is that true? where can we find them?

UNCLE G said...

really??? I'd like to know too.. anyone?

Nikko said...

Uncle G,

damn tempting from what u wrote... heheheh.. anyway where can i get few gals to take out in bali?

how safe is it gals from sanur?

UNCLE G said...

You damn should bro! You only live once!

Take out like a day? You can get from sanur also.

How safe? It's not really safe. I talked with a guy from hiv related organisation. It's about 1-2 years back. His job was doing a regular hiv check for girls in sanur. That time he checked about 250 girls. About 40+ of them hiv positive. In other word, at least one of five girls we fak is hiv positive. It's kinda scary. Do a big research on the internet, how to play safe.

Cheers bro. Don't be scare. Just play safe n have a happy fak always !

Nikko said...

uncle G,

what i meant is tat i wanna have a gal for a night stay. where can u recommend me to look for? i've read about ur freelancers but still need extra info.

so dun think sanur will be a good place to look for since u said 1 in 5 got hiv.

thanks for the advise.

UNCLE G said...

I'm sorry bro.. I never try.. So I can't give you any reommendations..

But you could find them in Paddy's.. They mostly tropical indonesian type of girls..

They sat behind the left bar.. you'll easily notice them.. They normally sat by themself..

I'll try ask them next time I go there.. They're just not my type..

UNCLE G said...

About the freelancers I wrote.. They don't do daily service..

Denny said...

Hello uncle G,

How much money you pay for that russian girl for 1 hour? just curious.. wanted to try sometime.


UNCLE G said...

1.6 mil rp

BBR said...

Is it possible to make a AIDS test in Bali ? Where and which price ? Thank you

UNCLE G said...

You can go to any labs such as prodia in jalan diponegoro, Quantum in Jalan Sesetan. It costs around 150.000rp.

You can test for free at Yayasan Kerti Praja in Jalan sesetan 186 also. Excelent place for consultation.

BBR said...

Thank you very much for your fast answer bro.

Dong Woo said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Scan said...

What's the HIV rate in Jakarta? Also went to Alexis Spa, great spot, but condom broke... chose an Indonesian ... :(

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Unknown said...

Thanks Uncle G. You are so cool.
I live in Jakarta and i'm going to that Alexis tomorrow. I really need a good fuck with Russia chick.
I hope they are not racists, because i'm African American.