Sunday, November 8, 2009

Young Massasue in Sakura Denpasar

GPS / Google maps : -8.654617,115.207508

Just for the curiosity, I went to this place. Some of my friends said the girls are good. So what the fak.

The place is a complex of small shop. About 3/4 of the complex are rented by Progressive English Course (CMIIW). I went there in the afternoon. Parking was easy. I was a bit doubt to get in. The place is dark, small and ugly. But I finally got in. There are about 6 girls available from their photo on the desk. None of them ring a bell. From my last experience to similar places, photo can't tell. I asked the guy, which one has the most customers. The guy pointed me to the ELSA. From the photo looked alright, so why not.

There were about 4 rooms, partitioned by plywood and gorden as its door. The guy chosen me the last room. A good looking, really nice body, young girl came inside. What I really like the most was her body. Her body was well fed. She looked a bit arrogant for the first time. Massage was ok. After turned over, I started to do some talking to be more comfortable. She started to be more friendly. She told me that she was 18 yrs old. I believe she was.

Then the show begun. Tips: with youngster, normally we have to do the work a little bit more.

Cost: 50rb for front desk, 250rb for the girl tips.

I tried other girl: Sarah, the other day. But no good, just standard. We can find in other better places.

I certainly will come back for this girl only. The place is really bad.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Sexational Night in Alexis Hotel Jakarta

Alexis will always be my favorite destination in Jakarta ..

This time I went straight to level 7 which is called "spa". When the lift opened, I was facing a small lobby. I was asked for a real massage or a complete massage. The reception gave me a number as my alexis identify.

I went inside where the girls were.. WOW.. yuhuuu.. I think it was about mmm.. so many.. 100? mm not sure.. but so so many girls.. if I use clock direction.. on 3 is thai, on 1 is russian, 12 is latin, 10 is korean, 9 is indonesian, 8 is chinese. There are about 20 thais (1.6 - 1.9 mil), 7 russians (1.6 mil), 1 latins (1.6 mil), 3 koreans (2.1 mil), 20 indonesian (didnt asked), 35 chineses (1.6 - 1.9 mil). This number are approximate only. I didn't have the gut to count them there hihihi :)

I went around and round for like 3 times. It's so damn hard to choose. But finally finally I chose Russian. I always like their look and this girl seemed so bitchy. And she can speak good english. I told the pimp.

We did bit of talking to be more comfortable. She asked me if I want to go swimming before faking. Well.. I said no.. then she took my hand and we went to find the room. The room was really nice. It's like modern studio with Ancol view. It's really nice room with a really nice russian girl. Later that night (may be morning) we party together in Stadium.

It's an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to be in Alexis Hotel Jakarta !!