Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven's Club Kuta Bali


After finishing my home job, I went around Kuta and Legian area. I went from Legian, looking at the crowd along the bomb Bali 1 site. None amuse me. It's just too early. It was in Friday night at about 10 PM. I went till the intersection then I took right. Just when I took the turn, I saw some sexy good looking girls on the left street in front of a door entrance. About 4 of them. I oftenly pass this street and never notice that there is a club there. It's only a door entrace no window etc and a name sign (no other explaination).

My very little bro made me stop. I parked in front of the old Made's Warung. When I was in the entrace, a girl approached me and let me in. She walked me in to the bar chair. No entrance fee. Then after talking full of bullshit and ordering some drinks for me and her, she sat beside me and started acting a little bitchy which was really nice.

The club is like any other clubs. Got 2 or 3 big sofas, some tables and bar chairs. The different is a girl (may be you can ask for more) accompany you. Well you can do what most couple will do in the club. It's not a dark club, you can see everybody in the club. I was told there were some karaoke rooms as well. For more challenging stuffs may be?

I will go there another day..


Nikko said...

dear Uncle G,

Its been awhile since my last visit here.Uncle, I need lots of extensive update on Sanur, Bali coz im going to Bali for the second time somewhere in December. What can i say... I love Bali!

Heavens Club looks really nice. Saw it on my last visit but didnt get a chance to go in.

UNCLE G said...

Hi Nikko,

Cant really tell much about sanur area.. girls come and go so often.. my favourite show rooms still 18 and 3B..

tyan christiani said...

of course,nice place n clean.
have looking!!
come again to heaven's club.

bali said...

Mr Nikko,

Ok let me inform you about Sanur.
Best place to be for getting roots every hour i think.

Uncle G has mentioned most of the good places in sanur, But uncle can you update me on the pricing?

There is a place called Baroka. You can get room and girl for Rp150 to Rp200.

Another good place is Hotel Diyan Ayu 0361289026. Girl and room is Rp300.

On that street there are many x house known as the place to get girls. Prices from Rp100 to Rp300. Dont pay anymore then that. Also I cant advise you enough please do not take a taxi or you will pay 1million in some cases. This is the way it works in bali so be very careful of taxi drivers.

Salon are many look for the Rp50 massage places and go and get a massage and just flirt and dont be shy grab there hand and take it to your special place and they will but please make sure you tip them well as some enjoy doing it and some do it as part of there job, they all have to live so look after them well and they will look after you.

All hotel and bunglows and apartments in sanur will have bell biys and they will know where to find your girl but the price will be around Rp400 because they will make Rp100 for them selves. Once you order one get there number and sms them later the price will be cheaper and they also will refer you to other numbers which is great becaue you will get good prices.

Anyway bro thats all for now but always wear a condom my friend you dont want to make any mistakes!!!


UNCLE G said...

thanks Bali for your input.. I've been to barokah and dyan ayu for a while.. not sure for their collections nowadays.. Will check them soon.

They are the easiest solution in sanur. They have the girl and the room. Good recommendation, thanks for Bali!!

For me the best are
Jl. Sekar Ayu No. 3B (show room only)
Jl. Danao Poso behind Circle K, 11X. (show room only)

Most girls are from west java. One or two from Manado. Price is rp200. Only one or two girls is rp250.

It's just you have to find a bungalow for the execution. It's a bit inconvenience.

UNCLE G said...

Sorry.. I mean I haven't been to barokah and dyan ayu for awhile..

kitamura said...

heavens club is nice club. friendly may talk to ladies gues officer or you can do easy joke with the bartender....
bartender often do card trick or other was cool so why not....fell free to visit heavens club.....
本当に あんしん です。たのしい。。。

kitamura said...

Heavens club is nice club. Nice friendly staff....the bartender often make a some game for you to fel more confortable. they have karaoke hall @ 2nd and 3rd flr. try to come their service is best....about the girl??...ya you may tray...perhaps...

danang, Pembaharu Indonesia said...

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danang, Pembaharu Indonesia said...

memang benar. di samping pelayanannya yang memuaskan, managernya pun sangat ramah dan sopan. ditambah lagi dengan kemahirannya memainkan sulap. salam hangat. pembaharu indonesia

Mr. Ary said...

there's any swingers club there? i mean around Kuta Bali,Legian. can email me at