Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven's Club Kuta Bali


After finishing my home job, I went around Kuta and Legian area. I went from Legian, looking at the crowd along the bomb Bali 1 site. None amuse me. It's just too early. It was in Friday night at about 10 PM. I went till the intersection then I took right. Just when I took the turn, I saw some sexy good looking girls on the left street in front of a door entrance. About 4 of them. I oftenly pass this street and never notice that there is a club there. It's only a door entrace no window etc and a name sign (no other explaination).

My very little bro made me stop. I parked in front of the old Made's Warung. When I was in the entrace, a girl approached me and let me in. She walked me in to the bar chair. No entrance fee. Then after talking full of bullshit and ordering some drinks for me and her, she sat beside me and started acting a little bitchy which was really nice.

The club is like any other clubs. Got 2 or 3 big sofas, some tables and bar chairs. The different is a girl (may be you can ask for more) accompany you. Well you can do what most couple will do in the club. It's not a dark club, you can see everybody in the club. I was told there were some karaoke rooms as well. For more challenging stuffs may be?

I will go there another day..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beer Massage - Another DAMN Sensational Massage by Body Arum Spa

Thanks to you guys who commented to my last body arum article. I was really curious about the service called beer massage. I went there last week and K.S was the therapist. It's cost 200.000 for 2 hours. It's quite premium compare others. You can get 25% discount if you go before 13.00. I was there about 14.00, damn.

The massage begun with drinking a small glass of beer. It's felt quite strange. Normally you get a hot ginger tea or some healtly drinks. The spa music and the beer was just not combined. But that's the sensation. She sprayed me with a beer before applying the lotion. The beer aroma was so nice. The massage begun as usual from the back started from the feet. The show begun with massaging my b(l)ack hole. This time was real massaging. It's not pretending that it's touched accidently. She kept touching my black hole every 1 minute I think :)

Next I turned around. The best part was when she massaged my chest area. She touched my nipples then went down to my pant. Her hand slipped under my paper black pant, touched the area under my ball and rised her hand to reach more down area under my ball. So when she rised her hand, my dick which really really on high alert, was out from its cage. It's right in front of her face. FAK! She kept repeating this massage for such a long time.

As some experiences from friends and you guys, I didn't ask for extra. Well this is the worst part really. I got really really high, but no ending. But the sensation.. hmmmm... you can't find anywhere else..