Friday, June 26, 2009

Sex in Yogyakarta .. Kota "Pelajar"

I spent my last weekend in Yogyakarta. My last trip here was about 15 years ago. I can't remember a thing, except eating boiled crab on Malioboro Street.

After doing some researches from internet, I decided to stay in Sala 3. It's 150.000 per night for AC room. The hotel is a non star hotel, no soap, no shower (using , no shampoo, nothing. Only one towel. What can you expect more? Obviously, it's not a place for a family trip. But the area is nice. About 15 minutes from airport. Not too far from Malioboro, about 15 minutes driving as well. There are a lot of foods around. Circle K and K24 are around. Thanks to, it really helps me. Just it's culiner section is out of date. I can't find 2 of the places.

There is very limited information about having sex in Yogya in the internet. I came to some well known Indonesia Sex Forum such as BM and DS, very minimum post. I thought maybe because of the Sultan, the sex and others are strictly banned.

Arrived in Yogya at noon, and I took a cab to hotel. On the street I saw a signage FHM Girl Next Door @ Hugos tonight. YES!, I'm gonna go there tonight. I took cab many times. Getting lots information from the drivers. According to them, most girls who are mostly university students, can be picked up at the club such as Hugos, Bosche and Liquid. Normally the club is open at 11 PM.

To kill time, I spent my time having massage (a real one) at Griya Shiatsu (near the Bank Indonesia and Post Office) for 2 hours. It’s really nice. Similar with Griya Bugar in Bali. I went there by Becak from Malioboro Street.

I arrived at Hugos around 11.30 PM. It’s empty. The waiters told me it’s too early. The place is in the Sheraton Hotel Complex. The bar is in the center and take about 25% of the place. It’s a really big bar. The stage is behind the bar. I stayed in front of the bar. And behind me was the FHM girls. WOWWWW.. They were so so damn sexy..

After some times, it’s kinda boring. It’s nearly 1 AM and still no crowd. What happen?? I don’t understand, FHM is such a big name. Waiters keep saying, it’s not the time yet. Well I decided to go from Hugos. I was a bit confuse, whether I should go back and sleep, go to another night club, or go get a whore. After getting some info from the cab driver that it’s not 100% I will get university girl in the club, and I have only ONE night here, I went to girl showroom.

There is 2 types: one is localisation (cheap girls) others is kind of showroom (more expensive, but better of course). Normally girls in the showroom are university student, sales promotion girls, shop keeper, salon, etc. My cab driver was old and he didn’t know where it was. He asked around to get the place. Damn.

The place was in Jalan Pasar Kembang. It is very near to Malioboro Street. Walkable distance I would say from Maliboro. Or better you get a becak. So next time, I will stay in Malioboro area for sure. A lot of cheap hotels in the area. They are rarely fully occupied.

The one I went was in Jalan Pasar Kembang 22. There are about 3 or 4 places in the same street. Some more in the different street but still in the area. I walked in the house and saw about 6 girls. None ring a bell, damn. It’s almost 3 AM, so no time to browse around. I took one of them. It costed me 300.000 for the girl and 50.000 for the pick up guy. They have no room there, only showroom. I took the girl to hotel.

The service was normal. Nothing bad. Nothing special either. After finish, she called the pickup guy. About 10 minutes he arrived and took her with him.



I think not the all student in yogya are whore. So yogya still could be called as Kota Pelajar. I believe almost of the big city in Indonesia have the same condition to yogya.

UNCLE G said...

of course lah bro.. what will happen to this country if all student are whore?

←ЯAIHAN || MAZUMDER→ said...

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←ЯAIHAN || MAZUMDER→ said...

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←ЯAIHAN || MAZUMDER→ said...

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UNCLE G said...

Hi bro.. Don't get too serious, will you? Kekeke..

If you read to end of my post.. Actually this was what the girl say.. Which I found interesting and "selling"..

Joyo Plencing said...

WADUHHHH....KOK Nulis yg jelek2 ttg jogjaku to...????
buat temen2 met knl ya...biar th lebih dalam ttg jogja mampir ya di

chinchin said...

our city is known as an educational city where the oldest university in indonesia was born, as well as the intellectuals. it's pretty shameful either that i found out that my city is surrounded by nightclubs nobody bother about it. people nowadays are not as critical as 10 - 15 years ago. is it called money talks?
save our city brothers.............

Hanuman Sakti Tour said...

Every student city is а bloody whore hangout either populated with christians, hindus, buddhists or even packed(bungkus) girls whose chastity ends up knots of headscarf...hehehe. Sorry for the late respond, but right now the situation is even worse(mean better for young girls lovers like me)