Monday, May 18, 2009

Howto spot Freelance in Bali Local Newspapers

If you haven't got anytime to "browse" around the area, you might just buy one or two top local newspapers such as Bali Post, Jawa Post (look for Radar Bali) and Denpasar Post. There are some more papers but I never read them, so no idea.

I have a bit of clue on howto spot these freelancers. They put an ads as massage service. Look inside writing ads, focus on Rupa Rupa area or Massage area. Some words such as Sensational Massage, Relaxation, Full Massage, Panggilan (call service) are normally as their keywords. I have two newspapers in my office right now. Monday is not a good day for them I guess. I only spot 2 of them. Friday and Saturday more. I'll update when I notice them more.

It's a bit difficult to differentiate the real and the plus one. To confirm, ring them and ask whether they provide "full service". Yupe, that's the word. Full Service.

I scanned from Bali Post on Sunday 17.05.2009. I couldn't find any in today's paper. Circle in blue is massaged by man. Circle in red is by girl. You can try your luck for the last one.

This part I scanned from Denpasar Post today. First one is massaged by man. Second one (Ratna) should try the keyword. Same as the last one (Puri Bunga).

This one I took from Jawa Post - Radar Bali today. 20 May 2009. Blue underline massaged by man. The first one Murni, states "only massage nothing else" ..

The red circle !! Taken from Bali Post 20.05.09

Bali Post 22.05.09. IVON!! YES SHE IS THE GIRL.


Matt Oldfield, said...

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shyps said...

Hi Uncle.
First of all I would like to thank you for your contributions.
It makes my life easier to choose where I would go now that I'm staying in Bali for a while.

I have a few questions. How about Ivon. Does she looks great?How old is she approximately and does she do a massage as well?

I'm very interested in the girl that does a body slide massage. Is there any possibility to meet her?

What's your recommendation for the best massage parlour in Bali...

I'm looking forward hearing from you Uncle.

UNCLE G said...

Hi Shyps,

Ivon looks OK. I think she is in her late 20. She doesn't work alone, she has some girls. Ivon and girls do body slide. Just make sure when you order.

You can ask the girl to come, if you don't like, just give her 50.000 for transport fee.

Best? hmmm.. overall I like Star Bugar. Come at 5PM when all girls ready.

shyps said...

Hi guys,

I made my appointment with Yvon. She's 33 and not bad looking. A really nice woman. One hour was IDR 300.000 in Hotel Bintang Pesona in Renon. (Short time stay 95.000) I took massage for 1.5 hours and that cost me 450.000 (I could decide how much it costs she said)

The body slide was not that fantastic but enjoyable. After the soapy part we took a shower and went back to the bed where she start to lick the upper body and "the center" part. She did a blowjob without condom spontaneaously.

You can fill in what happened after that.

In general, it wasn't a bad experience. She even brought me back with her motorbike almost until Sanur where I live. Yvon is a nice woman that gives you a comfortable feeling but it should be great having a girl with a fantastic body doing this.

If anybody has a good suggestion about knowing someone with a fantastic body, I would be more than happy to know.

UNCLE G said...

cool shyps, thanks for your input. cheers

bali said...

Pak Uncle G,

Star Bugar, whats the service like ? I went to kuta bugar once b4 and really only got a hand job nothing else. I also tried to contact IVON but she offered me Rp500,000 for short time and 1.5 juta for long time. Then i got a sms saying 300Rp 1 hour. Can you please explain what this mean and what service would i expect. Also do i have to rent a room or can she come to my hotel?


UNCLE G said...

Ivon is just too busy nowadays.. damn.. tried to call her so many times.. you could read shyps comment for ivon's services.. she will come to your hotel..

star bugar is very similar with kuta bugar.. i think they're all do hand job.. to fak.. some of them only.. and it's really expensive.. they won't do it less than 500.000.. I can't remember which one exactly.. I think 35.. but it's kinda hard sometimes..

balinese massage said...

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I have naver try the massage plus like that,,,,,
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Andy said...

hey uncle can you give me information on freelancers around renon. preferebably 'panggilan'
my number is 085738026826

Andy said...

or you can just tell me here

UNCLE G said...

Sorry bro don't have any number..

just go to Bintang Pesona bro.. in Jalan Drupadi Renon.. Normally they know some numbers there..

denmark45 said...

I go Soon to kuta and sanur
Where are the X house? where are the good girl there want full service?

I am new in bali

Please help me

where are the good disco ? where there nice ladys hihih

ausdave said...

Hi uncle great info
im visting bali for first time trying to find massage salons with ladyboys working or freelances that can vist my hotel staying in seminyak area
cheers ausdave

UNCLE G said...

ladyboy? dunno mate.. I often saw it in the advertisement.. take a free newspaper called bali advertisement in your hotel.. you'll see some massage with boys..

genB said...

Hi Uncle G, is there any 24 hours massage in bali? or private striptease in bali 24 hours??? i will be arrived in bali around 11pm and go straight away to surabaya the next morning... my budget just around 500.000 IDR..thanks heaps

UNCLE G said...

Hi bro.. sorry i miss your comment.. Just go to Pelangi Bali

5 mins from airport.. they open till 3 AM.. you can have private striptease etc there..

cost around 400rb..

Andy said...

I have a number of a freelancer. Unfortunately she can't speak english, and only want to go out with local tourist or asian but she is a very nice girl & satisfying guaranteed. The rate is IDR 1.500.000 for 6 hours. 081336302451.

Ashok said...




Best Regards