Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hotel Travel Jakarta

I went to Hotel Travel Jakarta in Mangga Besar area for my first holiday night in Jakarta. This was my first time coming here. Taxi dropped me in the opposite site. I went to buy a cigaretes in the store nearby. A guy approached me and asked if I wanted to get a college girl near by. He told me that he has many girls. I was wondering.. may be next time.. I thought I better go to Travel this time.

The lounge is the door on the left. The hotel is the door in the center. I got in to the lounge. As usual, I was given a number. When I walked into the lounge.. WOW.. about 50 girls may be.. sat down in the sofa. I looked at them.. one by one.. ok about 25% was OK. Then I grap a sit and watched some people karaoke. A pimp (mami) approached me and asked whether I want any drinks and which type of girl that I like most. About 10 minutes later the drink came and so as the girl. The pimp was really good. She brought me a good looking girl.

We talked for some times. Then she asked if I want to go upstairs. The price was 285.000. The room was clean. She gave me a quick body slide before she begun licking me.. just like a cat!!

Note: Just remember not to lose your number otherwise you have to stay over night!!

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farid said...

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