Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't You Just Love Hotel Alexis Jakarta - Review on Crown and Equinox X2

I really love this club! The girls, the crowd, the place, the show.. they are all perfect!

I and some friends spent our last holiday night (friday) in Hotel Alexis Jakarta. We arrived around 11 PM. Not too many people inside. I was a bit worried that we would spend our last night with some boring stuffs like our last 2 nights. 

The night before on Wednesday, we went to Crown in Glodok Plaza. The parking spaces was full. We were wondering, last time we came here on Wednesday, parking was easy. We walked in and hoped that the place would be fully loaded by girls. We went to the lounge. The discotique was just not for us that night, no amunitions. The lounge was damn full. We hardly could walk. 

Later we found out that one of the top Indonesian Bands Sheilla on Seven would go on stage. No wonder lah! Since we couldn't find any tables, we couldn't order any drinks. We made some order but never came. Later we found out, they only served us if we have a table. We stood there, with no drink, no girls, with some pop songs. It was really really boringggg.. Not for long, we went back to hotel.

On Thursday, we went to X2 in Plaza Senayan. One of my friends used T-SHIRT. It brought a problem to us. We were not allowed to go in. The waiter then lent us his sweater. Then we're IN. We walked up the stairs and in to the Equinox. It was emptied! Well some people was there, but it was not enough to just fill such the big place. We waited until about 1 am. Still the crowd was boring. 

Our last night, which happened to be on Friday, we wanted to spend best. We booked 2 tables in the middle, in front of the stage. We then ordered 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label. We was a bit suprised. The price was 1.4 million for 2 bottles. It's really damn cheap!! The beer price was 50.000. Next time don't order beer, just Johnny Walker.

The show begun shortly after we arrived. It begun with some girls wearing sexy cloths. The show I would say about 20 minutes. Then break about 20 minutes. Next begun another show with different girls. There were 2 set of girls. Then it became exciting. They started losing their cloths. The first set was losing only their bra. Came the second set and losing all their cloths. Most of them were pretty. If you came from a small town like me, this show was amazing. I mean the girls. Their beauty.. I can't find any in my small town!!

I took the chance to get some drinks from the dancers. She came to me and did some dirty dancings. She put my hand in her boops, opened my shirt and lick my nipples. I was too shy to get turn ON, but I was very very TURNED ON!. She was just so gorgious!!

Fortunately, we spent that night shocking. The last two night was paid off. Bravo ALEXIS!

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Pearl said...

Hotel Alexis rocks.

Try the spa on the 6th or 7th floor cant remember which exactly. Great lounge with water pipe and loads of women from Thailand, Korea, China, Mexico and local girls also.

Look forward to your posts, why cant Bali be more like Jakarta.....

UNCLE G said...

Look at the positive site.. It's good thing.. I won't spend so much for my little brother.. hahaha..