Friday, March 6, 2009

Grahadi Bali Wild Striptease

Finally I found striptease show in Bali. I went to grahadi karaoke in Simpang Siur area with some friends. We talked to the pimp (well just call him pimp) that we wanted a striptease show. He walked us to the karaoke room and called some girls. Different with the one inside the "aquarium". 

Mostly the girls were from Manado - North Sulawesi. They had bright skin, some had a really nice body. Body is crusial for striptease, isn't it!! We chose 2 of them. Both of them were among the favorite. They chose the song and started the dancing. They began taking off their clothes one by one until they totally naked. They sometimes did some lesbian action which was really turn me ON. 

They danced for about 20 - 30 minutes. Next they came to us. The show was ended, BUT the "work" was just started. They basically could do ANYTHING. It's just depend on the TIPS!

Girl: 400.000 each
Tips: 500.000 each