Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hotel Malioboro Jakarta Import Girls Paradise

I went to Hotel Malioboro Jakarta months ago. I walked up the stairs and sat near the dancing table. I was really hungry and asked for nasi goreng. Right on my left, I think there are... hmmm.. 50 Chinese Girls (this is a real chinese girls! from china).. about 10 Thai Girls.. and 10 Russian Girls.

Waiting for my nasi goreng, I tried to look closer at the girls. They were about 25m away from my table. The chinese, they were all about the same. The body, the height were similar I would say. The face, some were very very pretty and some were ok. And of course their skin was my favourite.

The thai, this time they were not so good. Normally I love thai girls, but this time, most of them had dark skin and the faces were not really turn me on. The Russian, WOW.. most of them were pretty, but their body were big! One was really get my attention. She was the prettiest but still the body was quite big for me.

About 10 minutes, the sex.y dancer started. The show was really good. They were profesional. Somehow my nasi goreng didn't fell so nice anymore. The pimp came by, and AGAIN asked which one just to escort us while watched the dance.
I really confused between the chinese and russian. Overall the chinese was better, but the face certainly the russian was gorgeous. I asked whether the russian able to speak english. And she was! So I decided to take her. The pimp called her to sit beside me. We did some bull shit talking. And after some times, we took the room.

The cost: 1.500.000 for the girl. I forgot about the entering / spa fee, nasi goreng and the rest. If you look for import girls, this is the place Hotel Malioboro Jakarta. Import Girls Paradise!!


4nd1 said...

Hmm..already been there to malio club and spa..awesome but so expensive girls...and cost for the drinks to high

qper7q said...

tonight there a sexy dander named leni just find her if u stop by and she there until 4 am. she also dance on V2 and M-STAR and ++ to. G

Yudhia juice said...,this is what i dream for,i'll go there next year...whooohhhh

mr.cee said...

can i find a little bit more cheaper but still import girl.. do u know where it is?