Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delta Spa Clarion Hotel Makassar

This was my first time to Makassar. My local friend put me in Clarion Hotel. I would say this hotel was one of the biggest in this town. Still in the hotel complex, there's a night club (d`liquid and Retro's) and Delta Spa. I really recommend this hotel if you go to Makassar. A nice crowd night club and spa just at your door way.

I went to Delta spa about 6 PM. I really didn't have any idea what was this spa like. I meant if it was a real spa, half, or may be full. The reception informed with the services they had. One session was 45 minutes. So I decided to take 2 sessions of 1.5 hours.

Before the massage ritual, I enjoyed the jacuzzi, steam and sauna for about 30 minutes. When I was enjoying jacuzzi, I saw 3-4 girls enter an area. The girls used a really really sexy short. But I wasn't sure, if they were the massaseu.

Then I asked to enter that area where the girls entered. There was about 5 people in the (let's call it) living room. The living room completed with big screens, plasma tv, sofa, etc. I was asked to seat in one of sofa. A lady (they called her PR - Public Relation) came to me. She asked me if I wanted to change to 3 sessions with a lot of her marketing reasons. But I sticked to my decision 2 sessions. 2.25 hours would be disaster if the service wasn't enjoyable.

Next the girl came. Wow, the sexy short actually was the massasue. The massage begun as in any other massage place. The nice part begun when she massaged my butt area. She opened both of my legs. She seat between them using her knee. Then she took my right leg and put it on the top of her right leg. Did the same thing with my left leg. So now my bottom abs kind of fly, my legs were opened wide and I couldn't hide my sunhole. Some people call this superman style.

After the position was right, she started massaging. She completely massaged all area in front of her. From knee, leg, abs, balls, hole, butt, dick EVERYTHING! I felt like hmmm... I don't think there's any expression in writing.. 100 out of 100!!. Right in the middle of this felling.. TETTTT.. the bloddy phone rang. She picked up and then asked me if I wanted to extent to 3 sessions. WELL.. OF COURSE!! So then the process continued. All was done by hand. She said it wasn't allowed to do anything else but hand.

I wasn't clear enough what was meant earlier by the PR of 3 sessions. She might mentioned it in the different way. So next time, and for you guys, take 3 sessions.

I never try Delta Spa anywhere else. But I guess it should be the same everywhere. They have a lot of branch in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.

All cost 300.000 ++ (can't remember the exact amount).


Dave said...

hi, i was planing to Makassar this OCT. do you have any comment about that place~~??



not many places for tourist attraction i would say.

Dave said...

any ideal for a vivid night life?


I'm sorry bro, couldn't help ya more with Makassar.

Dave said...

actually all the story you talk about is around Jakarta and Bali right?

if it is then i'll need to look for other thing.

actually, are you a local indonesian..?


yes I'm local (balinese), how can I help you?

Dave said...

if i go there around 5 days, for your suggestion how many cash i need for the whole trip. for instance rent a car, hotel, food and night entertainment~~~?


where you going? bali or makasar? but they are about the same..

standard hotel you can get for 300 - 400.000 per night.

car is about the same for 5 seater toyota avanza.. with driver for a day..

a cab.. can't really say.. drive around one area.. you might spend 50.000 per day?..

food like mc donald / kfc is around 35 - 50.000 per meal.

night club.. beer around 30.000.. glass of jack d coke around 65.000.. bottle of jack d around 1 million.. this is the average..

girls.. hmmm.. depends..

well you can do the math.. :)

Dave said...

actually, aren't you free right now may be can have a little chat through the MSN....cause posting is way too long~~~ = =


sure.. what's your id?

Dave said...

hotma said...

hi what u needed for the trip in sulawesi? perhaps i can help out...seeing as i live in makassar and been taking foreigners around the place (for the correct fee of course). Im in the private tour guide sector

test said...

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test said...

The one at Jakarta suck... They purposely delay the massage if you ask for two session so you need to go third session to enjoy fully...

jerry said...

I'm living in Makassar.
Now there are Delta Spa and My Place.
both of them are spa .
in Delta Spa 3 session is Rp.396.000,- + tips amount Rp.50.000,- so i u all want go to Delta Spa, u have Rp.500.000,- in ur pocket ...:)