Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bali Complete Sex Destination Guide

NEW! Bali X Map [updated 30.12.11]

I try to give a complete sex guide while you are in Bali. I'll update this article continously.

You can find some types of sex experience in Bali:
  1. "Legal" Prostitute
  2. Massage Plus / Sex Massage
  3. Salon Plus / Sex Salon
  4. "Coffee Shop" / Cafe Remang - Remang
  5. Karaoke
  6. Freelance
  7. Escort [added 31.05.11]
"Legal" Prostitute

There are some famous areas in Bali that has been declared as "legal" localisation. But if you don't mind spending min. 150.000, I would say Sanur Semawang is the best. The rest are cheaper but the quality is worst. Semawang is a name of village within Sanur area. There are some nice hotels such as Mercure and Sanur Beach Hotel in the area. A lot nice cafe and bars are in the area as well. The beach (Semawang Beach) is also very nice especially on sun rise (as the beach facing east).

So where are the girls? There are two ways to find the girls. You can go to a bungalow (small hotel) and ask the staff to find you a girl or girls. Just describe how the girl you like most. About 15 minutes, he will come with some choices. If you like you can take, but if you don't just ask him to get more.

Some bungalow you could visit:
Second, you can go to a showroom. Choose the girl, take her/s, then go to a hotel. This way you can choose from more than 50 girls (depends on time). Showrooms you can go:
  • 18X in Jl. Danau Poso (Behind Circle K - in front of 67X above maps: -8.70542,115.254564) price:150.000 - 200.000
  • Jl. Sekar Waru 3B. From Circle K, you take right. You go toward the big street (Bypass Ngurah Rai). The street is on the left not far. Maybe the first or second street on the left. Just find number 3B. It's like a small road. Just get in, and the showroom is in your left. Maps:-8.706459,115.253448. Price:200.000 - 250.000
  • Jl. Sekar Waru 11B price:200.000 - 250.000 Maps:-8.706459,115.253448 [added in 13 March 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting Office, take the first street on the right. Number 4A. price:150.000 - 200.000 Maps:-8.703214,115.257697 [added in 13 March 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting, go a long the street, number 5X. All from East Java. Price 130.000. *very tight br br* Maps:-8.702854,115.256023 [added in 26 June 2009]
  • Behind Sobek Rafting , number 10X. varied east and west java. Price 160.000,- [added 01.06.11]
Price of Girls: 150.000 - 250.000
Price of Bungalow: 30.000 - 70.000
Massage Plus / Sex Massage

You should try this if you like being massage erotically and not JUST SEX! [edited 22.04.11]
I have write about some places you can go for having massage plus. Let me again list them here:
Please search this place in Bali X Map or use the search field on the top left.

There are a lot more, I know I know. I'll update the list. None of places in Bali have a complete PLUS service. I mean you have to deal the PLUS part with the massasue. The front desk or customer service never knows if there is a PLUS service. It's quite different with some places such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Makasar that I've experienced.

In Bali, you HAVE TO ASK. If you are lucky, some them will get you ON by touching the sensitive area while they massage. But some of them might refuse, even you promise to give good money.

Tips: ASK THE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I oftenly ask, which is the favorite one, which has the most guest. Best Tips: ASK THE MALE MASSASUE. Most the places have foot massage with male massasue. Get a foot massage first, then ask the guy, which one is the best for PLUS. They oftenly honest compare to the customer service.

Price IN : 50.000 - 250.000 (depend on the massage service and room)
Tips Extra: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)

Salon Plus / Sex Salon

They are really similar with Massage Plus above. You NEED TO ASK them. Some of places you can visit:
  • Mawar Salon (Google Maps: -8.721285,115.181973)
  • Angel Salon (-8.721285,115.181973)
Both are in old BIMC stores, Simpang Siur. http://wikimapia.org/948940/Simpang-Siur. If you are from Tuban / Airport, the stores on the left before you turn to Jl. Setiabudi.

Price IN : 50.000 - 250.000 (depend on the massage service and room)
Tips Extra: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)

[added 01.04.11] You can also try this Rosalinda

Coffee Shop / Cafe Remang-Remang

Up Heaven (Google Maps: -8.749175,115.182917) is an example of lux Coffee Shop. But by the time I write this article, I think it's still closed. The idea is relax and enjoy the drink while girls escort us. Girls can do some extra at some cost. The price is varied. Really depends on your negotiation. You can do it there, or at the hotel.

Complex of Cafe Remang-remang you can find in Matahari Terbit Beach. http://wikimapia.org/5609886/id/Pantai-Matahari-Terbit-Sanur

Price of Drinks: Normal Bar Price

Price of Girls: 100.000 - 500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)


Singing is great to release stress. It's even better if escort with some girls. Who's disagree? Some famous places:

Grahadi Karaoke - Jl. By Pass Ngurai Rai - Tuban (Google Maps: -8.724912,115.181415)
Blue Eyes Karaoke - Jl. By Pass Ngurai Rai - Sanur (-8.705971,115.243793)
Bintang Karaoke - Jl. Teuku Umar - Denpasar (-8.67477,115.208495)
Akasaka Karaoke - Jl. Teuku Umar - Denpasar (-8.676657,115.206993)

You wont need map. All taxi drivers know this place. Normally you spend money most in Karaoke. First you need to open bottle to get the girls drunk a bit otherwise I won't be fun. Second the girls are not whore (well FULL TIME WHORE MAYBE?). Some are colleges students, store keeper, sales, etc. So you pay more. And most of them are considered prettier and cleaner compare to above experiences.

Price of Drinks: Lux Bar Price
Price of Girls: 1.000.000 - 2.500.000 (depend on the service and negotiation)


In Kuta they are easy to find. In Legian Street, around Poppies Lane 2, from Embargo to Paddy's Club, especially at night, they stand in the walkway. Normally they ask for massage. And normally their target is foreigner. If you look Indonesian, normally you won't be disturbed. Price is varied, depends on negotiation.

You can also find in newspaper in the Iklan Baris area. Find something with massage and call them. Just confirm them, can you do "full massage"?. Normally they put, full body massage to boy by boy, or to girl by boy, well something like that. You won't miss it.

Read this for your reference:
Bounty Bali Night to Remember

Price: 200.000 - 500.000

Escort Girls [added 31.05.11]

If you look for more intimate type of girl, you might want to try this service. I wrote down the details in this article. http://www.balisexguide.com/2011/05/bali-sensational-escort_8357.html
Cost: 1.500.000 - 2.500.000


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adrianoize said...

Wow, i couldn't agree more.. this is the most complete guide about sex tourism in Bali that I've ever read.. Thank you so much, I'll wait for you next update!


thx bro..

Corsaro75 said...

Uncle I'm in Bali. Soo go to bungalow hotel and what to do? ask for a room for short time and a girl or what?


UNCLE G said...

Normally when you arrive at the bungalow, someone will approach you.. just ask for a girl with your criteria.. then ask about the price.. that's it.. better if you ask the guy to pick you to showroom.. browse around..

Just tip the guy if you feel satisfy with his services..

bali said...

Pak uncle G,

where is Mawar Salon
and Angel Salon?


UNCLE G said...

south west of the round about.. there is a complex of 1 floor store.. behind the trees..

hmmm... ok put it this way..

north east = bali air building
north west = djon, skate playground
south east = planet hollywood
south west = HERE !!

just go inside the complex, you wont see their signage from the street.

happy hunting bro.. your report will be well appreciated of course !!

yo said...

Hey Uncle,

Do you know a good home delivery plus plus massage??


yo said...

Hey there,
do you know any good home delivery plus plus massage in Bali??


UNCLE G said...

check this out


you might get lucky

balinese massage said...

real massage,,,healling treatment,,,,,
081 999 879 226

bali said...

Hello Bros,

This is the best experience i would like to inform you about. I went to Mawar Salon the other day.
Walked in think nothing special, maybe just a hand job would be my best get.

I was greated by a nice looking average lady. She asked what i was after as usual said i wanted a one hour massage. She tols me A/C was Rp60.000 so i said why not ok lah.

I walked in to the room and to my surprise it wasnt bad at all. There was a shower and a bed, so already i thought i might get lucky.

I took of all my clothers and went on the bed she gave me a nice stronge massage for 30 mins by that time me tool was wagging.

She tried to cover it with a towel but the towel didnt not want to stay on. So she said just leave the towel off yeah.

Then she asked me what you want next. Ofcourse i nego the price to Rp200,000. She took all her colthers off and started to kiss me like real GF experence. Tongue and all was there. It was great she knew her stuff.

She suck and licked all parts of my body allowing be to touch her and play with her any way i want. She was so hot in bed that i blew my load before entering which was disappointing. But she want me to enter so she got me hard again and we fucked like crazy till i blew again.

Boys dont miss out on this joint. It was good, the best i have had for a long time.

UNCLE G said...

woww.. cool bro!

sunsmiles888 said...

Is there massage plus available for women (by men)? Where? Will be in Bali for a few days next month... Thank you!

UNCLE G said...

I think so.. I saw many ads in newspaper saying.. massage by handsome man.. things like that.. I'll check them later..

ali said...

how we can make sure that they do not have HIV?

UNCLE G said...

Well you just can't. Just make sure that you use good quality condom, and change it like very 5 minutes to avoid it torn.

From reading some articles, I believe condom is save enough for hiv. Bare blow job I'm not sure, some said it saves for the man but not for the girl especially when your cum inside her mouth.

jman_722 said...

Well if there are any ladies looking for a nice massage in Bali, let me know... jman_722@yahoo.com.au

Guntars M (LV) said...

visited Mawar salon week ago. Area around doesn't look nice in the night time, but as you all know Bali is relatively safe place. Found salon without problems. Asked for 1h massage and selected girl from album.When I saw her in real life she look different but still quite ok. Room was not so bad. Ok, it was not a "real" room - it had four 2,5-3m walls and floor, but ceiling from old supermarket was higher and didn't isolate room completelly. It was little surprise to me that she didn't speek English. She was asking me if I speek Indonesian. I said no :) Anyway we were able to communicate somehow and after 30-40min massage we continued with some extra services. oral was not so good, maybe she was beginner, but fak was nice - she had good body and pretty boobs. At the end I negotiated the price to Rp300,000 and walk back to Kuta beach

UNCLE G said...

cool bro! thanks for sharing.

Bryan said...

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birks said...

Quoted very high rates on internet for Grahadi - Rp1200000 plus Rp135000 for room for 3 hrs - is thsi excessive?

birks said...

Would like 2 know if the rates i mentioned are normal for Grahadi - what about Kuta Timur rates?

UNCLE G said...

Hi Birks,

I believe it's a package price. You'll get some girls, a bottle of liquor, some softdrinks and waters. The price is normal.


FootyFantasyTipster said...

Hey uncle...

Do you know any places like this in Ubud?

UNCLE G said...

no idea bro.. sorry..

DHAIM said...

i there thanks for ur full sex information about bail,, this Friday I'll be in bail and I'll visit this places ..will i been in bail b4 and i always search about body to body massage or they call it sandwich massage .. is there any in bali ?

thanks a lot it is really a good work

DHAIM said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

UNCLE G said...

Last there is this girl name IVON. Please check my freelance article. I'm not sure if she's still exist. She can do this sandwich massage.

for a place, i don't know if any.

Min Gyoo said...

Where can I find Massage Plus places in Kuta & Nusa Dua?
I am leaving for Bali in 10 days.
Advise and guide me Bro~

tleah66 said...

hay guys any idea where and wot to pay for a girl for a couple of hours for my wife and me to play with !!! want it simple and business like havent got time to piss about checking out bars. want to boook before we arrive and make sure its confirmed. willing to pay a good price for a good looking slim late 20';s girl

SK said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

SK said...

Hi, wondering if you are able to give me some info on massage places / salon that will give a happy ending... either handjob or BJ? I'm not after a "fek" or to bring a girl back to the hotel. After something in walking distance to Hotel Kumala Pantai Jl. Werkudara, Legian Kaja, Kuta..... any suggestions where I'll be able to get a "Quick Release", look forward to your reply.

berteaux said...

hi and thank for your guide !
is it available boys for the areas that you discribe ? or there are other areas ?
thanks for yours answers

Mario said...

Hey Uncle G,
Do you know of any places in Ubud or Sanur where you can get body to body massage?
thx in advance

UNCLE G said...

last time there is this girl called ivone.. dunno if she's still around.. check her phone number in the freelance article..

for such places.. i don't think any..

Richie said...

Hi, I have been angeles city in Philippines, and also bangkok in the past. Is there any entertainment area similar to Angeles city (Balibago) in Bali? I will be there in January 2011 for 2 or 3 days and want to make most of it. Also is it on offer through daytime?
Thanks Richie

UNCLE G said...

I've never been to Philippine sorry. Bangkok kind of place you can find in Legian Ground zero area where a lot of bar and disco along the street. It's just not to many girls around compare to bangkok..

Baboo said...

Hi , I Read all the Blogs with Interest -- Very Useful Advise / Info. Thanks. I will be in Bali Next Week on a Holiday . I am Fond of Body to Body Massage & "Lingam " Massage -- I regulary Visit Thailand ! Can You Guide Me More on these ? I am not Interested in "Massaging " her but in Only being Massaged Erotically !

UNCLE G said...

try this one bro:




Baboo said...

Thank You for Your TIP Links -- Really Very Useful ! I will advise when I land in Bali & Seek Your Expert Assistance for a Memorable Stay ! Thanks Again .

Baboo said...

Hi ,I will be Visiting Bali from Singapore. I am also Curious to know if BATAM which is Close to Singapore Offers Similar Exotic Sexy Massages ? Kindly Provide me some Tips on Spending a Week end at Batam ?

UNCLE G said...

I've just shared my experience in Batam 10 years ago :) Hope it helps


Bali said...

Uncle, I'm from Bali and married. My age (33) and my wife (31). We have open minded about sex, and my wife just currious want to have sex with foreigners (bule) which she thought she can feel bigger pen*s, or get hot sex experience. How can uncle guide me to this. We never do swing before. Thanks

UNCLE G said...

wow.. it's really cool bro.. i can't help you bro sorry..

hakhamanesh said...

Hi Dear UNCLE G, Thank you so much for very useful recommendations. Me & my Bro will come there in early Feb to Bali. I had 2 questions:
1. Hotels in Bali is Guest friendly or not? Should I charge more if I bring a girl to my room? (Short Time or Full Night)
2. Do you have any recommendation for a GOOD and specially CLEAN hotel but not expensive? Which area is better to stay? both for fun and heritage visit?

hakhamanesh said...

P.S. for Bali
If you are interested for new foreigner man for your wife just let me know or send an email to amehhakhamanesh(at)gmail.com

UNCLE G said...

Hi bro,

well not hotels are bitch friendly. But if you bring the bitch with you, they do nothing. The problem is when you call the girl, some hotels dont allow them to get in the hotel by herself.

Legian area would the best to stay.. check out tune hotel from airasia also..

ozbernieoz8 said...

Hi Uncle, I am looking for happy ending and FJ in Seminyak area with slim female 25 - 38 years old. Short time only and in call service. Can you help me?

Baboo said...

Dear Uncle G, I will be in Bali on Friday, 21st Jan. Night & will Stay for 3 Nights. I enjoy erotic Massage & am not Interested in Sex. Can You Suggest me Suitable Parlors & also a Decent 3 Star Hotel in nearby area -- in which Hotel as well such Erotic Massage service ( in Room ) is available !Thanks

kursar said...

Hi uncle G I need some advice on finding good place for sex massage near hotel Four season in Jimbaranbay Uluwatu going to be there for 2 weeks next month give some tips for finding nice girl arround thanks bro

UNCLE G said...

Hi bro baboo n kursar,

You both seem to like erotic massage. You guys should try freeze or body arum massage. You won't regret!. But it's quite far from where u guy stay. It's worthed!

I dunno any good massage parlors around there. Some places near by you can try: pelangi (sex), bosche (karaoke), grahadi (karaoke). Use the search field above if you wanna see some articles and comment about those places.

Try your luck to get real girl, go to paddys, bounty, engine room (disco).

Enjoy guys!

UNCLE G said...

hi ozbernieoz8,

The nearest I can recommend is Pelangi. I dunno about call girl.


Baboo said...

Thank You Uncle G for Your Expert Guidance !

the said...

Bro G

I will visit Bali in February 2011. I will stay in Jl. Teuku Umar area.
How can I get white beautiful wild girl to do "anything" for me, IN MY HOTEL.

Showroom girl (on Danau Poso) is too far I think.
Call her from Newspaper info is too risk (I must be sure before do it, I have bad experience).
Asking to the male massasue is not efficient way.

Show me the way, please..

Thanks Bro..

UNCLE G said...

Hi Bro,

I can only help you with this number:



Jase23 said...

Hey Uncle
Just wondering the best way to get a girl back to your hotel, in legian/kuta area, and how much they charge per hour or night these days (feb 2011)??

Should i be looking at clubs etc and waiting to be spotted (im single male traveller) or best to go to certain places?? what you think mate?

noddy said...

hey uncle, firstly thanks for all the info - very helpful. do you know anything about the bali villa adult holidays with escorts? are they legit, has anyone tried their services?

UNCLE G said...

by law: you are only allow to have sex with your wife. You can't have sex with others even your girlfriend. So ...

noddy said...

hey uncle not sure who that last comment was for, no wife here.. thats why im looking into this holiday! so do you know anything about these bali villa adult vacations with daily escorts?here is the link http://www.balivillasales.net/adult-vacations-villa-escort-usd200.html

UNCLE G said...

bro.. you're asking whether it's legit right? so I told you that you are not allowed to fak your girlfriend or any other girls by Indonesian law..

So it's illegal, but illegal is what makes them fun, right?

bali said...

hi noddy,

dont use that escort service as the pics you see on the website never match the girl you ask for. Its a rip to use them but i guess if it is the last port of call then give it go but all male hotel staff are more then willing to find you a girl for half price what is quoted on that website.

Baboo said...

Hi Uncle G ,At long last I am here at Bali -arriving yesternight.I am Staying in Dewi sri Hotel in Kuta /Legian ? I will be here for 3 days before returning to Singapore. Any Suggestions for erotic Massage in nearby area ? How far is Mawar saloon ? or Arum from this Place ?

Baboo said...

Dear Uncle G -- I was in Bali for 3 Days, 26th to 28th Feb. Stayed in KUTA. With Your Guidance , Visited "KUTA BUGAR " but Preferred the just Next Door " Balinese Spa" which Looked More decent ! I had aSparate Airconditioned cabin, with Attached Shower .A Voluptus Girl - Chosen by me from the "Glass Show case " --to Massage me Everywhere, all Parts -- She was Stark Naked & Did Erotic "Body to Body " Massage , Particularly of My " Dick "- I was all thro' Fondling her big Boobs & Swelling " ? ". Fantastic experience ! I Paid the Spa Rp120K & the Girl Rp200K -- Not a Bad Bargain for the Extraordinary services ,with a Smile ! Thank You , I will Visit again.

Baboo said...

This is in Continuation of My Comments -- Bali Exotic Experience -- Just a Few Minutes Back ! The Balinese Spa is on Jalan Setiabudi, just Next Door to the More famous "Kuta Bugar "Joint ! This Spa Boasts " Sauna,Jaccuzi & Steam Bath " for the Health Freaks ! Their " Glass Show Case" had over 25 Sweet Girls on Offer for us to Choose ! After the Erotic "Body to Body Massage ", with the Girl Riding back & Forth ,All Over Me , Sliding her Oily Body over ALL Parts Of My Body, I was Very much Aroused & Obviously , by the time she was thro' I had Sprayed my Stuff all Over her Boobs !In any case I was looking for an erotic massage & Not " SEX " -- though the Girl repeatedly Coaxed me for having "Sex " ! I was thoroughly satisfied ! Guys, Dont' Miss !

UNCLE G said...

thanks for sharing bro baboo.. i'm really sorryy.. i somehow miss your comment.. hmmm..

Sriram said...

can some one please suggest a place like balinese spa closer to nusa dua

Nuruma said...

Uncle G, where in Bali I can have body2body or soapy massage? Thanks.

Nuruma said...


just check ur post, bro
do the girls in balinese spa do b2b as standard service or it was just a particular case?


Baboo said...

No Problems -- the Spa is more than Happy to Provide as Standard B to B Msg.Services -- Spa charges for the Ac Room & You Negotiate with the Masseuer, based on services Requested / Renderrd ! Great Place ! Good Luck !

bali said...

hi baboo,

i went to that spa last week, i have to be honest everything you got i got nothing close to that!! I hope anyone who tries the SPA gets lucky. I sure didnt and i was so pissed of that i went across the road and got an awesome service for half the price.

Nuruma said...

to bali and baboo ...

I went in and didn't find such service though. the masseuse even refused to disrobe herself, even when I was in VIP room. Maybe it was a particular case you had, ... need a number reference what you had with.

Aussie Lad said...

Hi Uncle

Thanks for all the great advice!

I'm staying at 'The Bounty' hotel in Kuta in about 2 weeks. Do you know if the masseuse there will give happy ending? And also where are the closest massage shops to The Bounty where i can get a great service?

Thanks mate! :)

Baboo said...

Hi Friends, Sorry to learn about Your Miserable Experience ! I am not sure You Visited the "Balinese Spa' in " Jalan Setiabudi ", about 2 Blocks next to the More Famous " Kuta Bugar " ? I Certainly had an Exhilarating Experience in this Spa & had Reported Honestly ! No faking !!

KyoTheGatts99 said...

Just a question,is us dolars or ruppih?

Zulu said...

You guys are awesome!
I got questions to ask:

1. How to experience 3some around kuta and legian. How much?

2. Mr. T, your place offer 21 Finger beer msg? Whete to get 21 finger msg?

Thanks guys!

UNCLE G said...

Bro kyo: in rupiah.. Just sometimes we didn't mention the thousands..

Bro zulu.. U can have it in pelangi (before up heaven).. http://www.indoholiday.com/2011/01/pelangi-bali-x-coffee-shop-in-tuban.html

For freeze or 21 finger.. please have a look at the article.. I posted the address and phone number

Zulu said...

Thanks uncle G! U are awesome!

ThaiBuff said...

Hi All, I am travelling to Bali mid May 2011, staying in Kuta. Looking for 1, a happy ending massage with topless. Any suggestions? and 2, when at 'Balinese Spa' in Jelan Setiabudi, do you ask for a Body 2 Body massage, or just hope you get lucky? Thanks

aman said...

thanks bro

Shark Cruise said...

If there are any girl or MILF who want massage or fun just contact me in 081547166567

J.T. Quigley said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

J said...


I posted the following comment on the Rosalinda thread, but it seems that this is the most active and had the best chance of being seen!

I'm off to Bali soon, and I am looking for a massage + BJ (penetration not necessary). The cheaper the better, as I would like to indulge daily :P Rosalinda seems like a steal at 200k with massage and BJ.

Can you recommend any cheap place with BJ other than Rosalinda? Looks aren't terribly important, I just love getting head!

I do, however, have one question... I am an absolute big tit fetishist. Where can I find the biggest set of boobs in Bali? Again, I'm a purist, so size is more important than face/body (although I would prefer she wasn't obese). Cheers for the great blog.

Ivano said...

how about inviting someone overnight for some all night long adventure...any numbers or massage center....or cheap hotels where i can stay as well as ask for girls from hotel staff..

The Aryan said...

Hi, I am scholarship student in Badung, Bali and I will be here till July. I am Indian Hindu, 26 years old, have a dark complexion & 5ft 11inch in height, with a slim fit build and consider myself good looking. I am interested in meeting females older than me for massage and friendship. I am free during the weekends and after 3:40pm during weekdays. If you would like meet …. 087887050379

Josh the Mosh said...

found a nice place called "Salon Bintang"... they'll ask for Rupiah300,000, but insist on 150,000 - 200,000 and no more for pure FUN! They are on Jalan Mataram, No.30 Kuta... or call Nora at 081 7979 2087. This is off Jalan Legian street I believe

ThaiBuff said...

josh, is it a good clean place? What do u mean by fun? What do u get?

ilovebali2011 said...

ilovebali asks I will be in Bali july 2011 and also December. I have been to star bugar, kuta bugar and Body bugar. They are very expensive. I stay in Kuta in poppies 1. Are there places close where i can experience a sexual massage? No need for intercourse, but everything else would be nice

UNCLE G said...

wow.. so many ads!..

thaibuff: go to Jegeg Bali ex Kuta Sauna for topless.. but it's not their routine.. you've got to nego a bit..

Mr J: you've got to go to showroom to have more choices.. you can't see their tits in the showroom.. but at least you get the outer picture.. read under legal prostitution..

Ivano: please leave your contact here.. email, etc.. a lot of pimps here bro..

Josh: Great info bro!.. will go there sooonnn!

ilovebali: read Josh comment.. it's really close to poppys 1 i believe..

ilovebali2011 said...

Ilovebali asks does anyone on here no about Jepun Bali Salon on Benesari rd?

feng said...

im off to bali end of july.
ive been reading ur blog,
its so nice and helpful.
feel exicted.
but i have a big problem
i am going with my girlfriend and i am so wanted to try the massage plus.
and i haven't decided a place to stay.
can you suggest a place which is close to the all the massage plus place and also the red areas?
i think i would just go for the massage plus and find a gal for my girlfriend and let her enjoy massage and i will do both.. hehe..
thankz heapxxx.
hope can hear u soon.
my email wend20111@gmail.com

Bob said...

Hi Uncle
In Kuta from Friday and looking for some great action around Poppies 11. Any suggestions?
Have seen some of your other recommendations. Where would I get a good map to track down?

Bob said...

In Kuta from this weekend and looking for some action around Poppies Lane 11.

Any suggestions / recommendations?

Also where can I get a map to follow some of the hot spots mentioned? Always get confused with directions in Kuta.
Great site.

UNCLE G said...

hi feng.. enjoy your stay here :).. Kuta probably the area you should stay.. Kuta Bugar, Melati, Bali Oriental Spa should be about 5 - 10 mins..

Bob: google maps is your friend.. but if you don't have a correct phone.. bike taxi (called motor taxi) would be the best in kuta.. their number 7967575.. they're cheap and traffic free..

feng said...

Thankz for the info..
I think I might need a guide..
I'm so new about Bali.. Hehe..
Can you recommend 1?
Might take some risk to do thing like that am I?
Haha.. Any great hotel in kuta u might recommend?

UNCLE G said...

Hi max.. u there? I received you comments by email but can't see them here.. thanks for sharing anyway..

feng.. so many hotel in kuta.. really depends on your budget and what u're looking for.. they all about 5 - 10 minutes by motor bike to some places i mentioned here..

chaz.fitzsimmons said...

I have read you posts, so much info. Thanks

Do all hotels allow guests or do some refuse entry to the local lady. How much should a night with the girl of your dreams cost.
Can you reccomend a hotel that allows guests.#

is is possible to turn up in july and get a good hotel without booking?

Many thanks UG

chaz.fitzsimmons said...

I have read you posts, so much info. Thanks

Do all hotels allow guests or do some refuse entry to the local lady. How much should a night with the girl of your dreams cost.
Can you reccomend a hotel that allows guests.#

is is possible to turn up in july and get a good hotel without booking?

Many thanks UG

Robertpaulson30 said...

Hey uncle, awesome work on the blog bro.
I'm staying in legian and looking for some place I can go for an hour or two during the day while my girl is shopping. Can you help me out? Looking for erotic massage maybe more.

Dr Sanjay said...

Uncle G I am cuming to Bali on 7 th of July ... tell me the perfect place to enjoy life with king size....

UNCLE G said...

chatz.. all hotels allow you to bring any kind of girls.. it's just you have to be one to bring the girl inside.. not the girl by herself going inside the hotel.. you have to meet the girl outside the hotel.. in the car park for example.. and go to the room together with you..

Robert: Melati.. one of the best in Kuta area..

Dr Sanjay: Give a try Freeze and Beer Massage..

Red Eye said...

Hey Uncle G,

Exactly how legal/illegal are these massage plus salons where they do everything from HJ to 'giving a massage' ??


axl said...

uncle G,, do you know any place in saminyak where we can find girls and good erotic message too..

thanks you


M-B-Dawg said...

Hi. I am looking for a massage with sex as extra. Im looking for real intimate sex, not just hj or bj's. I will be staying in Kuta so I'm wondering if there is any place close. Are there also places close to Kuta where you can go and browse at girls and pick one out? Do the taxi drivers also know most of the places for these things?

rani anastasia said...

Hi everybody.. needed for having a call girl into your room hotels for massage and the plus one.. call me in +6287862413131 and visited our blog in http://balihappymassage.blogspot.com and you will got us in your own room hotels.. Have a Nice try

ravi said...

hi we r coming from india shall we get idian girls

ravi said...

hello shall we get good girls

april said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nexus51 said...

Hey Uncle G, I'm going to be in Bali around the end of Aug to the middle of Sep, what is good around Jalan Mapanget?

TUS Quickborn FUSSI said...

Uncle, me and my wife are moving to Bali. Is there any girl 2 girl massage in Bali ? ofcourse with PLUS services... ;-)

Whiskers said...

hi folks

im going to bali this weekend with my hubby. anywhere near legian that we can have a girlfor massage and maybe something more?

its been a while since i see my hubby playing with another girl... it will definately be a surprise for him

Whiskers said...

we are going to bali this weekend... any place at quest central park hotel where we can find a nice massage?

also, will the girls be ok to massage another girl? and i would like to surprise my hubby by sending him with another girl... it will be a nice surprise for him

Wife Lover said...

Hi there,

anybody know lesbian massage in Bali ?
We are going to Bali next week...

Toya said...

Hi Uncle G, awesome web site.

I'm in Sanur and later Ubud, van anyone tell me any good places for massage plus services?


Gladiolus said...

Tell me the contact number or the place, as my wife is looking for sensual massage by man

johnpen said...

Went to Adrian Spa - nice looking girls for happy ending - had a 4 hand massage (50.000 each) and happy extra (nego). Google: -8.724661634555721, 115.17495632171631. What's not so nice is just a thin curtain between the next two guys - but they had also fun

Renegadex said...

i gonna be staying in nusa dua. can you suggest any massage places near here.
I am not particularly looking for sex services. just a happy ending massage and maybe some boobs fondling and sucking.

James said...

I will be coming to Bali and will stay at Kuta popies lane. Is there any show room can be found in Kuta area?
want to bring girls back to my hotel

DiGertsi said...

Hi Uncle I will be at Padang Padang first week of October, were can I find hot escorts for sx around there? Thanks for helping me out man

DiGertsi said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Duxton said...

hello uncle g
i'm coming to bali on 28th of september for 9 days can you please tell me wer i can find girls n how much do girl charge for full night????

Duxton said...

hello uncle g
can u please tell me how much do girls in bali charge for full night? i'm coming for 9 days on 27 september 2011 just for sex so please tell me which area is better to book hotel.....as i'm coming there to enjoy sex with asians.......Uncle G i have read ur full blog it seems u r the right person to get advice about bali. hoping to hear from u soon.

UNCLE G said...

guys.. if you not sure where to go to have girls.. I suggest go to Paddys or Bounty.. it's such a big "aquarium".. everybody in Bali know where Paddys is..

grab LOCAL girls who are waiting.. around the bar.. around the entrace.. ask for the price.. normally 500.000 one shoot.. if you're lucky.. they won't ask for money..


Renegadex said...

hey uncle g
i gonna be staying in nusa dua. can you suggest any massage places near here.
I am not particularly looking for sex services. just a happy ending massage and maybe some boobs fondling and sucking.

FreddieNGGGG said...

I went to 35X at Jalan Sudamala around 7.30PM (between Danau Poso and the big road) - just a few steps off Jn Danau Poso. Parked my motorcycle, was greeted by a nice fellow who told me to wait. After 10 minutes he came back with two girls, one of whom was rather pretty (the other was not). After handing over 250k (probably on the high side of what's typical) we went into one of the reasonably clean rooms (but no shower, only a sink and WC). The girl was nice to be with, even if she's totally used to guys banging her after 5 months in the business. After all not a bad experience. Gave 50 tip.

TRIXIE said...

YAY i fly to bali tomorrow mornig .. always love this island =] =D

UNCLE G said...

fredie: thanks for sharing bro!
trixie: you r not alone!

TRIXIE said...

UncleG: hmm but the fact is... i was alone goin around kuta, legian and seminyak and at lasttt i stopped at Cocoon in Seminyak...

Raymond said...

Dear Uncle G

I completely agree with what others says: this is by far the best "sex" guide about Bali I have seen online :)

I have a question for you: I am going to Bali with my wife this Dec and will be staying in Seminyak. Is there any Spa/Massage places that offer sensual/erotic massage to couple? Also, for normal Spa that serve couple clients, do they normally provide anything more sensual/erotic for couple?

I am not familiar with Bali, so would really like to have your opinions! Thanks a lot!


UNCLE G said...

trixie: nice club cocoon.. love spending time there.. where do you live?

raymond: i never experience myself for couple massage.. no idea sorry.. but.. some of the comments here worth a try.. your sharing would be greatly appreciated! :)

Anderson said...

Staying on Bali to learn the lingo for 3 months maybe longer, Im young and looking for a faily clean asian girlfriend in the area to pass the time, what would you suggest?

TRIXIE said...

UncleG : I live in Jakarta, but I fly to bali often. And..I will spend my vacation in bali on 5th until 13rd of December. I have found a place to rent at Kerobokan, its like an exclusive kost, hehe hope its good. Where do u live? :-)

imarvic said...

Nice share dude, even i live in bali but u know. Will be there soon..

@TRIXIE : Hai Trixie!

UNCLE G said...

trixxxie: on the 5th? cool.. i'll stay around you then on those date.. haha..

TRIXIE said...

Hhahaahahaha :-D

Lisa Karen said...

צפו כאן בסרטים וקטעי וידאו של סקס בישראל סקס רטוב - פורטל סרטי הסקס של החייל ישראל עם בלונדיניות סקסי חם.


ohana said...

Im a forty year old female looking for a classy massage or day spa with a happy ending. staying at Nusa Dua where can i find??

Jason Danial said...

hello ladies... I'll be in Bali from 30th till 3rd... any ladies wanna have some fun.. just e-mail me... albabun@gmail.com

UNCLE G said...

lisa: hebrew? damn cool!! like reading the original bible haha :)

ohana: you r female? .. not sure about that.. saw a lot advertisement in newspapers.. about male massage.. may be go for it..

ohana said...

i am married but husband sais go for it and it turns me on thiinkn about it, there must be some females out there that have tried and ejoyed it? any females that can help me find what im lookn for? I dont want sex but do want a sensual massage ending in a vaginal massage and climax!

thewinner said...

hey uncle,
im 17 and jsut looking for somewhere to get a hj or a bj.. going in jan next year.. somewhere round legian would be great! thanks.

thewinner said...

hey uncle,
im 17 and just looking for somewhere around legian just for a hj or bj. anywhere i can go? willing to go to Rp300.000.

Cutecouple said...

Hi, guys
To whom need a sensual massage for herslef or for him & his wife.

We are a swinger couple living in Bali for years.

We have tried same thing here in Bali before in many different ways, and I would like give you some information about it based on our various tries.

- Sensual massage by a girl for a waman.
Sorry, we have never found. Those girls who provide massage service does not want to have lesbo play at all.

- Sensual massage by a man for a woman.
The best way is go to a normal ( I mean, not sexually oriented) Spa/Massage shop near by your place. Check if they have male masseur (most places have) and check if he is OK for you. if you don't like, go to another shop until you can find your type. Take a routine (again, I mean non-sexual) massage session and make a negotiation with him for his after work appointment with you(at your place?). Price would be 300k-500k including full service (threesome too)at your place.

- FFM with your woman (1).
You can go to the massage place (sexually oriented, mentioned by Uncle G here) and make a direct negotiation with the girl that you Chose to make an appointment with her to come to your place after work. But not recommended because most of female masseues are not good at the sex, especially with your women.

- FFM with your women (2).
I would rather recommend you to try Karaoke club such as graha-d (modest price), Kuta Timur (cheap), Blue Eyes (modest) or Boche club (expensive). Ask mammy there what you want (be there with you women together, enjoy dinks and singing with the girl you choose to confirm if she is your type. if not, ask to change), and if you are lucky, you can get a real nice bi-sexual girl to take her to your place (Total cost would be 3M-5M).

Remember guys, Bali is not a good place for swingers (or lesbians) to fullfil your fantasy. So it costs you relatively some efforts and money.

Coupletravels said...

To Cutecouple : we are in Kuta now, for few days, interested by your experience. How can we get contact?

Coupletravels said...

To CuteCouple : we are in kuta for a few days, interested by your experience... How can we get in touch?

UNCLE G said...

thewinner: kuta bugar, star bugar would be perfect for you..

cutecouple: woww.. thanks for sharing!

TRIXIE said...

I'm going to bali tomorrow yayyyyyy

Cutecouple said...

To Coupletravels:

I don't want open my contacts here in piblic.
And I don't know how I can give you my contact personally.

Maybe you can leave here a message of what you want...

UNCLE G said...

you are most welcome trixxxie!

Max said...

Hi Uncle
do bungalow hotels work during the day? just looking for a good fk, massage not needed

UNCLE G said...

yes they always open.. but the best time i would say 7 or 8 pm..

Max said...

so for around 2-3 pm would you recommend spa or bungalow?

bobby said...

need a girl to come to my hotel in sanur, if you can hook me up email me at, ausguy339@gmail.com

UNCLE G said...

max: all of them open during 2-3pm. you'll just miss some girls who has other work during day time..

pass said...

hey uncle first of all great guide thanks for all the info...just want to know how much do they charge for all night. and if you could give me a phone number i could contact for girls that would be great coz i'll be visiting bali in the next coming week.

funman said...

Hi Uncle! Happy New Year!

I am planning to travel to Bali as solo traveler to travel by myslef after mid january.Could you or your site visitors please recommend me a good hotel and a girl guide or escort to accompany me while I am there that could be my guide and fun buddy. My email is bestfunman@gmail.com.
I have heard that there some places that some one could stay and pick variety of girls every night?
Solo girls are welcome to send me messages to have my company ;))

sweetwhisper said...

i'm a female, interested in having it with girls. slim, pretty. i'm also into men. just for fun. no strings attached. where can i find something like that?

thank you x

UNCLE G said...

pass, funman: sorry dunno any contacts.. the best thing to do is go to paddys or bounty.. grap some bitches there.. do the negotiation there.. short time 500K.. overnight not sure..

sweetwhisper: for girls.. read above.. for men.. leave you email here.. I STRONGLY believe you'll get some email..

Grtcpl said...


We have a schedule to visit Bali in April. We understand that we can get couple massage services by a couple. No sex but sensual massage.


coot said...

Staying in Ubud... does anyone know if they have any place here in this area for happy ending massage, body on body or anything sensual/sexual?

luvinbali said...

Trixie: are you still in Bali?
sweetwhisper: please contact me, I'm looking for no strings as well

Haiku Funkplus said...

In ubud. Looking for casual sex, as well as an erotic massage or an escort. Does anyone know of a good erotic massage in ubud.. also any couples or single looking for some wild erotic fun... we should meet up:) Im a handsome 25 yr. american man. from california.

sweetwhisper said...

@luvinbali: email at sweetwhisper808@gmail.com

lenfant said...

If your in the kuta area. I am a 6'3 20 yr old male looking for NSA fun. Let me know if your interested

collo said...

In Sanur. Looking for casual sex, as well as an erotic massage or an escort. Does anyone know of a good erotic massage in ubud.. also any couples or single looking for some wild erotic fun... we should meet up:) Im a handsome 63 yr. american man. from california.

MDB said...

Hello UNCLE G and all folks commenting here.
Any advice on how to organize a couple soapy massage in the early morning in the hotel room, for me and my girlfriend?

Hai said...

Hi Uncle G...
I am Balinese Male, 23 years old. I am hotelier, but if you have friends (female) from foreign country and they are looking for sex partner in Bali, if possible you can contact me to +6287 862 814 204 or email to putra_julyawan@yahoo.com
I am waiting for good news uncle,..

untitled105 said...

hi uncle G.
can you drop me ur pimp number. thanks man such a nice article!
but i want high classy girl not like girl in legian area. dont get me wrong, but some of them even cannot speak english, just boom boom, done.

price doesnt matter and sex also. just good accompany, nice conversation, can keep up with me (smart girl turns me on, man) and if its ends up shes good at sex then its door prize!
my email : untitled105@gmail.com

do you have the number of that kind of high class pimp?

thanks again!

Aussie Dude said...

Hi Uncle G, I have been reading this block for a while in readiness to come to Bali on the first week of March. I am staying in Seminyak, Can you please help me out with a message parlour around Seminyak or clost one, where I dont need to do much negotiations, Just go and pay and have either full service or just message + BJ.

Wayne said...

I just. Came to Bali for 2 days for the first time after scoring a $270 return airfare and wish I had spent the extra and gone to Thailand, what a dump. The girls are ugly and only saw maybe 3 decent looking ones in my whole stay, the prices are so expensive for everything e.g at one stall I wanted a T-Shirtt he asked 600,000 for 2 ($60) and I just laughed at him and walked off, in Thailand the same would be asking 500baht ($16)for the 2. And yes both can be batted down but in Bali they obviously think we are idiots. Finding girls is easy, just walk out from your hotel and someone will offer you a girl, but they are no where as pretty as Isaan girls in Thailand. Beer in bars is so expensive too, $3 a bottle in an ordinary bar where in Cebu it's $1 a bottle in a disc.
Well that's 2 days of my life gone that I wil never get back and I won't be back, I will leave Bali from the brain dead Aussie bogans., give me Pattaya any time.

P.S.....hotels in Bali are so expensive compared to Thailand

UNCLE G said...

aussie dude: check the bali x map dude..

Wayne said...

***Update, got a taxi from Paddy"s to my hotel A distance of 600 metres and taxi asks for 100,000, I couldn't stop laughing at him, told him his country is a shit hole and gave him 50,000 which is still too much.....l.AUSSIE DUDE, I feel sorry for you coming here, goto Thailand in Pattaya where the locals don't treat you like an idiot.

UNCLE G said...

wayne: u look rich! that's y.. haha..

Stew22 said...


Hi Uncle G and all in Bali. I have just arrived and here until Tuesday. Looking for some hot sexy fun with a localcouple or couple on holiday. Lifes to short so have fun and enjoy :-)

Stew22 said...

Hi Unc G and all in Bali. I have just arrived and here till Tuesday. Looking for hot sexy fun with a local couple or couple on holiday. Would love to hear from anyone intrested.
Lifes to short have fun and enjoy....

Stew22 said...

Hi I was wondering if user name Bali was still using this site and intrested in a meet? I read a previous post where you said you were intrested in meeting with guys to have 3some fun with you and your wife. I am intrested and just arrived in Bali here till next Tuesday.
Looking for some hots sexy NSA fun....

kjl20012 said...

Hi Uncle- Great blog! Gonna stay in Nusa Dua for a few days and was wondering if there are any good massage places in the area with HJ/HE. Would be nice to stay around the area and not cab to Denpasar, Kuta, Sanur, etc. Hit me up at kim.jong.illmatic@gmail.com if you have any tips!

vitaly_taysaev said...

Hi to all. I live in Ubud, so no girls in this area anyway. But i've been in massage salon in Denpasar. It was good. If anyone wanna make me a company soon - u're welcome. I want make some group sex with 2 girls and drink beer after ) just e-mail taysaev@yahoo.com

Diana said...

hi guys, i am 20 years old virgin girl. i don't have any experience before except for some blow job and petting with previous bf. i'd like to give my virginity to the highest bidder. i'd say starting from 3,000,000 IDR.

i have long black hair, 163 cms tall, 56 kg. i may not the prettiest on the block, but i am a fast learner.

if you are interested, please comment, and give me your email. i will send you my picture and number. thanks

Johnyk said...

Hello Diana;
Where are you from?

Nature Admirer said...

hey Diana

mail me aggarwal.aditya@hotmail.com

waiting for ur mail.....

Dexxxy said...

Does anyone know of a massage with the extra in either poppies lane?

btw: Great website!

Dexxxy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

judyjudy said...

Hi, I am a Western man living in Nusa Dua looking for a pretty young lady for regular get togethers, massage would be fine. I am generous, email me at sugarbearhere@gmail.com KC

King Playa said...

Hi Uncle G,

Thanks so much for your blog, it's a great help.

I'll be coming down at the end of April and wanted to take overnight girl. I would be more than grateful if you can give me some numbers to call and the ratings of the pimps (do they bring good quality chicks?)
If possible could you give me an indicative range of how much I'll be expected to pay?
Thanks so much Uncle! My email is krazeekingplaya@gmail.com

Boner Bob said...

Are there any dvd shops in Bali (Seminyak, Kuta, etc) that sell porn dvd's? Either straight or gay dvd's? I am a bi dude, 36 from the states that will be in Bali in mid May for a week.


mark D said...

This is a great guide! I've been to Thailand before but firsttime to Bali. Anyone know where to get younger?

Butterfly said...

hi.. wow this is such a nice web :) thanks for sharing Uncle G, i love it. by the way i know a high classy lady, she's 24 and absolutely perfect if you search for a classy companionship, educated young woman and you'll be proud to take her even to your 5 stars candle lite dinner, and she's absolutely gorgeous. she's Bi-Curious and i still keep her email (just in case) cos i visit Bali a lots for business and meet her. you can email me amandaflorence@yahoo.com and i'll give you her contact (i will feel bad if i post her email or contact in public :) cheers guys!

jamal said...

Uncle G, you wrote a lot things abt bidadari biru, i went there but leaving with many bad feelings, the service is suck.

UNCLE G said...

butterfly: thanks for your info.. the rest: please contact this guy .. or girl? hmm..

jamal: it really depends on the girl..

prince said...

Hi any nice looking ladies. We gona be there in Bali for 5 nights from 4th onwards. three male INDIAN. Looking for some good Aussie or Russian company. Get in touch or leave ur contact number.

prince said...

Uncle G , pl mail me some contacts of any nice looking ladies. We gona be there in Bali for 5 nights from 4th May onwards. we are a group of three male INDIAN. Looking for some good Aussie or Russian company ( or may be Local). My email is loverprince05@gmail.com

Bali Lesbian Escort said...

Hi Uncle,
i'm starting this Girl for Girl Escort Blog.
Any girl can contact me if you want to be escort.

Bali Lesbian Escort said...

Girl foirl Escort available !

pls go to:


Thx Uncle...

Albus Severus said...

Hi Uncle G,

This is my very first time in Bali. Your article is very informative..However I need some specific info.

Can you please suggest some good place for Massage + Casual Nude Sex in Kuta area? I don't want to spend exorbitantly because the money is not exactly mine..if you understand.. How and where can I get such experience in as less cost as possible..? Please try to answer my query personally as I want to add this amazing experience in my Bali trip.. I love Bali!

Anyone who knows good place in Kuta area is welcome to add info too..

Ashok said...

any one can help me with complete guide in Bali for 6 days to make most of night time and day too....

Awaiting your mails on ashokkumarvittal@gmail.com

Stav01 said...

Hey Uncle G.

Love all your great info! I will be in Bali on 25/5/12 and I want to know where is a good place to pick up Japanese girls. I've always had a thing for asian girls, especially Japanese. Do you know where the Japanese tourists like to hang out in Bali?


Stav01 said...

Hey Uncle G.

Love all your great info! I will be in Bali on 25/5/12 and I want to know where is a good place to pick up Japanese girls. I've always had a thing for asian girls, especially Japanese. Do you know where the Japanese tourists like to hang out in Bali?


Uncle G said...

bali lesbian escort: good luck!

Albus Severus: for budget go to rosalinda..

stav01: it's less thesedays..

Ashok said...

Hi uncle G

Iam ashok from chennai

I am in bali from 15th July,

15yth july to 20th july..

Would like to have fun in both day and night,

Kindly advise me the best place to enjoy and make the most out of it.

please contact me at my email

BEst regards

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

I prefer sweet talk then free of charge after having fun... :-)

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